Why AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open Explain to remove this error

AOL%2BDesktop%2BGold%2BWon%25E2%2580%2599t%2BOpen Why AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open Explain to remove this error

AOL desktop gold is a tool that does all-in-one work of search, browse, and content that is easy to use. It comes as a free tool for Windows as well as Mac. The premium account comes with security features that prevent hacking of your AOL account. It is easy to install and use AOL desktop gold. You will find steps to troubleshoot in easy steps if AOL gold won’t open so you get an error-free experience in using this tool.

Why won’t AOL desktop open?

There are many reasons why AOL gold won’t open. You have to look into a few features and tweak processes to ensure you know where the root cause of the problem is. You can start with these common steps to troubleshoot this issue.

  • If it has not been installed properly you can uninstall and reinstall it. Sometimes installations fail due to interruptions in the background processes.
  • It could also be incompatible with other applications that you have installed.
  • There could be a virus or malware on your system which could stop the application from running properly
  • If your hard disk is malfunctioning and throwing errors, this application will not open due to hardware issues

Troubleshooting steps to fix AOL desktop won’t open

  • Scan your system with anti-virus tests and quarantine
  • Check the system requirements of your computer to see if it compatible with your application
  • Check your internet and Wi-Fi connection
  • Enable automatic updates to upgrade AOL desktop gold
  • Clear cache and delete temporary files from the browser
  • Disable firewall if it is preventing AOL Gold from opening
  • Delete duplicate file to create space in the RAM memory
  • Stop downloading applications that are interfering with your internet connection

Browser crashes in AOL Gold

Many times your browser could crash in AOL Gold. Following a few simple steps could fix this problem. You could also report the bug to fix this issue. These simple steps could fix the problem.

  • Click on the Edit Menu and select Footprints to clear
  • Check the browser cache box to clear temporary browser files
  • You can uncheck this option again to revert the settings

Mail missing from AOL Gold

  • If you are unable to send or receive emails it means that your account is hacked and you need to change your password
  • Go to mail settings and check your display name to see if it has ‘AOL’ in it. It means that hackers have compromised your account
  • Disable and block pop-ups
  • Configure various sections of Mail Settings in the Options tab to secure your account, send and receive mails

Slow running AOL Gold

  • Restarting computer helps in clearing the internal cache of RAM
  • Disable startup programs that are not important and enable only those which are essential

AOL Icon not responding

When you click on the AOL icon it does not open. There are simple troubleshooting steps to fix this. When you install the software, AOL icon appears on the desktop. You have to double-click this icon to open the software. Sometimes double-clicking does not open this software. These are the steps to follow to fix this issue.

  • Restart your system
  • Before you restart save and close all the applications that are running
  • The restart options clear some memory in RAM and makes room to store the click action performed on this icon
  • Check your network and internet connections
  • Configure Network Connections in Control Panel for stable network settings
  • Open Control Panel and click on Network Settings
  • Click on Network and Sharing Centre
  • Click on Change Advanced Settings on the next window
  • Click on Internet Connections
  • There is also an option of Network Adapter you can click on to resolve ethernet issues
  • Follow instructions that appear on the computer and fix these issues
  • Restart your computer

Check Source files for desktop

This might require some technical knowledge and might not be easy for a novice user to follow. You can follow these simple steps even if you do not have the technical expertise and fix this issue within minutes.

  • AOL icon also appears on the system tray which is located in the bottom right side of the screen
  • Right-click on this icon and select Properties
  • You get a drop-down menu
  • Copy the URL of the targeted file
  • Paste it in the Internet Explorer and verify if the software files are available
  • If there are no software files available, delete this icon from the desktop
  • Go to C:// and check if the AOL Gold icon folder is functioning
  • If it is functioning, create a new one for the desktop by right-clicking on this folder
  • You can re-install this software if the icon is not working

Choose System Restore

You can restore workable settings from a previous time of the icon is not working. When you choose this option, it retains all the previous settings making your icon clickable.

  • Click on Start, go to Help and Support
  • Click on Pick a Task
  • Select Undo Changes with System Restore
  • Your computer must have a previous restore point to choose this option
  • Click on the red dot on the Restore My Computer To Earlier Time option
  • Click Next
  • Type the date
  • Click Next to complete the process

It takes a few minutes depending on the data and resources available on your computer. Sometimes it happens in a jiffy and you can resume using this application quickly.

Corrupted Windows update

If you are running a Windows update higher than the version that is compatible with your system, this problem could occur. If there are corrupted files on your computer the icon will stop working. You have to check system settings and configurations to ensure they are working correctly and are compatible with the version of the O.S installed on your computer. These are the few reasons why AOL Gold won’t launch and easy ways to fix them.

Final word

These are the steps to fix issues like AOL desktop icon not responding. These are easy fixes and you can follow them to fix these issues. They are easy to understand and simple to follow. You can ensure smooth operations after following these troubleshooting steps.

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