Fix Connection in not Private and Secure in Google Chrome

Fix Connection in not Private and Secure in Google Chrome

Troubleshooting Why Your Connection is not private and Secure on Chrome

Users find themselves blocked from a website, by an error message “Your connection is not private on chrome.” This error message means that the client device and the server connection are not encrypted. Even though the client device is expected to be encrypted.

As a result, the attackers or hackers will be able to see what the user is doing on the website, as the messages between the server and the client device are sent as a plain text and not as an encrypted message, In addition to this, the client will never be able to identify whether or not he is connected to the correct server.

The issue related to “Your connection is not private on chrome” is caused by the website’s SSL certificate issue.  Either this certificate is missing or it has expired. The other possible reason is that this certificate is not issued by a legitimate authority. Or the client cannot access the website due to some other reason. SSL certificates are necessary for serving websites over secure HTTP connections.

In Google Chrome “Your connection is not private” this means the attackers will be trying their level best to steal your personal information from the website. Often users can still continue on the web page however without HTTP encryption it is not advisable.

Reasons that Cause the SSL error:

  • The website SSL certificate is invalid or is missing, this means the SSL certificate shows the wrong websites. Or the certificate has expired. Or no SSL certificate was issued or expected.
  • SSL certificate does not list on the domain name, this occurs when the Subject Alternative Name is not filled up properly in the SSL form. Thus the website has a working SSL certificate but there is a mismatch between the URL the user typed and what is given in the certificate.  According to the browser, the certificate is invalid.
  • The web server presented an SSL certificate for the wrong website. This issue arises when multiple websites have a common IP address. There may be a chance that the website has its own SSL certificate and the website may not know which SSL certificate should be shown when the client tries to securely connect.
  • The certificate is self-signed, meaning it was generated by the website operator, instead of the third-party certificate authority.
  • The web browser does not require a certificate.
  • The certificate has unsupported features.
  • The client devices’ clock are inaccurate in nature.

Consequently, it isn’t able to verify, whether or not SSL certificate is has expired

Fix the error your connection is not Private on Google Chrome

A useful guide to fix your connection is not private in Google chrome if this error is annoying you, can focus on the below steps to rectify the error, please note if internet is a handy tool for making a user’s life easy and convenient at the same time it also gives an open invitation to hackers to steal your personal information from the websites.

  • Whatever the users can search on the internet can be hacked by the attackers due to insecure internet connections which are very common nowadays. Privacy and personal information need to be safeguarded at all times.
  • Users must focus on protecting themselves from the attackers at all times. This is the most important thing.
  • You must refresh the page, Network connections, involve a lot of back and forth communication, between clients, and servers that go unnoticed. By the user. Any number of these communications may not go correctly. For this reason, a variety of errors can be solved by reloading the page.
  • Clear browsing Cache files, A browser contains some information and content on the websites the users have visited before a temporary storage location, known as a cache. Trying to load the page after clearing the cache files. It is similar to the effect of loading the page after refreshing it.
  • Resetting the clock also allows the user to figure out why the browser is rejecting the SSL certificate which has expired due to the date. Resetting the clock can resolve the issue.
  • Add www. To circumstances, SAN errors, users can try and retype the domain name, so that it includes, “www”.
  • Use a different browser, or update the browser, an old versions of browsers does not support certain functions. Make sure to use the latest versions of browsers.

What does your connection is not secure for this site mean? on Google Chrome

In chrome, this message appears when clicking on the not secure in the browser. When on an HTTP site. It means that the website does not have an SSL certificate.  It does not use an SSL certificate. Encrypting traffic on the site. Browsers won’t typically block the sites. Users need to be careful while using websites.

General ideas for “Your connection is not private/secure in chrome”

  • The SSL connection between your server and server is not secure.
  • The SSL server certificate expires.
  • The certificate is not issued by a trusted organization.
  • Internet browsers only recognize certified SSL certificates.
  • The unknown SSL certificate is like a spam mail. There is no desirable way to rectify this.
  • A Wrong setup, of the server ruins or damages the security setup.
  • Only an administrator can fix the error as he might have the right to do so.

In most cases, the wrong date and time set in the system prevent google chrome from verifying the SSL certificate. This is the key reason why this error pops up. The best way to fix this error is to set the date and time accurately of the system.

Please ensure your antivirus and firewall are installed appropriately, sometimes, antivirus blocks strange SSL certificates or connections. If you think that antivirus and internet security blocks SSL connection, you can turn on the SSL scanning feature on a temporary basis to test.

If the issue resolves by temporarily disabling the antivirus and internet security then you need to switch to another antivirus.

Your connection is not private on Google Chrome

As a user, if you don’t wish to see this message again you can turn off the notification in the Google Chrome browser. You can enable this setting to be a default setting then this error will not occur on your web browser.

If the error of “Your connection is not private” occurs due to a website, you can proceed to the website address. With your own risk. To do so click on the advanced link. Now click on the proceed to website option.

This helps you bypass the error of your connection is not private, in google chrome with two simple clicks.

This method does not assist you to ensure that the error of your connection is not private will disappear permanently.

If the same error occurs in Android and other mobile devices, first of all, rectify the date and time error. If a new security software has been installed ensure you disable the same first.

Clear up the cache files and cookies to ensure the Google chrome browser is working fine. To remove all these files, please click on privacy settings, clear browsing data. Choose what you would want to remove in the browsing data. This step also works in the desktop versions too.

In short, simple steps listed to resolve connection is not private on Google chrome.

  • Reload the page
  • Ensure you do not use the public wifi.
  • Clean and clear your browser cache files.
  • Please ensure the date and time of your computer or device is accurate.
  • Check the antivirus software or internet security program.

It is clear that your connection is not private basically indicates that google chrome is being prevented to load a page privately and securely. If you want to get rid of Google chrome, your connection is not a private error. Please update the date and time of your system.

The cyber attackers have the interest to steal your information such as debit cards and credit cards, this is also supported by the error code issue. This tries to pinpoint the exact issue.

Sometimes you might even not know where to begin from. This error originates from two things first the website has an issue second issue is from the client-side.

The below recommendations, summarize this article

  • Please reload the page.
  • Manually proceed for an unsafe website that has been categorized.
  • Do not utilize an unsafe internet connection that is open to the general public.
  • Please cross-check the computer clock.
  • Clear the browser cache files and data.
  • Try clearing your SSL state from the browser of your computer.
  • Please ensure the service has not expired.
  • Update your operating system.
  • Restart your computer
  • Please connect with the customer care team to resolve this issue.

The concluding comments say your connection is not private this error occurs for the benefit of users. To safeguard and prevent their personal information from getting stolen by hackers.

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