How to Access Sbcglobal Using IMAP & POP Email Configuration Settings?
how to access sbcglobal using IMAP and POP email Configuration settings

How to Access Sbcglobal Using IMAP & POP Email Configuration Settings?

Today Era there is a  battle in the online networking services and the email services because of the innovative ideas and technology is changing day by day and the client needs the most recent innovation and they need to be refreshed by pattern. So that there are many email services that are giving administrations and client support. In this article, we will talk about the SBCglobal email login administration that is the detail reliable and brisk and secure email specialist organizations and we will discuss that what is a POP server that is used in SBCglobal email login. It gives secure and safe messages to the clients in view of these highlights the Sbcglobal email is getting prominent step by step and SBCglobal is one of the media transmission organizations that is situated in the US and they have a huge dimension of the client extent.SBC email administrations are renowned due to the client emotionally supportive network benefits that is the reason the clients of this organization are expanding step by step and they have the best client administration focus and they have the extremely experienced staff that are exceptionally agreeable and helps the clients while they are confronting the issue they can contact any client support  administration part and they will get the better support.

Sbcglobal IMAP/ POP Email Settings

sbcglobal-imap-pop-email-setting How to Access Sbcglobal Using IMAP & POP Email Configuration Settings?

What are the settings that the user have to do for the POP server in the SETUP of AT&T, SBC global mail and many other emails but we are going to discuss the SBC global email services?

And it is a very easy process just follow these steps and user will easy to do configure the POP server

These are the Steps for the POP Sbcglobal Email Settings


The first thing that the user has to do is that touch the apps and then go to the settings and after that go to accounts then there will be one option that will be shown to the users that is the add account. Now just click on the email button and after that click on the other providers and then enter the username and then the password so that this is the way to set up the email account and if the user is unsuccessful  with the setting up the user account automatically then the user can enter the email address and then the password so that after just touch the Manual Setup and the manual settings then below Email manual setup Just type the manual settings:

Server POP3


1. Enter the proper username of the user that is given 

2. Enter the password 

3. Enter the POP3 server

4.Enter Port 995

5. Then enter the next button and SMTP and then there is

6. Now enter the port 465

7. Then enter the username 

8.Enter your username and then the next

9. Enter the password and then enter the Touch button.


Important Thing to Note About Sbcglobal Email Settings

                            When the user updating the secure connection settings then the user have to check the use secure connection box firstly and then after that user have to update the port number if it is necessary and if after that user have to face the issues of sending and receiving in the mobile network then the user should use the Wifi then that  error will be corrected.

If after that the user is not able to login in that services then the user can contact us.


Email Program Settings Field:

Enter these follow things:

Incoming (POP)

Outgoing (SMTP)

(requires authentication)

Incoming mail server:


Incoming/Outgoing User Name:

Full AT&T email address, including domain (e.g., [email protected], [email protected])

Incoming mail port #:

995, Use secure connection checked

Outgoing mail port #

465, Use secure connection checked


After entering all these data in the proper manner then the user can easily set up for the POP3 for the SBCglobal email settings then the  user can easily send and the receive the email services from the other most popular website like Gmail, Yahoo and the user will get the proper response in that and we have explained each and  everything in every detail if the user does not get the proper satisfaction then the user can call on the customer support where there will be proper guidance will be given to the user.




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