Learn Why AOL Mail Is Not Syncing With Various Devices

Facing AOL Mail Not Syncing Problem ? Let's Find Out the Solution

Aol syncing problems are common and have an easy fix for every device it is not syncing with. If your device is not synced with AOL, your email will not work in your device. Therefore, no matter what device you use, it is important to follow the steps to sync it with your email ID. Various devices use different settings to sync email and all the data on your device.  Follow the below given steps to resolve AOL mail not syncing problems.

AOL Mail not syncing with Outlook Mail

You can follow these steps to resolve AOL mail not syncing with Outlook issues.

  • Renaming and removing folders usually resolves this issue.
  • To rename folders, Open Outlook, note all the folders under the Inbox
  • Close Outlook mail
  • Type the URL www.aol.com in the web browser and log in with your username and password
  • Rename all the folders below Inbox
  • Launch Outlook and allow a few minutes for the sync to get activated
  • You can use an alternative method of creating new folders and moving mail
  • For this open Outlook and create new folders under Inbox, login to your AOL account by going to www.aol.com and move all the emails from the inbox to this folder
  • Ensure that you are getting emails to this new folder before deleting the old folder as the mails deleted are not recoverable.
  • Delete old folders listed under inbox
  • Launch Outlook and allow a few minutes to sync emails
  • These steps will resolve AOL mail folders not syncing issues.

AOL not syncing with Windows 10 mail app

AOL not syncing with Windows 10 mail app

  • Remove the AOL account and add it again. For this go to the Mail or Calendar app, click Settings.
  • Go to Manage Accounts-> Delete Account->Select AOL account to delete
  • Remove your AOL account
  • Add it back to sync it
  • Another method is to check the server settings in the Mail App

Check Mail App settings

  • Ensure that the server settings are configured properly
  • Go to Settings->Manage Accounts-> Select AOL account
  • Click Mail Sync Settings, it must have this configuration
  • IMAP Username: [email protected]
  • IMAP Incoming Mail Server: imap.aol.com (Port 143-standard port, 993 SSL connections)

IMAP Incoming Mail Server

  • SMTP Outgoing Server Address: smtp.aol.com. Check the port to be 587
  • SMTP Username: [email protected]
  • SMTP Password: The password used for logging into Windows 10 Mail App
  • You must use the IMAP protocol to sync AOL with Windows 10 Mail App
  • For other devices POP protocol works
  • Next solution is to turn on the privacy settings by following these steps

Turn On Privacy Settings

  • Go to Settings-> Privacy-> Calendar-> Turn on ‘Let apps access my calendar’ option.

Turn on privacy

  • Change the duration of sync by following these methods
  • Go to Settings->Account Settings-> Select AOL account.

account settings

  • In the dialog box that opens, click AOL sync settings
  • Personalize  the duration of AOL sync
  • The Mail app will start syncing AOL account

Check Antivirus settings

  • The built-in firewall inside the anti-virus might be blocking AOL sync
  • Change the Network Type to Trusted in your Anti-virus settings
  • Disable Antivirus
  • If this does not work, uninstall the antivirus

Your computer is still protected with Windows Defender even if you have uninstalled antivirus. You must also remove registry values for the antivirus you uninstall, so it is completely uninstalled from your computer.

Run the Windows Troubleshooter

To be able to sync AOL with Windows 10 Mail App, you can run the troubleshooter. This tool scans your PC and fixes problems. Since Mail App is a part of the Microsoft programs provided to the user, running a troubleshooter usually fixes the problem.

  • Press Win+I – Settings
  • Go to Update and Security.

update and security

  • Troubleshooter option appears in the left pane.

Run the troubleshooter

  • Click it
  • Choose Windows App Store in the right pane
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen
  • Complete the process of troubleshooting

Disable Proxy Settings in Network and Internet

Sometimes the proxy settings do not allow you to sync AOL with Windows Mail App. Synchronization issues can be easily fixed by disabling proxy settings.

  • Open Settings-> go to Network & Internet.

network and internet

  • Select Proxy from the left menu.

Select proxy

  • Disable all the features in the right pane that appear after selecting Proxy
  • This should solve syncing problems

Disable two-step authentication

Two-step authentication provides excellent protection to your email accounts. This is a way to keep malicious users from accessing your email account. This is a great security feature but it could cause problems sometimes. If you are unable to sync your AOL account after following all the above steps, disable this feature in your mail.

Choose another email app

The Microsoft App store has many email apps you can choose from. Mailbird is a good option if the Mail App is giving synchronization problems. There are many email apps available for you to choose and sync your AOL account with it.

Reinstall Mail App

It could be possible that this app could be corrupted in your device. For this uninstall and reinstall the Mail App on your device. Follow these steps to reinstall this app.

  • Press Win key+S
  • Right-click Windows Powershell
  • Select the option that says Run as Administrator
  • Powershell opens
  • Type the following command in the space provided
  • get-appxpackage*microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps* | remove-appx package
  • Go to the Microsoft Store
  • Download Mail and Calendar
  • Reinstall this app

Fixes for AOL not syncing with iPhone or iPad

This is a common problem faced by most of the iPhone or iPad users. If you are unable to Log in to your AOL account using an iPhone or iPad, you can follow these steps to find an easy fix. You can follow these steps if aol not syncing with the iPad or iPhone.

  • Turn off the airplane mode in your iPhone from the Control Panel settings.

Turn off the airplane mode in iPhone from the Control Panel settings.

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi connection or the Mobile data connection to start sending and receiving emails.

Turn on the Wi-Fi connection or the Mobile data connection on ipad

  • If you are not receiving mails on iPhone you can open Setting, Go to General option, Choose Reset Network Settings.
  • You can remove your email account and sync it again with the iPhone
  • Open iPhone settings, Go to Account-Password option, Select AOL account to delete it. These are the steps to follow to remove AOL account from iPhone
  • To Add AOL account to the iPhone Go to Settings-> Accounts and Password→ add it to your iPhone, sign in using AOL email address and password.
  • If all the above methods fail, contact AOL email expert
  • You can also contact email support to fix AOL mail problems

Final Word

There could be many reasons why AOL might not be syncing with various devices and apps. Making changes in the settings, enabling or disabling certain services usually resolve all the syncing problems. Check all the configuration settings and keep your device updated to resolve these problems.

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