Why Gmail not Receiving Emails How to fix This Problem

Why Gmail not Receiving Emails How to fix This Problem

Gmail Inbox Not Receiving New Emails Here is the Quick Solutions

Gmail mail is a free email service that comes with many free useful tools and applications. Every free Gmail account has a set quota. If you receive and send bulk emails you can opt for the business account which comes with large storage. There are many other perks of using a Gmail account. It comes with a storage drive, docs, sheets, slides, and many other tools that work as good as MS-Office applications. These are the tips you can follow if you feel that Gmail not receiving emails.

There are various reasons why Gmail is not receiving emails. 

Check Filter Settings
  • Login to your Gmail account
  • Click on the settings icon
  • Click on filters and check if you have any
  • Delete filters
Email Forward Settings
  • Go to settings option
  • Choose POP/IMAP option
  • If you see an email address under this option, delete it
  • Send a test mail to check if you are getting emails
Disable Gmail’s Copy
  • Go to settings
  • Click on POP/IMAP
  • Click the drop-down menu
  • Select Keep Gmail’s Copy
  • Click save settings
If Gmail’s delete copy information is selected, it could also be the reason for you Gmail not receiving emails. If you are not receiving emails on your iPhone it could be due to synchronization settings. Check the internet connection on your phone as sometimes it could also due to problems in the email app. You can update your email app application.

Gmail not receiving emails due to web browser

If you are not receiving emails on third party services such as outlook but are receiving emails on Outlook, Mozilla, etc, you have to check your incoming and outgoing settings. The server address for your email must be configured correctly. The incoming and outgoing port number must also be configured correctly. You must also update the MX records by contacting the domainprovider. You will start receiving emails right after this update. Verify server address and configuration
  • Pop.gmail.com
  • Port:995
  • Imap.gmail.com
  • Port:993
  • Smtp.gmail.com
  • TLS/ STARTTLS port: 587/465
Reset browser If you feel that Gmail not receiving emails,you can reset your browser and check if your browser is corrupted. Delete cookies, history, and temporary files and do the following.
  • Update javascript
  • Enable pop up for your Gmail accounts
  • Disable browser extensions that you do not use
  • You can also turn off anti-virus and firewall for sometime
Check Gmail storage Quota Google Drive is a free service that comes along with Gmail for which the users can register for free. Storage space of 15GB is allocated for users. If you have reached 15GB of storage space, you need to free up some space to start receiving emails. Delete some emails and empty the recycle bin. This is how Gmail not receiving email error is resolved.

Why Gmail Not Sending Emails

The daily limit set by Gmail for sending emails is 2000. If you cross your daily limit you might not be able to send emails. These sending limits also include the number of emails sent from Gmail clients such as Outlook, Mail Merge, etc. If your email bounced back from the email, nobody@gmail.com, saying you have reached the limit, you can reset your email quota. If you are sending emails to invalid email addresses, your email could bounce back. If you find a Gmail delay send an email you can do the following.
  • Check network connection errors
  • ISP is blocking Port 25. A few ISPs do that because they use their own SMTP configuration.
  • Incorrect SMTP configuration settings
  • Check for SSL fails and configure SSL port to 465
  • If your IP is blocked, use a new IP
  • Check what outgoing ports your host is blocking
These are the reasons for Gmail not sending emails. The SMTP configuration is something that you have to look into if you are unable to send emails. Usually configuring and correcting settings of the SMTP server resolves these issues. You can also configure SMTP settings with GMass to send emails.

How to schedule emails to send

  • Click compose inside the Gmail inbox
  • Create an email
  • At the bottom left of the composed email, you have a drop-down menu on the send button
  • Click to select schedule email
  • Select date and time
  • Click send
To make changes in the schedule send if you need a Gmail delay to send an email, choose the following settings.
  • Click on the email scheduled to send
  • Click on Scheduled
  • Edit any changes you want to make to the email address or content
  • Click cancel on the top right of the email
These are the tips and tricks on how to resolve Gmail not sending emails or Gmail delay send an email error. It is good to check all the settings and configurations before sending or receiving emails. Gmail is a free email service that can also be used with many mail clients. Those in the business of marketing where they have to send bulk emails in a day have to check all of these settings so it does not interrupt their work. 

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