WordPress Web Development Beginner’s guide

WordPress Web Development Beginner’s guide

Beginner Starting steps to Remember for WordPress Web Development

In the world today, many WordPress development agency build their project or website using any type of programming language and framework, such as PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Java, Asp.net, etc. All this programming language is tougher than WordPress because all this language is very difficult according to the coding point. WordPress gives you a lot of inbuilt functionality and convenience and does not require much code to build this WordPress website, and beginners of WordPress can easily learn this course on Udemy, codex, and many other tutorials (WordPress tutorial) which will provide you free online WordPress course to study. So, today we will talk about what WordPress is. Installation steps, WordPress advantages and disadvantages.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free open-source content management system; WordPress provides a WordPress content management system to a WordPress user. This means that the user can manage their website from the backend site of the WordPress site. In addition, the person who does not have much knowledge of programming can also handle the WordPress website. WordPress allows users in WordPress to develop blogs and websites using themes, plugins, and widgets. This framework is written in PHP and uses MYSQL to connect, create databases.

Use of WordPress

WordPress was first used for blog sites, later, integrating WordPress, API, payment gateway service, SMS service, Google Analytics, Google AdSense account as well as to create a fully dynamic eCommerce website from scratch and Also provides many features. Create your own plugins and themes, you can use SEO plugins, business, and membership websites can be created.

WordPress Features

WordPress is a framework that helps develop your full-featured website and blog using its own services and features such as WordPress is simple, flexible, easily publishes posts and pages, user role management, media management, self- Creates WordPress plugin and WordPress theme, build search engine friendly websites, manage multiple website concepts, manage multiple languages, integrate API, comment functionality, easy installation, data import feature, custom content types.

Which is best between wordpress.com and wordpress.org?

Both WordPress .org and wordpress.com are good for developing a WordPress website but both have different roles. If the website owner wants to develop his website with limited features and doesn’t want to more spend behind a good hosting provider then he can choose to wordpress.com. Otherwise, if he wants to develop a WordPress website with unlimited features and spend more money behind a good hosting provider, domain name, and more SEO friendly website then he can choose wordpress.org.

Steps for WordPress installation on the local machine

1: Download XAMPP to your PC

2: Install XAMPP and activate services

3: Download WordPress latest version (download WordPress) from wordpress.org

4: Create a new database for your project and copy the name of your database.

5: When you install WordPress on the local machine, then put the name of the localhost and folder on the new window of the browser and run that link.

6: Select a language you want to use in your WordPress framework

7: In the next step, set the database Name, Username set root and Password fields set the empty, and click the Submit button.

8: In the next step, set the title, username, password, email, and check the search engine friendly option and then click the Install WordPress button.

9: In the next step, you fill in the login details correctly, and then your WordPress will be successfully installed on your local machine.

Advantages of WordPress

  • Easy to access
  • User access site from anywhere
  • Search engine friendly website
  • User can customize the website
  • Extend the website with own plugin
  • In-built blogging site
  • The multilevel site and manage multiple users with multi-language
  • For making attractive look for your website to use multiple design option
  • Responsive Design
  • Flexible

Disadvantages of WordPress

  • Website is easily hackable
  • The site could stop working
  • Need to maintain WordPress site
  • Not more SEO friendly
  • WordPress website looks all same.
  • Website take more load

We hope that all our readers will be clear about WordPress development right now.

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