How Do I Login To Bellsouth Email Account Safely?

How Do I Login To Bellsouth Email Account Safely?

Bellsouth Email Login Tips

A user-Friendly Guide About Email Login

A warm hello to all my fellow techies out there! The present writeup has been planned to help you with Bellsouth email login issues, correct ways to access the email account, also the appropriate manner to access it using SMTP and IMAP.So without much ado, let’s begin!

Where can I login to my BellSouth email account is an important and essential question that arises when a user decides to create an email id using the BellSouth email login for creating an email id for self or an organization? Please clearly follow the below listed steps: navigate to the email service of AT & T, on Yahoo using any web browser. Now click on the “Check Mail” email link this assist you to navigate to the Log in page. Now type your BellSouth email address into the email field provided. Please type the password into the password field. Click the Sign in option now you are enabled to successfully log in into your BellSouth email account.

Basic Infomration About Bellsouth Webmail and Its Log in Tips

Initially a regional telephone company, Bellsouth was formerly known as Bellsouth corporation. It was in the year 2006 that the company was merged with AT&T and thus this name was then preserved. Popular email service in the USA, the Bellsouth mail settings can be easily set on various devices such as iPhones,iPad, and Android phones. The Bellsouth email service is very convenient to operate and provides a much secure connection with compatibility with all sorts of email channels. Their email service also provides the user with a central platform to communicate with the clients and safely store mails for any future reference. 

After being merged with AT&T, the mail service is still convenient to be used. A user can still conveniently operate their Bellsouth email account through any web browser by entering their correct id and password. Also, a user can add your Bellsouth email account to email clients like Microsoft Office Outlook.

Here’s the guide for you to fix the log in issue!

These simple 8 steps below will enable the user to fix the Bellsouth login error.

  • As the first step, open the AT&T homepage by typing “” on the URL of your web browser.
  • Once you have entered the AT&T homepage, hit on the “Sign In “ button present on the top right corner of the screen after which you will be taken to the AT&Tsign on-page.
  • Now once on the Sign-in page, click on the “Forgot Password” link after which you will be directed to the “Account Recovery” page. On this page, you will be required to verify yourself as the rightful owner of the page that you are looking to recover.
  • Here on the verification page, hit on the radio button present right next to the Password option. Thereafter you will be required to enter your User ID and password in the required fields.

Please note: In case you are not using a trusted device at this point, make sure to deselect the checkbox present right next to the “Save User id. Uncheck if not using a trusted device.” option.

  • Here at this step, carefully enter the Captcha details in the provided box and then click on the “Continue” button. Thereafter, you will be taken to the next page wherein you will be required to verify your identity as the rightful owner of the page.
  • On the next page, you will be provided the two alternate options which will be “Send a temporary password” and “I will answer my security questions”. Fill any of the two options.
  • In case you wish to receive a temporary password on your provided alternate email address, select the first option. Thereafter, enter the code that you will receive on your alternate email account in the provided field and follow the onscreen instructions in order to complete the password reset process.
  • In case you aren’t able to receive the temporary password, select the second option as stated in the above step and then carefully follow the onscreen instructions to complete the password reset process.

How do I login into my Email Account?

Please clearly follow the below listed steps for bellsouth email login: Navigate to the email service of AT&T, on Yahoo using any web browser. Now click on the “Check Mail” email link this assist you to navigate to the Log in page. Now type your BellSouth email address into the email field provided. Please type the password into the password field. Click the Sign in option now you are enabled to successfully log in into your BellSouth email account.

In detail you can follow the below steps to create a BellSouth net email account. First go to the browser now type BellSouth email URL; which is email log in. Then click on setup email account, please specify a name that you would like the email account to display to your email contacts when they receive an email from you.

Click on Next now specify a desired email id now again click on Next once again then select the BellSouth email settings. Key in the, in the space provided. Ensure both BellSouth email server setting options are selected. Please ensure you type a strong password to protect your account. Now click on Next to complete the procedure.

This way you can be assisted to create a BellSouth email login for yourself.

What are the common email login problems?

Though information technology offers a great support to users, and an email address is one of the easiest way of communication. The users might face BellSouth email login problems at some point in time.  So let’s find out what could be the issues that might arise. The most common issue is the sign in issue. This issue arises when the user enters the incorrect password. The second scenario is that when the user enters the correct password and email address yet the problem persists in this scenario you must delete cache files also try and login into the account through a different browser.

To solve att email problems today you need to ensure your web browser is of the latest version. Email should not go to spam or trash or any other folder so you need to set the email rules properly so that the email is sent to the appropriate folder.

