What are the Common Steps For Google Account Recovery Process

Detailed Steps to Recover Google Account

Please note an email address is connected to your Google account. This Google recovery email address helps you to sign in through the security notifications. These notifications help you sign in to the google account and the alternate email address is a recovery email where the team of technical experts at google send you information on the same account.

Google accounts are compatible with smart phone you can login on the smart phones and tablets or other smart devices to use the same effectively. These google accounts can be signed in into multiple devices always. 

If you change the password of the Google account this google account can be signed in into multiple devices as the password of the google account gets updated on all the devices simultaneously without much effort.  That’s why if somone has lost its google account credentials then look toward the google account recovery process.

Use Date of birth to Recover Google Account:

It is very simple and easy to recover a google account through the date of birth you need to open the gmail.com website on your computer, now click on the option of forgot password once you do please further click on the option called try a different question now google account recovery page opens. Once the standard set of questions appear you need to click on the recovery question which reads enter the month and year when this account was created.

Once the user completes this step the second verification step is to confirm your date of birth this step will open the dialogue window where you can create a new password for the email account. Then with the new password please sign in.

Use Phone Number to Recover Google Account:

It is very simple and easy to recovery google account through a phone number please open the Gmail website on your browser on the computer, now click on the option called forgot password, once you click on the forgot password option a onetime password known as the OTP is sent to you as a text message or call once you enter the OTP in the recover password window and click next or confirm as applicable, you can create a new password once the new password is created we can sign in now with the new password. So this is the simple method for google account recovery by phone number.

Google Account Recovery Without Phone Number

The best way for Google Account Recovery is when a phone number is lost is by feeding in the recovery email. Recovery email is an alternative email, which can be used to view the account details if you are unable to sign in the reset link to reset the password goes to this email address so that you can create a new password and sign in and once you do. Then from the update phone number or change phone number option you can change the number so that you can use the account with the current number. 

You can contact google support network either through email or the phone number this way they will direct you with the google account recovery procedure you can follow the on screen instructions to reset the password or the email of your google account this is a faster and effective of recovering the account. They would confirm certain basic details over the phone such as answer to your security question, or the date of birth, registered contact number, and email id, last password you remember this is a good way to recover the account. The other option is the self-help videos available on youtube.com so that the person can recover the email. On the google account once you have an email id there would be a question send OTP via phone call you can click on that option an IVR will help you reset your google account and recover the same securely.  

Recover a Deleted Google Account

The best and the easiest way to recover an old Google account is go to the login page of gmail.com click on forgot email address, please enter the linked phone number and the click on next if the particular email address is linked to the phone number it will send an OTP on the registered contact, this way you can sign in the Gmail account by changing the password. Please note the OTP will give you access to the forgotten email account. This way you will be complete google gmail account recovery process.

Recover Google Gmail Account Password via SMS:

For Google Account Password Recovery Mobile, Please ensure you login into the Gmail account and click on the option forgot password enter the email for which the password needs to be recovered, once the email is entered click on next. This permits you to click on the option to receive OTP via SMS or call select the option to receive OTP via SMS once you click on this option the OTP to reset the password will be sent or the link to reset the password will be sent on the registered mobile number via an SMS. 

Any Issue In Account Use Google Account Recovery

There are several advantages of having a google account first and foremost a google account is the easiest way to communicate with business clients or personal friends. For staying connected with your near and dear once too this account is viable as you stay connected with the near and dear ones on facebook.com also mostly through a Gmail account the other email accounts used are less in number. 

Now a days Google account recovery is so important because you can use google account and access to securely make payments at your own convenience through google pay directly from your bank accounts this prevents frauds and threats and you can do as many cashless transactions as you like.

You can block a calendar save documents on google drives create forms through google forms for capturing surveys in this way google accounts are the best email facilitators for the businesses and personal use.

Google accounts may have several ways to recover the account, these names are namely, through a recovery email, through a text message via a phone call, via date of birth, or seeking assistance from the google help center or viewing the FAQ for people. These are online guides for seeking recovery of the google account. 

Google account is the most convenient and effective way of communication, many a times due to various reasons you may not be able to sign in for that case you have search for google account recovery for example. You have forgotten the password, email address or phone number linked to it is lost or the link sent to reset the password expired. Google offers a vast range of online guides to users to resolve their queries. 

Each device has different ways to create and recover an old google account, users can pick up easy and convenient ways to setup the google account. The recovery of the google account plays an essential role as these accounts are linked to even your bank accounts all the information present here is important so that u can recover it easily. Saving information on google drive also prevents the user from losing important data.

Recovering a google account allows you to access the account whenever and wherever a good way to keep the account secure is that you can store all your data in this account. 

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