How to Access Sbcglobal Account Using IMAP & POP Email Settings?

sbcglobal email server settings

Sbcglobal Email Smtp Imap and POP Settings

Complete Process to know Sbcglobal Email SMTP, IMAP and POP Server Settings 

In this article we will talk about Sbcglobal email server settings using SMTP, IMAP and POP platforms. By using these settings you will be able to configure your email account on all platforms and email applications such as Outlook, Thunderbird etc.


Sbcglobal email settings play an important role in the configuration of the Sbcglobal account. Therefore it is very important  to configure these settings accurately because failing to do so can result in an error which will prevent your email from working. 


Sbcglobal IMAP/ POP Email Settings

In this section we have explained pop and imap setting required to configure Sbcglobal or AT&T email. By using these settings you can configure your Outlook, Thunderbird or any other email app. 

These are the Steps for the Sbcglobal POP Email Settings-

  • Firstly, open the mail app where you want to configure your email and then go to its settings.
  • After that go to accounts and select the option ‘add account’.
    Now click on the email button and click on other providers option.
  • Now, enter your correct login credentials by entering your username and password.
  • Finally go to the ‘Manual Setup’ option and click on manual settings and enter them as mentioned below-

Server POP3

1. Enter the correct username as given
2. Enter the password 
3. Enter the POP3 server as-
4. Enter Port 995
5. Then hit the next button and enter SMTP as-
6. Now enter the port 465
7. Then enter the username again.
8. Lastly enter the password and then select next to save the settings.

Sbcglobal email IMAP settings (incoming mail server)

SBCGlobal Mail IMAP server account typeIMAP
SBCGlobal Mail IMAP user nameYour full SBCGlobal email address
SBCGlobal Mail IMAP passwordYour SBCGlobal email password
SBCGlobal Mail IMAP Server
SBCGlobal Mail IMAP Server Port993
SBCGlobal Mail IMAP TLS/SSL requiredYES
Authentication requiredYES (Email account Username and Password)

After you input and apply the aforementioned IMAP settings, you will be able to use the incoming mail services without any hassle.

Sbcglobal email SMTP settings (outgoing mail server)

SBCGlobal Mail SMTP server account typeSMTP
SBCGlobal Mail SMTP user nameYour full SBCGlobal email address.
SBCGlobal Mail SMTP passwordYour SBCGlobal email password
SBCGlobal Mail SMTP
SBCGlobal Mail SMTP port465
SBCGlobal Mail SMTP TLS/SSL requiredYES
Authentication requiredYES (Email account Username and Password)

Sbcglobal Email Settings for Mac :

In this Segment we will explain the configuration of email server settings for Mac mail. Lets follow the information mentioned below :

  • Firstly, open the Mail app on the Mac Device
  • Then Select the “Mail” option and then “Add Account” from the top menu bar.

sbcglobal email settings for mac

  • Next, select the option of “Other Mail Account” from the list of emails & then manually set up the  Sbcglobal email account.
  • Now enter all the required details such as name, email id, and password. Input the details as mentioned below-


  1. Input your complete Sbcglobal email address in the place of email address and username.
  2. Input your Sbcglobal email account password in the place of “Password”.
  3. Select the account type as IMAP or POP as per your requirement. The IMAP server is selected by default.
  4. Input “” in the place of the incoming mail server hostname.
  5. Input “” in the place of the outgoing mail server hostname.
  6. You can temporarily use the IP address for the incoming and outgoing server if the domain is still in transfer or propagation.
  7. Ignore the “Unable to verify account name or password” prompt message.


8. Also ignore the two server identity prompts and then click on “Continue”. If you wish to avoid these prompts, add the certificate to the trust settings.


9. For the last step, make a selection for all the apps that you wish to use along with your email account and then click on “Done”.

After you follow and apply the aforementioned Sbcglobal  email settings for Mac mail, your account will be configured and all the mail services will be activated on your Mac.

Important Thing to Note About Sbcglobal Email Settings

While updating your secure connection settings make sure to check ‘use secure connection box’ and update the port number if necessary. Refer to the below mentioned chart to know more-

Email Program Settings Field:

Enter these follow things:

Incoming (POP)

Outgoing (SMTP)

(requires authentication)

Incoming mail server:


Incoming/Outgoing User Name:

Full AT&T email address, including domain (e.g.,,

Incoming mail port #:

995, Use secure connection checked

Outgoing mail port #

465, Use secure connection checked


Conclusion –

In this writeup we have mentioned Sbcglobal email settings options and we have also explained in brief the process of configuring them. Therefore by following these instructions you will be able to configure your email successfully in all devices and applications. If you still face any trouble in setting up your email then fell free to contact Sbcglobal official helpline from their website. 

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