Guide for Hotmail Problems, not Working Account anymore

Guide for Hotmail Problems, not Working Account anymore

Some of the Top Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Hotmail not Working Problem

Email offers one of the easy to use and trusted platforms for communication in personal as well as commercial areas. Email is often used in every corporate place for day to day communication. With the exclusive features of the security, compatibility with all browsers, audio player, attractive themes and spell checker Hotmail is one of the largest used free email services across the world.Users can experience the highest level of comfort while using the Hotmail service. However, some Hotmail users reported some technical or nontechnical issues related to Hotmail service. Hotmail not working is one of the common problems reported by multiple users. If a random visitor is facing any problem related to the Hotmail services then they can refer this article to fix the problem.

Hotmail not Working on MAC Detailed Information

Issues of hotmail with Mac operating system not working on MACHotmail is a free webmail service provided by Microsoft and Mac is an apple product. Due to this, Mac users are often faced with Hotmail not working on Mac problems in their system. The incorrect configuration of the hotmail on the Mac is the common reason behind all the hotmail problems. User can follow given configuration steps to configure their hotmail account on Mac operating system.
  • Start the mail application on Mac.
  • Click on Mail ->Preferences.
  • In the preferences click on the account.
  • Click on the plus icon to add new account which is located at the lower left corner on your screen.
  • Enter details provided below correctly.
Username: your hotmail email id.Password: your hotmail password.Account type: POP.Incoming mail server: pop-mail.outlook.comOutgoing mail server:
  • Click on the sign in button.
After the sign in users is able to send and receive hotmail mails in their built-in Mac mail application.

Trying to Fix if Hotmail not Working on Safari

Users can also access their Hotmail account in the Mac operating system by using the Safari web browser. Safari is built-in a web browser in Mac. Some users might get a problem like Hotmail not working on safari can try following tips to solve the issue.

  • Check the internet connection.
  • Make sure that user is using the updated version of the safari web browser.
  • Clear cache memory. Follow steps given below to clear cache memory on safari.
  • Open the safari web browser.
  • Click on the history tab from the menu bar.
  • Select the show history option.
  • Go to delete all history items.
  • Delete history. Steps to delete history on safari are given below.
    • Go to Safari -> preferences.
    • Click on the Advanced tab
    • Enable the checkbox of show to develop menu in the menu bar.
    • Go to develop from the menu bar of safari.
    • Click on empty cache.
  • Clear cookies from the Safari browser by following the steps given below.
    • Open the Safari web browser.
    • Go to preferences.
    • Click on the security -> show cookies.
    • Hit the button named as Remove all.
After trying the entire steps test the working of the Hotmail on the safari browser. For the error-free experience of applications and latest features, one should regularly update their Mac OS X.

Hotmail not Working on Windows

Issues of hotmail with windows operating systemWindows users often open their hotmail account from the windows live mail software. User need to correctly configure their hotmail account on windows live mail application correctly in order to avoid hotmail problems. Users can follow given steps to configure their hotmail account on windows live mail application.
  1. Click on the account option from the windows live mail ribbon.
  2. Click on the Email button with the symbol +@.
  3. It will open the add email account page on the screen.
  4. Click on the checkbox of name ‘manually configure server setting’.
  5. Click on the next button.
  6. Select IMAP from the drop down list as the server type.
  7. Enter the following details in the incoming server setting of windows live mail.
Server address: number: 993.

Click on the check box of name ‘require a secure connection’.

Log in user name: hotmail user id or e-mail address.
  • Type below the setting for the outgoing server information.
Server address: number: 587.

Click on the checkbox of name ‘require a secure connection’.

Click on the checkbox of name ‘require authentication’.

  • Click on next button and the click on finish to save setting.
  •  On the windows live mail ribbon menu click on Home tab.
  •  Click on send/receive.
  •  Enter the hotmail password of the user in the popup menu.
  •  Click on remember password check box if user need to remember their password by the system.
In this way user can configure their hotmail account on the windows live mail. The users who are getting hotmail problems in accessing their mails through windows live mail can uninstall the widows live mail and then reinstall the latest version of windows live mail on their system. User can use above steps to reconfigure their hotmail account on updated or newly installed windows live mail app.

Hotmail not Working on Chrome and Firefox

Windows users also access their hotmail account from the different web browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Multiple users also reported that they are getting problems like hotmail not working on chrome or other web browser. Here are some quick tips to solve fix the problem of hotmail and user’s web browser.

  • Set correct date and time on the system:The in appropriate time and date setting in the user system can be the reason behind the hotmail not working issue. User can check the time and date in system of it is not proper then set the correctly to overcome problem. To update the time and date just double click on the system clock and update the date and time according to the user’s location zone.
  • Update the web browser:User need to make sure that they not using outdated web browser for accessing their hotmail account. Google chrome users can update their browser using following way. Open chrome and then click more from top right side of window. Click on the update chrome. If user doesn’t see any update link then they are already using the latest version of chrome.
Mozilla Firefox users can update their browser by using given steps:Open Mozilla ->Menu ->Options-> Update.
  • Clear browser cache memory and cookies of the web browser:
Steps for Chrome users:

Open chrome-> More-> More tools-> Clear browsing data. User can click on all time to delete everything. Click on the boxes ‘cookies and other site data’ and ‘cache images and files’. Click on the clear data button.

Steps for Mozilla users:

Open Mozilla Firefox-> Menu-> Options-> Preferences. Click on the privacy security tab in the preferences window. Click on the cookies and data and then click on clear button to clear cookies and cache memory from Mozilla Firefox.

  • Enable java script: Accidentally disabling the java script can be the reason behind the hotmail issues with the web browser. Follow the steps given below to enable java script.
For chrome users:

Open chrome-> more settings-> Advanced-> Privacy security-> content setting. Click on the java script radio button to turn java script.

For Firefox Users:

Open Mozilla-> Menu-> add ones->Plug-in-> search the plug-in Java ™ platform and activate it.

  • Update adobe flash player:
  • Switch to another web browser:

Switching to another browser which is compatible with the hotmail can also solve the user’s problem sometimes. Hotmail is compatible on the Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer, Microsoft edge, Safari web browser.  User can use any of the above web browsers for accessing their hotmail account.

  • Resetting the privacy and security setting of web browser to default:

The certain changes in the privacy and security can leads to the problem like hotmail not working on firefox or chrome. Resetting the browser setting to default can help user to solve the hotmail problem.

  • Temporary disable antivirus program: User need to make sure that the antivirus program not blocked the access of the hotmail site if yes then user can unblock it from the list. User can simply the turn off the antivirus program temporary and try to access the hotmail account from the web browser. If users successfully access the account then there might be problem in the antivirus program which is restricting the user’s access to hotmail account. It is also recommended by the expert to uninstall or renew the expired antivirus program to avoid the further issues.

The above troubleshooting guidance will definitely solve all the hotmail issues with the users system. Hotmail also suspend the user’s access to account due to lot of spam mails, illegal activity on account or inactivity on account for long days. This doesn’t happen often but sometimes there can be hotmail server problem or they are updating their services in the user’s area. In such case user can simply open the hotmail web page after sometime.  

If user is still facing the same problem then might be user account is hacked by someone in such cases user can get in touch with customer support team of hotmail for the quick solutions of the problem.

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