Top Apps to Stream Movies and TV Shows

Top Apps to Stream Movies and TV Shows

Best Mobile App to Surf Good Streaming movies & TV Serials

We all have our days when we get done with work earlier than expected. Or we have hours on our hands while we travel and have nothing else to do except spend time with our beloved mobiles. This is where technology comes to the rescue. 

The digital age is evolving, and things are getting better. There were times when we had to depend on a single streaming service to take care of all our needs. If we couldn’t find what we wanted to see, or if their servers went down for a day or a few hours, we were doomed. 

But this is not the case anymore. Internet is growing, and with each passing day, options are being poured in from all around the world. If you search online for a good streaming service to choose from like Spectrum TV Essentials, you will have endless options to choose from as per your convenience.  

The Best Apps to Stream

Streaming Apps are designed to accommodate both iOS and Android users. But here I will talk about the apps you can choose for your Android devices. And most of these are free to use too! Now cut down on the boredom and catch up on all your favorite missed shows and seasons! Have a read! 


ShowBox has made it to number one on our list, and for a reason. With its amazing navigation system and smooth UI, this is so far the most favorite online free movie streaming app. Most of the features are free to users, which makes it the best substitute for expensive and paid online streaming services. It offers various torrent clients which give lots of options to search for your desired content. The best part of it? No irritating ads! (Yes, you heard it right!).

Let me discuss some of the key features of this fun App with you too. ShowBox does not require an account to work. Along with supporting HD quality, it gives you an option to other resolution playing too. (Good for you if you want to save some MBs of your internet data). If English is a second language for you, you can use the subtitles option. Also, you can filter your movie search by genre, year, and type, etc. The interface is pretty easy to use too. And when you thought this couldn’t get any better, here’s a feature to make you go wow: you can download movies and save them for watching later too! 

Sony Crackle

Here’s another free app for you to stream your movies and TV shows online. As it is launched by Sony Entertainment, you can surely find a huge number of movies from Sony Pictures. There are plenty of movies that you can watch without any subscription, although you have to go through the parade of ads patiently. Also, Sony Crackle has partnerships with some big production houses too, so there is an option of downloading the movie and watching it later. 

So, is the trusted name of Sony enough to make you download it? If no, there are some key features I would share with you. It loads pretty quickly. The account is free and offers data storage. Like the ShowBox app, it supports HD quality and allows you to save internet data by watching in lesser resolutions too. It has a user-friendly interface and navigation is quite simple. Also, it has such a huge library and collection of movies from Sony and other productions to choose from. 

Bobby Movie Box

Here is another free app for you to watch your TV shows and movies on. This app has a collection of almost all the latest movies, TV shows, which can be watched in full HD quality via various global servers. Although this app is not legal, and it doesn’t have a licensed content streaming, it sure can provide you with almost any movie you want to watch. 

Let me share the key features with you. It has a wide collection of all the latest movies and TV shows, streamed in HD quality. Also, you can download movies to watch later. Movies are stored on different servers and contain downloadable subtitles. You get the option of searching for a movie by putting in your favorite genre, year, rating, or type. It supports the use of Chromecast too, and you do not even need an account to use that! Still, need another reason? No irritating ads!

It would be unreasonable if you expect to find it on Google play store, keeping in view the Google policies. The good thing is that you can download the APK file for your android device and run it. 

Tubi TV

This one’s available in Google PlayStore. If you have a taste for shows and movies that are difficult to find, and often do not come up in searches, this app is just the right one for you! Thousands of movies and TV shows are available. Even if you want it for your folks or your kids, there’s something for everybody. And that doesn’t require any subscription. Tubi Tv is like a restaurant that offers everything for everyone, and every taste. Comedy, drama, kids’ shows, classics, Korean dramas, British series, you name it and they serve it! Just one click and it offers all to you. 

Let me tell you some other interesting features of this fun app. It supports Xbox, Roku, Chromecast, and many smart TVs. It also allows you to continue watching your favorite show right from the place where you left it. It is safe from viruses and malware. Wonder why? Because it contains legal content for quick loading. Streaming is of high quality and free too! 

And I think you already guessed it, yes, it is available on Google Store.


This app uses drives and cloud services for hosting movies and TV series. If you are looking for an alternative of Showbox, this one has a very nice interface. If you face issues while using it, I would recommend you to try it with a reliable VPN service. 

This app has such a sleek interface and nice IU that it being illegal doesn’t bother much. If those claims they make are reliable, this app contains a collection of 10000+ movies and TV shows to select from!

Let me share with you some of the key features of this app. It contains a collection of about 4000 movies to watch. It offers internal, as well as external storage for downloading content. It supports Chromecast, Fire TV, and Fire Stick. Subtitles are available in multiple languages. You can also bookmark your favorite movies. 

Vudu App

Another popular app for online streaming is the Vudu App.  One of the best features of this app is that it offers full-feature length movie streaming in 1080p, which makes it the best choice to watch HD streaming on. The sound quality on this app is crystal clear, as it plays Dolby Atmos on the devices that are supported. The movie categories are crime and suspense, action, family, kids, comedy, etc. 

The interface is nice and easy to access. But you need to have an account to access even the free stuff. The library contains a collection of about 20000+ shows. 

So, what are you waiting for, now that you have this list to choose from? I’m going to call Spectrum service number right away to renew my internet package and enjoy these amazing apps! What are your plans for the evening? Let us know in the comments.  

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