Why Should You Use Video Interview software in Your Business?
Why Should You Use Video Interview software in Your Business?

Why Should You Use Video Interview software in Your Business?

Best Use Of Video Interviewing in Your Business?

It is true that video interviews make the whole hiring process easier, quicker, and more convenient for recruiters and applicants alike. It does not matter where you or your applicants are or when your schedules align, with video interviewing, video interview software can take place anytime, anywhere. Not just this, video interviewing extends various other perks, making it popular among businesses of all types of shapes and sizes. The point is sixty percent of businesses and employers are already using video interviews.

You can easily find qualitative and effective video interview software once you explore a little. You don’t need to worry about anything because you can measure your candidates without any hassle with this system. In case you really value your business, your employees, and candidates then you must switch to video interviews. And it might sound harsh to you, but it is the reality that no matter you like it or not, you must adapt video interviewing in your hiring process to stay competitive. The perks it offers in terms of time to hire, the overall quality of hire, and the cost of hire can keep you well ahead of curve.

What is video interviewing or video interview software?

Well, a video interview is a job interview that gets conducted remotely that uses video technology as its main medium of communication. Video interviewing or video recruiting or digital interviews is a quickly emerging field in the landscape of recruitment in the present time by the help of video interview software. Remember that there are normally three major formats in which organizations or businesses conduct video interviews for recruitment:

Asynchronous video interviews or that of recorded interviews

It is a convenient way to screen a high volume of candidates. The employer describes a set of questions on online recruiting software and asks for or invite a list of candidates to answer these issues. The questioned are patterned to elicit responses from the candidates that help the employer get an all-inclusive perspective of the candidate, their skills, soft skills, experience, culture fit, etc. Such an application is generally a cloud-based web application, wherein recruiters log in to create an interview using a couple of video or text questions. They can then send email invitations to applicants to attend the interview.

Video interviewing

By tapping to the link in the email invitation, candidates attend the questions one by one. The application does record the video response of the candidate via a webcam and a microphone. Then the recruiter evaluates the recorded answers once the applicants submit them. Characteristically, an in-person interview is forty-five minutes long. A panel can assess up to 10-15 prospects at the same time with this powerful technology! As responding to the questions and reviewing the responses can take place at different times, this form of interviewing is called asynchronous interviewing. It is even known as automated video interview software.

Live interviews

Live to interview is a selection practice in recruitment. Instead of meeting the applicant in person, the employer carries out an online video meeting where they engage in a free-flowing discussion. Yes, you guessed it right, it is similar to video conferencing through different tools like skype, but various video interview software that provide live interview solutions cater to various additional functionalities that help streamline recruitment. These encompass but are not restricted to, interview scheduling capabilities, interview recording, a whiteboard for writing/drawing, embedded evaluation forms, and integration with leading ATSs.

The concept of video resumes

These are another screening methodology wherein the employer asks a candidate to submit a video introduction. The employer could give guidelines on what to talk about and how long the video shall be. This technique is commonly used for roles where evaluating a candidate’s communication skills and body language is critical to hospitality or acting.

Explore the extensive talent

Once you explore a little, you would find out the talent that is beyond your area. The point is clear if you have openings in the organization and you can see the applications coming in; that is fantastic. But do you think that people from other cities or regions would be okay to visit you for the interview? Of course, some of them might be fine with it but the majority would be hesitant.

The point is, when you take up an interview by using video interview software, that is the stage when it is not decided whether you are going to take the candidate as an employee or not. Here, the point is many candidates do not want to spend extensive money on traveling and waste time to come to another city for simply the meeting. Do they think what if they fail to get the job? It all would be a waste of time and finances.

Now, if you have a provision of video interviews in your organization, you need not tell your candidates to visit the campus at this initial stage. You can simply evaluate them through a video interview. Indeed, these video platforms are so much powerful and effective, and they would help you to take the interviews without any hassle and as per your convenience and preference. Not just the candidates but you would also save up a lot of time and effort. Moreover, you would also save a good sum of money because you would not need to give allowance to the candidates to visit you for the interview as many companies do.

The best part is that you would get the talent that was earlier out of your range. You would get to examine the talented people from the other regions and cities of the country and find out if they are good for your organization. Certainly, if you have passed the candidate for the next step of the recruitment program, they would love to visit your campus for further procedures. Hence, why should your geographical location become a barrier between the amazing talented candidates and you? Come on, you cannot miss out on them.


So, since you know so much about types of video interview software and tools; make sure that you pick the right one for yourself. Make sure that you have the featured tool to support all your interviewing needs by usa tech blog.

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