The Art Of Using User-Generated Content To Improve And Speed Up Your Email Performance

The Art Of Using User-Generated Content To Improve And Speed Up Your Email Performance

Tricks to Use the User Generated Content to improve & speed up email performance

For all the evolution of today’s digital landscape has undergone over the last decade, email continues to be one of the most trusted and effective mediums for marketers and brands across every industry. Yet, you have an avalanche of chain emails crowding your inboxes. Companies keep sending more emails every year, which means they need more pictures to support that demand and scale.

  • Since 65% or more marketers continue struggling daily to create well-designed and engaging visuals, and it’s mostly time-consuming and expensive to perform this, many have started leveraging the influence and abundance of UGC.
  • You may hear it for the first time, but you’ve surely created it before. 
  • You know the picture you shared on your Instagram account from your trekking adventure, the fitness video you posted on YouTube, or that photo you tweeted from yesterday’s function; they were all user-generated content.
  • Concisely, UGC is content in any form. It includes images, posts, reviews, videos, etc. Consumers create this content on social media. 
  • The catch is to put your user-generated product or service reviews/evaluations directly into your emails via Campaign Monitor Commerce.
  • There’s a definite reason behind content becoming such a valuable wealth for marketers.
  • UGC has emerged to be the most memorable, influential, scalable, and trusted content form. 

Building credibility to increase sales

It’s pretty evident that people count on a customer’s review about a good over one by the firm manufacturing it. Sharing content like videos or photos of customers using your product or service, and testimonials explaining user benefits is a great method of building credibility.

  • It also bolsters and humanizes your company, making it more understandable and relatable to potential consumers. 
  • It gives them something to choose your brand over your market rivals.
  • Since UGC is more memorable and trusted than traditional advertising and media, it’s more effective in boosting sales through a plethora of marketing emails.
  • The process is much more viable than conventional offers and discounts emails.
  • UGC also drives engagement. Email marketing and UGC are ideal for building engagement on websites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You gain more followers for Instagram.
  • Hosting giveaways and contests that necessitate users to submit videos or photos on these platforms, and accompanying it with a unique hashtag can instantly boost your brand visibility sans any need too much money or time in marketing.
  • UGC also helps foster a large following and community. The internet has empowered consumers today. 
  • A negative review can inflict irreparable damage to a company’s reputation, but a positive one can bolster your business far more than any self-promotional content or ad.
  • Turning your traffic to customers, and turning them into advocates for your brand is a superb way to attract more customers and gain the utmost visibility. 
  • Email campaigns containing Instagram content allow marketers to promote and establish personal links with customers. 

Way to go

One of the simplest and safest ways to integrate UGC into your email marketing strategy is to implement customer photos. These photos depict customers enjoying and praising your product or service. 

  • You can run a competition to get your clients to post pictures. You can offer a reward to the one with the winning picture.
  • This strategy has proven to enhance brand engagement as it encourages customers to interact. It can also be a good method of raising brand knowledge and awareness. 
  • You can promote the competition on email and social media networks like your Instagram account. 
  • As users post their pictures, the message will automatically spread to their followers and friends. 
  • Customer reviews are another fantastic option to start UGC marketing. You need to good reviews as a priceless form of social testament. 
  • One way of getting more reviews is to send a chain of emails to customers after they receive your product.
  • After checking the email address’s validity, you can follow through the process via email. You can obtain their reviews.
  • Do give the user some time to get familiar with the product. Send them an email requesting their feedback.
  • You can also turn some of your bad reviews into a proper asset by responding to them and conveying that you still value the feedback and want to improve. 
  • It creates a positive impression on you.

Double-dipping your email and social content

Creating any kind of content can be a major hiccup, but visual content requires meticulous attention and editing. The more scopes you can create out of content, the better for your brand. 

  • If a user submits an awesome picture that you’d like to leverage in your concerned email marketing process, there’s no point in wasting it.
  • Check out the apparently ordinary and customary email campaign of Coastal. The photo pops up in their Instagram feed. It’s a smart tactic. 
  • You don’t need to chase around or hunt for a great product picture when a user can submit one right under your eyes. 
  • In this manner, you can optimize and curate your UGC, thereby not allowing a single customer picture to go into oblivion.
  • People are bound to notice the content as it also takes them to your Instagram and Facebook accounts. 
  • Always remember how and why email marketers have traditionally struggled to render a personal touch to their emails. A snapshot or glimpse of your social feed can spell magic.
  • Ginetta wraps up their marketing emails with all the latest photos, which showcase their brand’s human and inclusive elements.
  • There’s no hard and fast rule that says your social media content cannot go beyond Instagram confines. 

Legally leveraging UGC

You should know the right time to obtain rights and why you need them. DRM or Digital Rights Management may sound like a legal term, but it’s not a typical one. 

  • Essentially, it’s a copyright fortification for digital media, which includes photos, video, music, and printed stuff. 
  • Initially, DRM only protected brands, but now companies want to use content that customers create and post on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, YoutTube, and Twitter. 
  • Brands need to get permission to repost or share in this regard. 

So, seek permission on single-user posts through comments. Use the UGC contest software to streamline your permission requests. 

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