How to Setup Vivint Smart Home Security Camera?

How to Setup Vivint Smart Home Security Camera?

Ulitmiate Setup Vivint Smart Home Security Camera?

Vivint Inc. is a private smart home service provider based in the United States and America was founded by Todd Pederson and Keith Nellesen in 1999. In the year 2012, the company was taken over by the Blackstone group. As recorded data states, in the year 2018, Vivint had a customer share of over 4 million in the US and Canada. Vivint home security camera is regarded as the best wireless security camera system by the users. The camera can be operated from any device with a steady internet connection. Vivint Security camera is the most common equipment seen in every official location, public places, installed even in the personal property for personal security. The market has an abundance of security camera brands offering their own customer-friendly features making it distinct from rest others.

When it comes to the security of our loved ones one would always take a step further to ensure their safety. Vivint Home security camera aids the owner to keep a vigilant eye on his property and loved ones when they are away. In this writeup of ours, we’ll be talking in detail about Vivint, smart home security camera.Let us get more educated about this security camera by talking of its specifications, the user-friendly features involving some technical know-how. Let us delve into some general and technical specifications of the product.

Some General Vivint Home Security Smart Camera Specifications:

  • Less noticeable and less prone to damage: Vivint home security camera sturdy built makes it less noticeable and less prone to damages.
  • Wide angel lens with HD resolution:The Vivint camera has a wide angle lens with HD resolution providing high-quality video clips.
  • Infrared LED night vision:This feature makes the Vivint camera capture 24*7 footage, making the security of your home more strong.
  • Quick motion detection: Any movement within of range of the Vivint smart security camera, makes it automatically record it.
  • Good wifi connectivity:Through the good wifi connectivity, the vivint smart cameras automatically transfer the surveillance clips to Vivint smart drive.
  • Vivint smart home app:Through this app, you can easily monitor your home’s exterior and view the video remotely.
  •     Technical specifications: After a list of some general specification, note down some significant technical specifications of the product as well.
  • Color: Dark grey and the bracket is not included.
  • Vivint Camera size:2.48h”*4.39d”
  • Vivint Camera weight: 7.0oz, which includes the weight of the bracket and cables.
  • Vivint Camera lens:1.29”,2.19 migapixel sensor.
  • Power usage: DC12V 1A
  • Video resolution of the camera:1080pHD
  • Range of night vision:39.4 feet
  • Operating temperature of the camera:-4degree Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Required panel firmware for the camera: version 3.7 or greater for HD 400W and version 2.3 or greater for HD300W.

Working Procedure of Vivint Home Security Camera

Let talk a little about the working of the Vivint home security camera for the convenience of its users.

Working of the Vivint doorbell camera: A doorbell camera or a video doorbell is a wifi enabled smart device with motion detectors and a speaker. Let us look at its basic working!

  • This video doorbell camera, for its basic functioning, connects to the home’s doorbell wiring and wifi network.
  • It rings just like a normal doorbell when someone presses the button of the doorbell. Some video doorbell cameras detect the motion of someone standing at the front patch of the door and start recording automatically.
  • A notification is sent to your mobile device through the enabled wifi connection, intimating you regarding someone’s presence at the door.
  • The doorbell’s camera app lets the user see the live feed of the one standing at the door.
  • If your doorbell camera includes two-way talk function, you can have an active conversation with the one standing at the door.

Working of the Vivint and adt pulse camera home security monitoring: In the times when you aren’t home or much away from home and a fire breaks in the premises of your home, the home security monitoring team will come to rescue. The home security monitoring team consists of well trained and qualifies specialists working round the clock to respond to emergency situations. Let us quickly see in the steps below how the monitoring system works.

  • First and foremost, to experience the advantage of Vivint home security monitoring, the user needs to install a sky control panel. This panel has the emergency button for live contact with the smart home specialists. With just a press of the button, the user can have quick contact with the specialists.
  • A speaker and microphone enable a clear two-way conversation with the smart home monitoring specialists.
  • A user can always ask for help in times of emergency, that includes medical emergency as well.
  • In case the monitoring team is unable to reach you, they will automatically contact the emergency services for you.

After having a fair idea about the Vivint Smart Home Security Camera and its basic working let us now zero down upon setting it up to be used for the security of your home and the loved ones.

Simple Procedure to Setup Vivint Home Security Camera:

Vivint smart camera not connecting? Follow the easy procedure as listed below to setup vivint home security camera.

  • First and foremost, connect the Vivint camera’s router to the home’s internet outlet.
  • Plug in the Vivint router.
  • Now connect the router to your computer system wirelessly. Check the network name mentioned at the bottom of your router. You can also connect one of the router’s LAN ports to your computer with the aid of Ethernet cable.
  • Now into the address bar of your web browser, type 192.168.11 and hit enter.
  • Now in the dialog box, type “admin” as both the username and password. To create your wireless network for vivint security camera, click on “Basic setup” tab.
  • Now as the last step of the process, create and type your new network name and password and click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Now coming to the last part of the writeup, let us now talk about some general issues faced by the user of Vivint smart security camera. Well, we wouldn’t tense with the issues, we have penned down easy and effective ways to troubleshoot those issues. Read on and educate yourself on the same!

Resolved: Vivint Home Security Smart Camera Issues.

  • Vulnerable wireless security network For Vivint Smart Home Security Camera?:To make your wireless security network strong, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to change the default settings for the IP address and password. To protect your network to be hacked by a hacker, never use the default settings.
  • Secure your passwords:To secure your passwords and the security of your home from an outside element, always make sure that your wifi network and all home security system codes are unique, difficult to guess and regularly changed. A little attention in this direction will keep evil eyes away from your home.
  • Enable encryption on the wifi router and on all the devices on the network: The process of coding signals so that only the authorized devices can read them is called encryption. Make sure encryption is enabled on the wifi router and on all the devices on the network.
  • An offline doorbell camera ? Try the mentioned steps!: If your doorbell shows “Offline” status. Read the below mentioned steps to fix the issue.

a.As a first step, reboot your panel by entering the four-digit security code after selecting the “Devices” option. On the “Devices” screen, choose “Sky control” option and thereafter click on “Reboot”.

b.Now reboot your doorbell.

c.Restart your router by unplugging it for good 30 seconds and plug it back in.

d.Now check whether your camera has power and that the doorbell light ring is illuminated.

Please note: If the above troubleshooting guide doesn’t come to your rescue and the doorbell camera still remains offline, contact the professionals by reaching out to their Vivint smart camera customer service number.

Hope the detailed guide on the Vivint home security camera, the surveillance system will help our readers to get a fair idea about the product before buying one.

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An informed customer makes a wise decision. Make sure, once you buy the camera you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use, maintenance and upgrades to experience a longer use of the product.

For more information on the product contact the professionals by reaching out to their Vivint smart camera customer service number on their official website, or you may contact to USATECHBLOG for alternative help & support.

Stay updated on the page for more such tech related writeups.

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