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Att.net Email Login Problems- Learn How to Access Email In a Easy Way

Follow the Procedural  steps to Login into ATT.net email Account

In the below section we have explained the method by which you can log in to your Att email- 
  • Firstly, go to Att.net login page through https://login.yahoo.com/ or  att.net. Then click on the sign-in option which will redirected you to the att.net email login page.
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  • Now, enter your AT&T or SbcGlobal.net email id followed by your email password. 

att.net email login

  • Now click on the sign in option.

So by using the above steps you can easily login your ATT.net email account. Now in the next section you can find the solutions to the problems faced by user at the time of Att email login.

att email login

click on sign in

Simple steps To Reset Your ATT mail password

  • As for the first step, go to ATT password reset  page By Clicking Here .
  • Here on this page, enter your user id which is your ATT email address. After that enter your last name in the respective field and click on “Continue”.
  • From the next screen select the method by which you want to reset your password. You can reset it either by generating a temporary password or by answering your security questions.
  • If you decide to reset through temporary password, you will be sent a code to your mobile phone or alternate email id. If you don’t have those available then you need to reset it via security questions.
  • Once you put in the temporary password sent to your phone or you answer the security questions correctly, you will get a option to create your new password.
  • For the final step, carefully follow all the simple onscreen instructions on the next page to recover your att.net Yahoo email account.


Common Att.net Yahoo Email Login Problems With Solution

In this section we talk about steps to undertake to fix att.net email login problems. Some of the solutions for most common occurring problems are mentioned as below –


  • Relaunch Browser -As for the very first troubleshooting step, close all the web browser windows and thereafter relaunch them to ensure that nothing is loading or stuck.
  • Clear Cache and Cookies -Cookies and cache files are held responsible for remembering the web page and for loading it quicker. However on the contrary, a whole lot of cookies and cache can disrupt the email’s functioning. To overcome such an issue it is advisable to clear the cookies and cache from your browser and restart the computer to check whether the issue is fixed or not. 

cookies and cache

  • Be Sure To Use Updated Browser -Browser is another factor which might cause problem in loading of your email account. Try to access your email from a different browser to avoid this issue. You can also fix the browser by updating or reinstalling it. 

update browser

reinstall browser

  • Flash Player should be enabled – Enable Adobe Flash Player and ensure it’s up to date.

Enable Adobe Flash Player


  • Enable Javascript -Check and ensure from your browser’s settings if JavaScript is enabled
    and up to date.

JavaScript is enabled and up to date

  • Disable Unnecessary Extension -You may also disable browser extensions such as Add on’s and plugins to check if they are conflicting with your email account.

disable extensions

  • Check Your Firewall Settings -Ensure that you’re Firewall, antivirus, or anti spyware settings are not conflicting with your email account or browser settings. In case of a conflict, disable your antivirus or allow Att email login page from your firewalls settings. 

disable antivirus


How to Fix ATT.net mail not working on Outlook ?

  • Firstly check if you’r antivirus is interfering with the functioning of your mail as in most of the cases antivirus tools leads to some issues. To rectify the same you need to disable you’r antivirus.

open Outlook and go to File and click on Add Account

  • Make sure your Outlook account is properly configured. It can be achieved by following the steps below:

a. First of all open Outlook and go to “File” and click on ‘Add Account”.

b. Here click on the “Manual setup or additional server types” link.

c. Here select POP or IMAP. Thereafter, enter the desired display name and your email address.

d. Now depending upon the selected account type, configure
incoming and outgoing mail servers respectively. In case of IMAP use the following settings- 

Incoming mail server -imap.mail.att.net 

Outgoing mail server – smtp.mail.att.net.

Incase of POP3 use the following settings-

Incoming mail server – inbound.att.net 

Outgoing mail server – outbound.att.net.

e. For the final step enter your full email address and along with your secure mail password. 


Now configure ports and few more settings by following the below-mentioned steps:

a . As for the first step, click on the “More settings” link and
check “My Outgoing server requires authentication”. Thereafter select “Use
same settings as my incoming mail server.”

b. For the configuration of ports, enter Incoming server as 993 and Outgoing server as 465 for both IMAP and POP3. Select SSL for both Outgoing and Incoming mail server from the section stating “Use the following type of encrypted section”.

c. For the last step, click on “OK” and then select “Next”. Here Outlook will check your connection. Once everything is in order, click on “Finish”.

  • Remove your profile to rectify the issue. By removing your profile, the file stored locally on your PC will be removed but all the emails on the server will be preserved. That’s how you can remove your profile:

a. First of all, go on “File” then “Account Settings” and finally open the “Manage Profiles” link.

b.As the second step, click on “Show Profiles”. Thereafter, select your account and click “Remove”.

  • Start your Outlook on Safe mode to check if add ons or settings are not the cause of the issue. That’s how you can do it:

a.  As the for first step, press “Windows key” and “R” simultaneously. Thereafter, press “Enter” or click on the “OK” button.

b.Once a new window appears, click on “OK” to continue.

Alternatively, you can open Outlook on safe mode by following the below-mentioned steps:

a. First of all, locate the Outlook shortcut.

b. Secondly, press and hold the CTRL key and start Outlook. Thereafter Outlook will start in Safe mode.

hold the CTRL key and start Outlook


If your AT&T Yahoo mail is not working, the solution is provided in simple steps in this article. We hope this writeup helps you in understanding important facts in relation to ATT email login and configuration. By following the instructions on this article you can resolve the issues relating to ATT.net email login problems. We have also tried to cover issues related to  password reset problems. 

For any further assistance it is always recommended to contact the professionals. You can reach the ATT helpline through their official website.

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