A Comprehensive Guide to Assist You With the issue of MSN not responding and Not Working

A Comprehensive Guide to Assist You With the issue of MSN not responding and Not Working

Detailed Guide to Fix MSN Not Working on Chrome, Not Responding and MSN Homepage not working Problem

A quick hello to my fellow techies! The present writeup is in response to the many queries we have been receiving regarding the issues with the MSN account. Here we will discuss the ways to troubleshoot the problem of sending or receiving mails on MSN, effective ways to troubleshoot the issue of MSN not working on Chrome and also the error of the MSN Home page non-functioning. So let’s begin with the discussion about the basics of MSN mail.

Know your Msn mail. A brief introduction

A web portal and a whole collection of internet services and applications supported by Windows and mobile devices is a product by Microsoft company. MSN was launched on August 24 in the year 1995 same day as that of the launch of Windows 95. The parent company, Microsoft has used the name MSN for a wide variety of products as well as services, for instance, “Hotmail”,” Messenger” and its search engines “Bing” being one of them along with other discontinued and rebranded services. The users of Microsoft’s free email service also face certain issues with it which we will be discussing in the further section along with their effective troubleshooting steps.

Effective ways to fix the issue of MSN Homepage not working

Here in this section, we have brought you some easy to perform possible tips to fix the error faced while working on your MSN email and the MSN home page not working and MSN not Responding

  • First of all, check for the basic internet connection. An unsteady connection may definitely lead to the mail error.
  • Next, check for your MSN mail settings as guided below:

Incoming settings


Password: your password

Pop 3 server:pop3live.com


Security type: SSL/TLS

Delete email from server: Never

Outgoing settings

SMTP server:smtp.live.com


Security type: STARTTLS

Require sign-in: Yes

Username: same as username above

Password: same as given above

  • It is better to declutter your mail by deleting the unnecessary and suspicious emails from your mailbox.
  • Now go on configuring your firewall software in the 5 steps mentioned below:

a.By first securing your firewall.

b.Now architect your firewall zones and the IP addresses.

c.By configuring the access control lists.

d.Now configure other of your firewall services and logging.

e.Lastly, test the configuration of your firewall.

  • Check whether your MSN account profile is properly functioning.
  • Try starting MSN in safe mode.
  • Repair your .pst file using the repair tool by following the below-given steps:

a.First of all exit Outlook and type “C:/Programs Files(*86)/Microsoft Office /root/Office 16.

b.Now open SCANPST.EXE.

c.Now here to scan the .pst Outlook data file, select the “Browse” option.

d.Click on “Start” to begin the scanning process.

e.Here if the scanning locates any errors, click on “Repair” to initiate the fixing process.

f.Once the repair is done, start Outlook along with the profile linked with the Outlook data file that you just repaired. And you are done with the process!

  • Delete all the messages in the mail outbox as that would initiate a fast mailing experience without any hindrance.
  • Also, remove any third-party software.
  • Fix your MSN email spam filter by following the below-mentioned steps:

a. First of all, log into your MSN mail account and click on “Settings”.

b.Now select ”Options” and hit click on “Filters and reporting” link.

c.Here select the link stating” Exclusive-Only trust email from my safe senders and safe mailing lists, contacts, service announcements, and alerts I have signed up for.” and hit on the “Save” button to finish the process.

Practical steps to Resolve MSN mail not working on Chrome

The second section talks about the effective ways to fix up the issue of MSN mail not working on Chrome. Let’s see how it can be done in an easy manner!

A. By clearing browser’s cache: By clearing Google Chrome’s cookies and cache, you probably can resolve the issue of MSN’s non-working on the browser. Let’s how that can be done!

  • Begin by opening Google Chrome and hit click on “Customize and control Google Chrome” present on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Now click on the “Advanced” option. Thereafter, select the “Privacy and security” option and hit click on the “Clear browsing data” link to proceed to the next step.
  • Here select the “Cached images and files” option and move onto the next step.
  • Now from the drop-down menu, hit click on “Clear the following items from “and alter the beginning of the time from the past hour.
  • Finally, click on “Clear browsing data” to finish off the process!

B.Use the latest version of Google Chrome to ensure the proper functioning of MSN mail on it.

C. Ensure a proper internet connection. Also, avoid the use of any applications that require the use of high bandwidth. Additionally, you should also make sure to disable any browser extension or firewall and then try to access your MSN account.

D. Delete the existing temporary files and prefetch if any: By deleting temporary files and prefetch files if any you can resolve the MSN issue on Google Chrome. That’s how you can do it!

  • Begin the whole procedure by pressing “Window key+R and type %temp% simultaneously and hit the “Enter” option.
  • Here delete everything and thereafter press “Window key+R” and type temp and hit “Enter”.
  • Here also delete all the files you come across.
  • Now press “Window key +R “simultaneously and type “prefetch” and hit the “Enter” option.
  • Finish the procedure by pressing “Ctrl +A” and delete everything.

Please note: Here there may be certain files you would not be able to delete due to the application running in the background.

Fix MSN not working on chrome & Responding Problem Online with Expert Help

In case of any further assistance or assistance in any of the above troubleshooting steps, it’s best to contact MSN Helpline number and seek their professional support. Dial 1877-200-8067, with this helpline, get experience and benefit to fix MSN not working on chrome and home page not responding problem

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