Detailed Guide for Roadrunner Email Settings

Basic Steps to Setup Roadrunner Email

The present write up has been planned to help the readers regarding the Roadrunner email settings. In this write up we will be dealing with Roadrunner email  settings through the IMAP, SMTP and POP server.

So read this post carefully to get your new Roadrunner account setup.

Roadrunner email settings

Here are the Roadrunner email server settings. Have a quick look!

Username: Your full Spectrum email address

Password: Your Spectrum email password


Protocol: IMAP



Requires Authentication: Yes or checked

Steps for Roadrunner Email Manual Settings with POP 3

  • Visit the home page and hit on “Settings:
  • Select mail, contacts, and calendar after clicking on the “Settings” tab then select the “Add mail account” tab.
  • Now enter all the information required to enter your name, rr email address, rr email password, and the description. All these details will then get verified.
  • Enter the details regarding the server once all the previously entered information gets verified. Thereafter, choose Roadrunner email settings POP 3 in the Incoming mail server option.
  • After choosing POP 3 enter details as hostname, username, and the password.

Username: your roadrunner full email address

Password: roadrunner email password

  • Click “Submit” after entering all the required information. Thereafter, enter all the information to the Outgoing mail server


Username: Roadrunner full email address

Password: Roadrunner email password

  • Click the “Save” button after entering details of incoming and outgoing mail server details and click your email address in the nested boundary.
  • Tap on the SMTP button present on the bottom of the page under the outgoing mail server after clicking on the email address.
  • Under the main server option select “”tab.
  • Here at this step, the user will receive a new page displaying details of SSL and port.
  • SSL :“none”
  • Server Port :“25”.
  • After checking the details click the “ok” tab and leave the main server page.
  • At this step, the user will be taken to the previous page where they need to select the “Advanced” option. In the Advanced option details of SSL and server port will be displayed.
  • SSL :“none”
  • Server port :“”.
  • Hit click the “Done” option after which the user will be taken to the previous page which will be the last step in Roadrunner email server settings with POP3.

Steps for Roadrunner Email Manual Settings with IMAP

The first most important prerequisite for Roadrunner IMAP settings on your device, you must a steady internet connection and a Roadrunner email account. Look at the steps:

  • Begin by opening the mail application on your device.
  • Enter the important credentials required for logging into the RR email account.
  • Uncheck the automatic configuration option and select the manual setup option.
  • Here select “IMAP” settings and enter the below-mentioned details for configuration:
  1. Account type: IMAP
  2. The incoming server must be changed
  3. Incoming mail server port:143
  4. Security type: SSL/TLS
  5. The outgoing server must be changed
  6. Outgoing port:587
  7. Security type: none, Insecure port:none
  8. Enter the complete Roadrunner email address and provide the entire Roadrunner password
  9. Uncheck the secure server option and the option of verified certificate
  10. Once the SMTP authentication finishes you will be automatically taken to the next step.
  11. Once again provide the complete Roadrunner email address and password
  12. Hit the “Next” option
  13. Provide the account name you wish to see on the screen.
  14. Finish by clicking on “Done”


Roadrunner Email Settings for Outlook

Roadrunner email settings for Outlook

Begin the process by starting “Outlook”.Thereafter, click on the “File” tab and then click on the Category information “Account Settings”.

  • Click the “Email” tab on “New”.
  • Here turn on “Server Settings” and click the “Next” button.
  • Now select the Internet email addresses” option. Then the user will be required to hit the “Next” option and enter the following information:

Your name: Enter your full name.

Email address: Enter your complete email address.

  • Hereunder the Server Information tab, click on the “Type Account” box. Thereafter, select POP3 and enter the following given information:

Incoming email:pop-server.dc.rrcom

Incoming Port:110

Outgoing email:

Outgoing Port:25

  • Now under the “Login Information” tab, enter the following details:

Email: Your Roadrunner email address.

Password: Your Roadrunner email password

Login with security: None

  • Here as the last step, click on “Test Account Settings” and hit on the “Finish” option.

Roadrunner Email setup on Android through IMAP & SMTP settings.

  • Click on the “Mail” iconFrom the Applications screen on your Android phone and choose the “Manual setup” option.
  • Select “IMAP” From the Accounts type options,and fill the details as mentioned below


Security: None

Port:993 for IMAP


Secure-Port 993 and Security type: SSL/TLS


Insecure Port:143 and Security type: None

  • You can easily enter the SMTP server settings as given below.


Security type: None

Outgoing SMTP secure: Port 465 and security type: SSL/TLS

Outgoing SMTP server i.e :Port 587 and security type:SSL/TLS

Outgoing SMTP: Port 25 and security type: None

Outgoing SMTP roaming server i.e :Insecure: Port 587 and security type: None

  • Finish the last step by selecting ”Done” option.Congratulations by now you have finished the process and ready to use the Roadrunner webmail on Android phone.

Roadrunner Email Setup on iPhone through IMAP & SMTP settings

  • Begin the process by clicking on the “Settings” icon present on the home screen of your Apple phone.
  • Select “Mail” from the Settings window and thereafter select “Accounts”.
  • From the very next screen that appears, click on “Add Account” and select “Others” from the menu.
  • From the next screen click on “Add mail account”option.
  • As the next step carefully fill in the details about your name, email, and password in the next window and select the “Next” option
  • Now on the next screen select IMAP and enter the details asked under both the Incoming mail server section and the Outgoing mail server and click “Next”.

Please note that the Username and password are the same for both the incoming and outgoing mail server.

Incoming mail server host name:

Outgoing mail server host name:

  • Enter in the SMTP details as mentioned below for your assistance:

Outgoing mail server hostname for Roadrunner

Username: The complete ROADRUNNER.COM email address.

Password: Your email password

Use SSL: ON. As an alternative option you can turn the SSL off and enter the correct port number as written down for you below:

Outgoing SMTP secure: Port 465 and security type: SSL/TLS

Outgoing SMTP roaming server is secure: Port 587 and security type: SSL/TLS

Outgoing SMTP Port 25 and security type: None

Outgoing SMTP Insecure Port 587  and security type: None

Authentication: Password

Server port:587

  • Congratulations! After performing the above steps carefully you have now enabled your Roadrunner webmail on your iPhone device.

Roadrunner Email Settings With iPad

  • Select Settings option from iPad Home Display.
  • Appeared list of item select account and password
  • Hit Add Account option and choose other.
  • Press the option ‘Add mail account’ next a new windows will appear on the screen
  • Enter the name, email, password, and description in the required fields.
  • Select email server settings : IMAP or POP Server
  • Setup the required configuration asked for the server 
  • Click on then submit button

Finally you are all done with the Roadrunner email settings with iPad


Ans: Here look at the Roadrunner server settings:

Roadrunner email IMAP settings




Username: Roadrunner email address

Password: Roadrunner account password

Roadrunner email POP3 settings

Incoming (POP)



Username: Roadrunner email address

Password: Roadrunner account password

Roadrunner SMTP settings

Outgoing (SMTP)


Security: SSL or TLS

Ans: Roadrunner uses both POP and IMAP. It depends on the user what he wishes to use it by looking at the cons and pros of both.

Ans: The answer to this is provided in the first question. Use the Incoming and Outgoing server details carefully.

Hope the writeup comes to the benefit of our readers regarding the Roadrunner email.

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