A hacked email is another common error this arises when the email rules are setup without the actual user’s prior knowledge. This can cause an error called BellSouth email not working.

The BellSouth email login problems arise due to third party browsers when the email address does not sync properly with the available host domain this host domain can be outlook, Yahoo mail or These third party email accounts can cause login errors very conveniently.

The basic issue for BellSouth email not working is when 3 party browsers send mail to trash and spam without the knowledge of the users. Many times updating the web browser can cause this issue and error.

Test the bellsouth email box using a webmail, always keep the mail boxes updated, update and rebuild the mailbox profile, change your bellsouth email settings for mail box from POP to IMAP. Avoid using a 3 party app. The email account works better on the IMAP setting.

The best way is you can contact the email customer support for further information.  This can resolve the BellSouth email login issues for the users.

Probable causes of Bell-south not working With Quick Solution

Probable causes of Bellsouth email not working along with the troubleshooting steps.

Now let’s head to the issue of Bellsouth email not working. Let’s look at the probable causes behind the same along with the troubleshooting steps that can be performed to rectify the same.

Causes behind the Bellsouth email login issue:

  • Due to the trouble with the internet connection.
  • Due to the use of an outdated browser to open Bellsouth email account.
  • Due to a conflict with third-party software installed in your device.
  • The issue maybe with the device and not your account.
  • Due to the suspension of your email account due to some reason.
  • Due to the network outage in your area.
  • There might be some settings error while configuring Bellsouth’s email on phone.

Troubleshooting guide to rectify the the email log in problem

  • Check for your internet connectivity: This is the most common reason behind the Bellsouth email login issue. Check whether you are receiving a stable internet connection. Also, ensure that your device is not on the airplane mode.
  • The issue might be with the server: This cause can not be rectified at your end. If the issue is with the Bellsouth server, al you need to do is to be patient and wait for the issue to be rectified.
  • Incorrect email settings: Incorrect server settings may lead to the issues of sending, receiving messages, login issues, etc. So its always wise to make sure that while configuring the AT&T account on your device, the incoming and outgoing server settings are correct.
  • An outdated mobile application: An outdated mobile application may lead to further issues with the Bellsouth email login. To avoid such a situation, make sure you download the latest update by visiting the app store or play store.
  • Clear cookies and caches and use the updated browser: To evade the Bellsouth email login issue, make sure you regularly clear the cookies and caches from your browser. From your personal computer, desktop and laptop make use of an updated browser. Also, enable JavaScript on your browser for a better email experience.
  • Disable the third-party software: Sometimes an antivirus software or other third-party software might create a problem with the functioning of mail on your browser. To rectify the same, it is best advised to disable the same till the time you are working on the Bellsouth email and can resume them later.

Use The Protocols SMTP and IMAP Email settings for email log in

This section provides the information on SMTP and IMAP settings to be able to login to the Bellsouth email account. IMAP

IMAP port:993

IMAP security: SSL/TLS

IMAP Username: Your complete email address

IMAP password: Your password SMTP

SMTP port:465

SMTP security:SSL/TLS

SMTP username: Your full email address

SMTP password: Your password

POP3 SMTP Bellsouth mail server settings

POP3 incoming mail 995)

POP3 SMTP outgoing mail 993, secured connection)

IMAP SMTP outgoing mail 465 or 587, a secured connection)

News server: Not available

Email Server settings for Outlook.

This particular section is devoted to the procedural steps to undertake in order to perform Bellsouth email settings for Outlook. Here’s how!

  • As the first step, open Outlook and click on the “File” option.
  • Now under the “File “option, click on “Account Settings” and then tap on the email account to update.
  • Now under the Internet email setting, you need to verify that you have selected POP3 or IMAP. Also, ensure that you have correctly entered your username and password correctly.
  • Here at this step, enter the information as provided here correctly.

Bellsouth email POP3 settings:



Type of encrypted connection: SSL

Outgoing mail


Bellsouth Imap server settings:



Type of encrypted connection: SSL

Outgoing mail

SMTP:465 or 587

If you have any issues pertaining to Bellsouth email other than the ones discussed above it is always best to contact the professionals by visiting their official website. Here are some advantages that you can avail by contacting the Bellsouth technicians:

Conclusion – I hope the above writeup regarding Bellsouth email login problems and email settings for Outlook and Bellsouth email server settings will stand to your best advantage.

For more such tech related informative writeups, keep reading and following our page!

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