Why Flash Player Not Working on Chrome what the reason behind this and how to fix this problem

Why Flash Player Not Working on Chrome what the reason behind this and how to fix this problem

Solution Guide for Flash Player not Working Problem

The people who use Google Chrome regularly should have noticed that Flash is turned off by default, which is a part of the Google Chrome security setup. Flash Player is a browser plug-in that displays high-quality streaming content of multimedia.  Flash player is highly preferred to watch audio, video clips and also the games using net connection. But it is found that flash player is not working on chrome. The one main reason behind turning off the Flash setting in Google Chrome is the security of the browser. The Flash player has number of security flaws that are not supported by Chrome.

Flash player & GUI

Adobe Flash is one of the highly powerful software which supports rich internet applications such as multimedia, streaming videos, audios and animations.  The Flash player is browser plug-in and it can work in the web browsers as well in the mobile phones. Flash player’s runs as a SWF files which are designed using Adobe Flash and Adobe Flash Builder.  Flash player works on GUI (graphical User Interface) and has become highly popular for web based games.  After its release, in 2013, millions of users started using Flash player and it is recognized as one of the most successful programs which support advanced graphics and animated programs.  Adobe Flash player is an open source component having higher flexibility to work with many browsers but yet flash player not working on chrome

Google Chrome Safe & Secure

Google Chrome is one of the highly used browsers, which is simple to use, secured against viruses and malware apps and works at high speed. Google has become way of life on internet. Most of the people are getting used to chrome while working on internet. It offers simple techniques which can help a user to use it and explore the internet. Google Chrome offers various services which can be on the finger-tips of the user. It helps you to search information quickly; it can translate the data from one language to other and also helps you to get text, images or movies on your mobile phones. Security of the browser Chrome remains stronger and there is no place for illegal interfaces and actions.

It is also noticed that most of the popular portals such as Instagram, Face book, Twitter and many other neither use Flash nor have any intentions. Most users who use Google Chrome as the default browser but adobe flash player not working in chrome.  The students working on Java programming have a common issue regarding Flash player which doesn’t work on Chrome and they find it difficult to complete their project work. 

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Google Chrome is one of the most powerful and highly popular web browsers. It has strong security as it deals with various program and software applications. It also deals with various viruses and malware programs. Google Chrome never allows other third party programs and applications to run directly in the browser. Flash player being browser plug-in remains disabled in the settings defined in the Google Chrome options.

Following are some of the recommended options that will help to create a better interface between Google Chrome and Adobe Flash player.

1. Enable Flash Player in Google Chrome

It is required to change the option and Flash player should be enabled in the Google Chrome. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge or experience and anyone can easily make the changes.

Following are the steps to change Flash player setting in the Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome Browser & Check to see it Flash player works properly
  • Go to the option Chrome://settings/content
  • Select Flash Player from the displayed list
  • Select the option ‘Ask First’ which will unblock it
  • Flash Player will start working properly in the Chrome

2 .Run Flash Player on selected sites in Google Chrome

Google Chrome also allows you to either run Flash on selected sites only and adobe flash player is blocked from using unknown and unsafe sites. It helps the user to run specific programs and view particular videos in Google Chrome using the Flash player.

The Steps to Block or unblock Flash player on various sites, can be explained in the following set of steps:

  • Open Google chrome browser
  • Specify the details of particular site which you want to open in Flash player and click Enter key
  • Once the site gets loaded in browser then click on the padlock icon which iat the left side on the address bar.
  • Also select Flash player from the list of options given in the site-settings
  • The specified setting will be applied to the presently chosen site.
  • Close the options and you will find the specified sites work in the Chrome using Flash player properly without any issue.

3 .Flash Player is needed to Upgrade from time to time

Most of the time the Flash player doesn’t work in Google Chrome browser, due to the versions, which is not updated  and doesn’t support specific settings. To avoid the issue such as adobe flash player not working while using it in Google Chrome, make sure that Flash player that you have installed is of latest and most recent version. The above disused methods will certainly help Google Chrome unless you upgrade the Flash player before enabling it in the browser.

Following steps will help you to upgrade the Flash player immediately

  • Open browser and type in the address bar
  • ‘Chrome://components/’
  • Select Flash player from the list options displayed on screen
  • Select the option ‘Check for Update’
  • You can also click on the option ‘Check for Update’ and status will show either earlier version or a message ‘Component Updated’.

