Use of Drone Technology for Aerial Photography

Use of Drone Technology for Aerial Photography

Important Use of Drone Technology for Aerial Photography

Drone aerial photography is the most economical and quick technique to set up, it allows to photograph or film all types of subjects, from different angles by taking the height to make photographs or aerial videos in very high definition, whether you are an individual, a community or a professional.

Many people commit mistake of understanding aerial photography as an easy job. Partially, we are also agreeing with you, but at some point there are many elements that are very tough to be kept on a smooth track.  Why people say such thing?

Well, if you look at the definition of aerial photography that refers to a process of taking photographs from air, you will surely say it is very convenient. However, there are a few elements, types and functions of aerial photography that may cause you a little headache. In case you are willing to understand aerial photography, then you are supposed to understand every single thing very clearly along with various photographic methods that may help you capture photographs from different aspects. Let’s unveil this mystery and start from the definition of aerial photography, so that you become aware of all factors associated with it.

Aerial Photography & Drone Cameras

By definition, aerial photography is referred as a process of capturing photos from air by using drone cameras. Drone is a very advance technology, which is widely using in all over the world to capture images and for making videos from ground to sky, especially the world drone is used for aerial photos.

Some people thinks that it’s easy to capture images through drone cameras or they rent an aircraft or helicopter to fly in the air and thinks its fun to have aerial photography from the sky. It’s not an easy job to do so. Where drone technology is pretty expensive to have, here also you need to pay a huge of amount as rent as well when you hire a helicopter.

As an aerial photographer, you need to keep focus on every element of aerial photography. There are two main types of aerial photography, i.e. oblique aerial photography and vertical aerial photography. Vertical aerial photography also referred as overhead aerial photography. Now you will probably think about which type of aerial photography you are going to do if you have a camera and aircraft. To decide such thing, you have to first understand these two types. Further explanation about these both types are written below.

Oblique Aerial Photography is the process where photographs are taken from light craft balloon, aircraft, or helicopter. Fixed wing aero-plane is also used in Oblique photography. The subject is targeted from any angle and human eye witness the aerial photography along with the creation of map and indexing that are done by photographer. There are number of professional photography companies there in United States of America that offers aerial photography services of both types either oblique or vertical. Also there are group of professional drone pilots, offer their services, for the realization of aerial view, Aerial view by drone and for making videos from sky.

Vertical aerial photography: As the name suggests, vertical photography is a process where photographs are taken vertically or directly from overhead. Mostly flat images like map are produced with vertical aerial photography. These both types of aerial photography were developed for military purpose. Besides, there are civilian uses of these types too. Commonly, oblique aerial photography is used in archeology, aerial constructions project reports, promotion and advertising works, in legal disputes, and in sale land and residential and commercial property. While on the other hand, vertically taken aerial photographs are used in mapping projects, farm evaluation, geomantic surveys, scientific studies and flood risk assessment. So these are the two types of aerial photography that you must keep in your mind.

No doubt, its fact that drone technology have made aerial photography little easy and less expensive as well, but still it is for professional photographers. It’s hard for normal person who does photography as a hobby to understand the technicalities of drone cameras and aerial images from sky.  Aerial photo drone allows developing and introducing a different way every type of photographic subject. The drone can climb to a maximum authorized height of 150 meters, the camera and mounted on a 3-axis platform to ensure perfect stability and facilitate the framing. Long reserved for big budget, the drone has democratized aerial photography and allowed as many people as possible to enjoy it.

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