How To Recover AOL Password Detailed Solution

AOL password Recovery

A Step Wise Guidelines to Handle AOL Password Recovery Problem

The people across the globe use AOL email services to send and receive the mails. Like many other internet services and email services providing companies, AOL services also offers all the required security features and also the options which can help the AOL mail account holders to change passwords, recover the AOL Password after hacking or due to lost passwords and many other useful options. 


Let us discuss some of the useful solutions which can help the users to overcome all the major and minor issues regarding to Recover  AOL Password & email services.


AOL Password recovery when the password is lost?


It is one of the most common problems that the Email account holders face when they forgot the email account details such as username and password. The most common issue among the email users is forgot AOL password.


Once the password is forgotten, the user needs to recover the AOL email account. To recover the account it needs AOL password recovery. There are many ways of recovering the mail account. Let’s discuss some of the most recommended options here. The step by step procedures will certainly guide AOL user in understanding the sequence of steps to be taken and to get back the lost account back in a short period of time.


Check browser for saved information


  • This is one simple but very useful tip to get back the forgotten password. Check your browser and find out about the autofill feature of the browser. It is useful to find the saved information from the browser which is saved using the autofill option.
  • The moment a user tries to sign in, the message will be received to verify his authenticity and the user has to send a verification code. Once the verification is successful, the information status is displayed as remember me? Will change to Stay signed in.  When a user remains signed in and his username will be displayed on the screen.
  • Once the username of the user is displayed, who has signed in then once again the user is asked to send a verification code and then after successful verification, the user is asked to sign in.


Recovering Password after forgetting the Login Details


When a user forgets his or her password relating to the mail account that he or she might be using, then one thing is very clear that the AOL account will not be recovered until the password is recovered. But most of the OL users do not know the actual process of AOL password recovery after losing their account. So if you are one of the users wanting to know the process clearly, here are steps and understand carefully.


The steps are given below for Password Recovery


  • Open the official AOL Email sign-in page
  • Enter your username or the official email id which is part of AOL email services
  • As you have forgotten the password, you have to choose the option ‘Forgot password’
  • Click on Sign-in option
  • The screen will enter into a new page
  • Enter your username and click next
  • Enter your phone number, which is authenticated while creating your account and is linked with the AOL account
  • Once you enter a phone number, AOL will verify the phone number by sending you a code
  • In some cases, instead of the phone number, if you have given additional authenticated email id, then you can choose the option for specifying email id for verification. AOL sends an email with a code number to verify the email account.
  • Enter the code received on the phone into the specified option and click on verify
  • If verification is successful then a new page will be displayed and you are asked to enter a new password and to confirm the password
  • The newly entered password will be saved and windows will be closed


You can go back to the login page and enter your username and the newly created password to enter into your AOL email account. These are the set of steps that will help you to recover your lost AOL password successfully.


This process will help a user to recover the AOL mail account which lost due to the loss of password. But it helps to recover the AOL password shortly without much difficulty and also the user gets a new password.


But even after recovering the account, if the user is still facing problems regarding the AOL account then he can contact the AOL customer service department and get further assistance.


A.O.L Password Recovery when Username is forgotten

Forgetting the password of the AOL accounts is a very common issue among the email account holders but also it is common that the email users forget their usernames itself. But it is also a very common problem that the people forget their email ids after creating and using the email accounts.


AOL user cannot sign in as he or she has forgotten the user name. But there are options such as using authenticated phone numbers and emails can help a user to recover his or her AOL password immediately. 


Once you login into the AOL Sign-in page


  • Enter the phone number or email id which is authenticated at the time of AOL account creation.
  • The entered Phone number or Email id is used by AOL to send the verification code to the user.
  • Once the verification of the user is done successfully, then the user name is recovered successfully.
  • Once the user gets the username back, then it is he can create a new password on a new page.
  • The password should be created and confirmed by the user by specifying it.
  • The information will be saved in the user’s account along with the latest changes that have taken place.


Then the user can go back to the Sign-in page and enter the login details to start working on the recovered AOL account.


Why it is needed to recover the Email password


AOL account is hacked

Most often it is found that the accounts of AOL users needed to get recovered due to either loss of passwords or due to forgotten passwords.  Also, there is a chance of your account getting hacked. Most probably the hacking can take place due to two major reasons:


Poor and easily detected passwords


Most of the AOL users while working on emails have a habit of mentioning simple and easy to remember passwords. They make use of the most common names and terms while creating passwords. Even some of the users prefer to make use of their own names in the passwords.  The most basic and very important fact about the password is, a password should be difficult to mention but easy to remember.  The hackers work on the passwords of users and can easily detect it if it is made of simple names and common terms.  Once a hacker detects the password of the AOL mail account then he can enter into the account and tamper it carelessly. He can use the account o send mails to or he can delete the important mails and other information. The user feels helpless as his AOL account will be lost along with all the necessary information.


  • Hackers play tricks

The user enters the login page and to enters into his account by specifying the username and the password.  But he may not be aware of the fake login page which he has entered into. The hacker’s design pages are fake but identical to the AOL login page. Some of the users do not even check the address bar which displays the fake links and enter their login information into the fake login page. The moment a user enters his username and password into the duplicate Login page created by hackers, the AOL email account will be lost.  The user will find his mistake only after losing his account completely. For a hacked account AOL password recovery is not possible at all and the users have to forget the AOL accounts completely an can only start creating new AOL accounts.


How to recover lost AOL email Account?

If a user has created an account, which is valid and paid one, then AOL password recovery is easily possible. If a paid AOL account is hacked and the user has lost it. Then the user can take the help of AOL customer services. He can call the customer service department and talk to the customer care executive. Once if he gives the details of his account along with a paid receipt number, the AOL customer care executive will recover the lost account immediately.


But unpaid AOL mail accounts neither the AOL accounts nor the forgot AOL password will be recovered. AOL users are advised to create a new account and start using the AOL services in the future.


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