If the component is already up-to-date then the message ‘Component updated’ will be displayed. Once you are sure that the component is updated and having the latest version, then you can play the program. Flash player will work efficiently in the Google chrome on the selected websites

4 .Re-installing Flash player in Google Chrome

Even after making the changes in settings, enabling Flash player in browser Chrome, yet you will find that Flash player either doesn’t work in browser or it shows some problems and doesn’t work smoothly.

Sometime adobe flash player not working Flash player keeps crashing while running video or audio clips. It is recommended that you should re-install Flash player and once again unable it in the Google chrome.

The steps to reinstall Flash player in Chrome

  • Go to Chrome and type in the address bar
  • ‘https://adobe.com/go/chrome’
  • Select the operating system in use from the list
  • Select the Flash along with its version to download for Google Chrome
  • Choose the option PPAPI (Pepper plug-in API)

(It is the special plug-in developed by for the Google Chrome browser which is more secure and portable)

  • You can also download and install other software as recommended during the process
  • Click on Download option to start downloading of Flash player as per the selected version.
  • Once the Flash player is downloaded and installed in the system

Follow the procedure given above to enable it, in order to work smoothly using Google Chrome.

1 .Recommended additional solution to make Flash player work, if above given solutions failed

In case, if you have tried and tested the above given solutions and find it difficult to make Flash player run positively using Google chrome the these are some of the recommended solutions which you can try and it may help in resolving the issues relating to flash player and Google chrome.

Following are the given steps to follow:

  • Open Google Chrome Browser
  • Click on Symbols which is on the top right corner of the browser
  • If the browser is of older version then a colorful dot will be displayed which recommends the newer version of browser is available. Every color code has a particular recommendation
  • Green dot – recommends that browser update is made available recently, i.e. in last 2 days.
  • Orange dot -recommends that browser update is made available in last four days.
  • Red dot – recommends that browser update is made available recently, i.e. in last seven days.
  • Click on the option to update the browser to the latest upgrade and it will certainly help you to clear any minor issues relating to the Flash player. 

Flash player will start working on the browser, once it is successfully updated.

Errors displayed by Flash player

Flash player displays several errors when it is not updated and it gets corrupt frequently. Number of errors that are displayed and every error message has a major or minor reason behind it. It needs to identify the problem that is part of issues relating to Flash Player not working on Google Chrome browser.

The set of messages displayed by Flash player while testing it on the browser are given below with certain explanation.

  • Outdated Flash player gets blocked

The message is displayed while trying to run a Flash player having older version. Most of the older versions do not support the latest changes in the browsers. It is always recommended that the latest version of the programs should be used.

  • Couldn’t load the plug-in

The plug-in Flash player sometimes takes longer time to load and even some other time stops working completely as it are not fully supported by

The issues of working and not working of Flash player are highly common among the Google chrome users. Some of the solutions are offered along with procedural details which will help the people who are not able to run Flash player using Chrome and are facing several difficulties.

Hope these set of recommendations will help the users to overcome the most common issue of Flash player and its usage while running Google chrome.

  • The following plug-ins are blocked on this page.

This message indicates that Google Chrome has a specially blocked flash player from running because of number security reasons. Google Chrome has number of options that allows the plug-in either to run according to the specifications or it will not be blocked.  Before loading any plug-in onto the browsers Google Chrome always tests the plug-in before being uploaded.  The browser has set of advanced options which practical test the plug-ins for the required setup.

  • This plug-in is not supporting or  not responding

This message indicates that the plug-in which is trying to upload in the Google Chrome browser is either of older versions or it is unsafe to load. It runs according to the Google set up and if a plug-in does not get installed according to the set-up specifications given by Chrome, then flash player will crash completely and adobe flash player is blocked. Neither the plug-in neither gets any support from the browser nor gets it activated.

Such messages displayed while trying to run Flash player in the browser Google Chrome. It indicates that unless the technical issues between the Adobe Flash and Google Chrome.

The new version of Adobe Flash player has number of security and privacy controls which are protecting dynamic streaming. Though adobe flash player not working in chrome but it needed advanced options and flexible browser settings which will certainly make it successfully work.  When Adobe Flash player is needed to run on Google Chrome, it faced several issues relating to compatibility and security. Adobe Flash is browser plug-in and it needs to be perfectly set with the browser.

To make Flash player work on Google Chrome with highest of flexibility by offering superior performance, needs to make both Google Chrome and Flash player work with highest compatibility.

 The outcome of the of the combined effort is always of high quality, when Adobe Flash player gets configured perfectly and starts working smoothly on the highly recognized platform called Google Chrome.

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