Complete Guide About Bellsouth Email Settings & Configure Bellsouth in Device

A Step by Step Guide to Know Email Settings Server Setup

What are the Bellsouth Email Settings for Outlook?

It is very simple and easy to add the bellsouth email settings to outlook please follow the below steps:

  • Open the client called outlook, click on file now
  • Click on add account, please choose manual configure server settings, or additional server types, or additional server types, click on next, click yes on the next window.
  • Enter your email address. 
  • In outlook select the file, add the email account, choose manual setup and additional server types, select pop and imap settings, complete your user information, complete the server information, complete your  user information, complete the logon information, select more settings, complete the outgoing server information.

How to set up Outlook setting

  • Open the outlook account, select the option for manual configuration, the server settings, additional server type.
  • Now click on next. Enter the name and bellsouth email addresses, now select imap and pop select next. 
  • The email settings of pop mail server details are for email mail incoming server will be pop
  • The outgoing server, of the pop email is smtp, for the outgoing server of the setting.
  • Now use the same setting as my incoming server, now click on the advance tab and click on the incoming server port as 995, outgoing server port is 465.

What are the Bellsouth Email Setting for Android Phone & iPhone?

Follow the below steps for setting up the Bellsouth email settings on an android device, let’s see how it can be done:

  • Firstly,open your android system, after that open the Bellsouth in gmail application account.
  • Now choose the menu bar option, now press the drop down labeled situation, next to your name and choose the add account button.
  • Next  you are required to choose either Bellsouth settings, you can either choose pop 3 settings or you can select the imap settings for configuring this email account.
  • Now please enter the password and click on the next button. 
  • Verify the pop server in the following way, please type for inbound server, write 995 as port number.
  • Enter the for as smtp setting.
  • Please 465 secured security layer should be equal to yes

Bellsouth IMAP Email Settings:

  • Type mail as setting for the inbound enter the 993 as a port, type mail,  as smtp server settings, enter 465 or 587 as the port.
  • These steps can be used to setup the android device with the Bellsouth email. And users can use this email for business.
  • Once you have an email with the at & t it does not matter whether it is connected to pop or imap your email account does not change.
  • As an analogy please consider the email account on the email server.
  • The bellsouth server is compatible with both pop and imap server.

Bellsouth Email POP Settings:

Bellsouth Email POP Settings
  • The inbound pop settings has two things pop 3 is inbound server, smtp is the server for outbound mails, the 465 port is the bellsouth email setting for outbound setting.
  • These settings allow you to setup the email and use it for business needs.
  • This is a faster server setting is allows you to develop a secure and fast connection for emails.

Bellsouth Email Settings for iPhone:

Please follow the following steps for an iphone, to setup the bellsouth email setting:

  • Launch the settings app on your home screen, select the option of accounts and passwords.
  • scroll down and select the ad account option, select your email account type,
  • Enter your account information and description.
  • Next, enter your incoming mail server information; please enter your outgoing mail server information.
  • Select next to continue, select next to continue.
  • This will help you install the bellsouth email account.
  • Please follow the below steps to install the bellsouth email setting in iphone 6: please open theg app screen.
  • hover the cursor to the home screen and click on the settings tab,  on the left of the window tap mail calendar and contact click on the add account option, now tap on the option.
  • In name field enter the email account, select the pop option. 
  • First of all move to the bellsouth email settings section, under the same name, you will find multiple options select from mail contacts and calendars.
  • now tap on add accounts, here you will get a list of email clients.
  • Select other and further tap add account this permits you to configure the account on iphone or ipad.
  • Thereafter the mail accounts settings page will appear enter your bellsouth settings credentials and tap next, select the pop3 as the server setting in the account, in field of incoming mail server information, please enter the host name, in outgoing mail server.
  • Enter,  please tap next to verify the settings, please save to complete the process. It is interesting to note that all ios devices support the same steps. 


Via Bellsouth email settings option which enables users to use the email setup from any kind of device. The only drawback of this email type is that it is popular only in USA. People in USA would have complete knowledge about the usage and benefits of the email account. This email account allows users to manage their bellsouth email accounts by following the on screen instructions to setup the email id. 

Bellsouth email account offers to be used in different and multiple channels without much effort put in to use by the users of this email service.

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