A Glance at the Top Entertainment Apps
Top Entertainment Apps

A Glance at the Top Entertainment Apps

Each time boredom strikes us, our initial reaction would be to reach our smartphone and look for some entertainment stuff. Once you scale through thousands of videos it can eradicate the feeling of boredom. For some, it would be to educate themselves on what is happening around the world, whereas for others it can be solely for entertainment purposes. 

For sure each one of us has their own ways of entertaining ourselves and to cut down the boredom aspect. for some of the people using their social networking websites is the best way to overcome from boredom, but most of the people nowadays are engaged in watching their favourite shows and online series on the popular apps like which we will discuss below. 

Though the market is flooded with plenty of entertainment apps, from the convenience point of view let us flips through the list of popular apps which are available in all smartphone devices and can easily be downloaded on the play store and iTunes:


This is an app where a collection of popular movies, shows and web series are presented. From the titles when you search movies the collection is constantly updating as you are finding new movies added every day. As it works on any platform you can watch it anywhere. In fact, you can watch it on one device and then move on to the other from the same place. 

Even it is possible to rate the movies or shows as per your likes or dislikes as this app then can devise better titles for you. This app has recently launched its one of the highly rated and popular show all over the India Sacred Games 2 which has already created the hype before its launch, the craze of this app has forced the users to take subscription of this app and watch it on their favourite devices. 


This is a popular entertainment app where you can go on to formulate video clippings. It is possible to lip sing your favourite songs or movies and share them with your friends. In this app, you are presented with the largest collection of sounds, popular dialogues and a lot more. 

Even it is possible to incorporate special videos on to your text and stickers. Not only it presents a great way to entertain yourself but you can spend time with your friends. Sharing your favourite created video on this platform can make you famous as well among your friends and also the users which are available on this application.


No introduction needed for this popular video downloading the app. On the web, this is one of the most entertaining apps existent. You can watch your favourite videos or shows and even the latest trending shows are showcased. You just need to subscribe as an artist and then whenever a new video is posted you will be getting a notification. 

Even it is possible to download videos and save it offline mode which means you can watch videos as per your convenience. In case if you like or dislike content you can post your comments on the comment section. Apart from these features, you can also go for its premium version which is red youtube where you can watch your favourite movies and shows without any buffering and ads which makes your experience more enjoyable. 

Pandora music

It is a popular entertainment app, where you can entertain yourself and remove all the boredom. It is possible to search for your favourite music, videos playlists and even apps. Just you can go on to formulate a playlist and then add favourite music to them. 

Even it is possible to download your favourite music as you can listen to it offline. The audio presentation is of supreme quality as there are no ads. It is possible to be listing to 4 radio stations as far as offline music is concerned.


Finally, these are some of the popular entertainment apps. For easy downloading, you can choose the 9apps download app that ensures the app is saved on to your SD card and ample space remains on your mobile phone. This app is widely popular all over the world because of its features and the easy downloading options which allow the users to download their favourite content without any hassle.

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