How do I Upload an Image to my POF Profile?

How do I Upload an Image to my POF Profile?

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POF, formerly recognized as Plenty Of Fish, is a Canadian internet messaging company, prevalent mainly in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and the United StatesThe Vancouver, British Columbia-based company generates revenue through advertising and premium memberships.  While it is free to use, Plenty Of Fish offers premium services as part of its upgraded membership, such as who has “liked” a member through the MeetMe feature of the service, and allows users to see if a message has been read and/or deleted. 

Regular POF (Plenty of Fish) consumers can upload eight pictures, and Upgraded Membership consumers can upload 16 photos. All images should be in the format of JPG, GIF, or BMP. POF consumers obtain eight times more emails with at half ten pictures on their account! Click here to update your POF (Plenty of Fish) website.

Click on the images panel and click on the yellow key Upload Image and pick your picture. Then pursue the measures and press Save to choose a thumbnail.

If your image is not uploading to pof profile, you may not upload a JPG, GIF, or BMP image for the following reasons. Your image does not meet and has been removed from our guidelines and if you want to delete POF account then go through our dating category page. 

  • Your picture is too big or too slim
  • When uploading an image to your website, consider the significant factors below. 
  • An image containing a thousand sentences, be careful to upload a portrait of the profile that positively and appealingly reflects you.

A POF profile image is your first guess opportunity. Keep in mind that your looks are not necessarily considered by other users when reviewing your portrait. If your image negatively reflects you, being the best-looking consumer on the web will not imply a whole bunch. What you do in your pictures will entail a lot more.

Types of Images You Can Upload on POF Profile

Types of Images You Can Upload on POF Profile​

The bar star: You may be the party life, but uploading pictures of yourself to a busy bar or club with a drink in hand doesn’t make you come across as a fun, entertaining, unique person. Even if the one evening a week/month/ year that you came out and let loose that photo has been done, it causes others to think that getting out with your colleagues and having a party is your primary concern. If this is something you often do and you correctly reflect then by all chances upload those photos of you in the bar bathroom with three drinks in two fingers, but remember that after a particular era most individuals no longer want a challenging partying environment or a spouse taking a stake in one.

Sloppy Photoshopping – Cutting out the ex: Sure, you might have appeared AMAZING in that image you and your ex went on your journey to Mexico, and we all intended to chop off and ex’s head off at one moment or another, but a sizeable rectangular slice over your ex’s face will function as a severe diversion from your warm volleyball skin and beautiful bronze. Try keeping your ex and any related content separate from your POF profile for yourself and other users. Following the “Ex-Free” of your picture will help you avoid awkward explanations about your POF picture’s missing head.

Crazy Costumes: Dressing up in insane clothes and stupid disguise can be enjoyable and imaginative, but other consumers might not readily accept photos of you in your most excellent chicken costume for a Plentyoffish photo shoot. People who know you might be comfortable with your goofy, eccentric side, but those profile pictures should be saved for later sharing with POF users.

Don’t conceal that beautiful face behind a dumb mask, fancy vehicle, or drink bottle. Do not be careful by posing with a celebrity or cropping out the big ugly head of your ex. Be yourself and let others understand who you and your distinctive methods are with an image that portrays you correctly in the POF Profile!

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