Why AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open Explain to remove this error

Fix AOL Desktop Won’t Open- An Effective Solution Guide

This writeup addresses some of the common Aol desktop issues which a user faces which includes Aol desktop gold crashing at the time of opening, Aol desktop gold freezes and Aol desktop gold won’t open. Furthermore the troubleshooting steps for these issues have been explained in brief in a very simplified way. 


Common Reason Why Aol Desktop Won’t Open –

There can be various factors which can cause the problem of Aol Gold not opening. Hence we have listed all the possible reasons for ‘Aol Gold Won’t Open On Your Desktop’ issue. 

  • If your Aol desktop software is not installed properly, then uninstall and reinstall it. Sometimes installations fail due to interruptions in the background processes.

installation failed

  • Another reason may be due to incompatibility with other applications that you have installed on the PC.


  • Due to the virus or malware on your system which could stop the AOL Gold Application to run on the system.

virus issue

  • Corrupt or malfunctioning hard disk may also prevent your Aol desktop from opening. 

Most Effective Steps To Fix ‘AOL Desktop Won’t Open’ Error

Follow these method to troubleshoot the AOL Gold won’t open on the System:

  • First, scan your system with anti-virus tests and delete if any threat file is found.

scan antivirus

  • Check the system requirements of your computer to see if it compatible with your application.


  • Make sure that your computer is connected to internet connection. 
  • Ensure that automatic updates to upgrade Aol desktop gold is enabled.

Enable automatic updates to upgrade AOL desktop gold

  • Clear all the cache and delete temporary files from the browser settings.

clear cache and temporary file

  • Disable the firewall as it may cause ‘Aol Gold won’t open’ error.

disable firewall in aol gold

  • Delete duplicate file to create space in the RAM memory
  • Stop downloading applications that are interfering with your internet connection


After following the above steps if still your Aol desktop gold is causing problem, then you need to reinstall your Aol desktop gold altogether. You can do this by following the below steps- 

  • First go to the ‘control panel’ and click on ‘uninstall program’ option.  Now from the list of programs, find and select Aol desktop gold and uninstall it.
  • Now go the the Aol gold website and download the Aol desktop software.
  • After this restart your computer to complete the installation process.

We hope that now your ‘Aol gold not opening’ problem is resolved.

How To Fix Aol Gold Icon Not Responding Or Working

When you install the software, Aol icon appears on the desktop. You have to double-click on this icon to open the software. However, sometimes double-clicking does not open this software. Therefore below we have mentioned steps to fix the problem of ‘Aol gold icon not responding’.

  • Firstly, restart your system as restarting clears the memory in RAM and makes room to store the click action performed on this icon

restart the system

  • Check your network and internet connections by configuring network settings from control panel.

Check your network and internet connections

  • Open ‘Control Panel’ and click on ‘Network Settings’.

Open Control Panel and click on Network Settings

  • Click on ‘Network and Sharing centre’.

Click on Network and Sharing Centre

  • Now click on ‘Change Advanced Settings’ option from the next window.

Click on Change Advanced Settings on the next window

  • Now click on ‘Internet Connections’.
  • There is also an option of ‘Network Adapter’ which you can use to resolve ethernet issues if required. 
  • Thereafter follow the onscreen instructions that appear on your computer screen.
  • At last, restart your computer


Check For AOL Gold Source files for desktop

You can follow these simple steps to fix ‘Aol Gold icon not responding’ issue- 

  • Locate and right click on Aol icon from the system tray located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Now from the list of options, select ‘Properties’.
  • Now you will get a drop-down menu
  • Copy the URL of the targeted file
  • Paste it in the Internet Explorer and verify if the software files are available
  • If there are no software files available, delete this icon from the desktop
  • Go to C:// and check if the ‘Aol Gold icon’ folder is working or not. 
  • If it is working, create a new one for the desktop by right-clicking on this folder
  • In case if it’s not working, reinstall the Aol desktop gold software. 


Choose System Restore

You can restore workable settings from a previous version to fix ‘Aol gold icon is not working’ issue. This can be done by following the below steps- 

  • Click on ‘Start’ and go to ‘Help and Support’.

Click on Start go to Help and Support

  • Click on ‘Pick a Task’
  • Select ‘Undo Changes with System Restore’

Select Undo Changes with System Restore

  • Your computer must have a previous restore point to choose this option
  • Click on the red dot on the ‘Restore My Computer To Earlier Time’ option
  • Click on ‘Next’
  • Type the date
  • Click on ‘Next’ to complete the process

It takes a few minutes depending on the data and resources available on your computer. Sometimes it happens in a jiffy and you can start using this application quickly.

Corrupted Windows update

If you are running a Windows update higher than the version that is compatible with your system, this problem could occur. If there are corrupted files on your computer, the Aol Gold icon will stop working. You have to check system settings and configurations to ensure they are working correctly and are compatible with the version of the O.S installed on your computer. These are the few reasons why Aol Gold won’t Open and following the above steps can easily fix this problem. 


Above in this writeup are the steps mentioned to fix issue of AOL desktop icon not responding or not working. These are easy fixes which you can follow to fix ‘Aol gold not working issues’. If you need any further assistance, you can reach us through chat or through our helpline number. 

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