Should You Buy a Pop-Up Camera Mobile Phone or Not?

Should You Buy a Pop-Up Camera Mobile Phone or Not?

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Whenever you listen about a smartphone, the things that are essential are the camera, memory, RAM management, screen material used in the body and the micro-chip, processor speed, battery backup, etc. All these are considered to be important factors for a person to consider while buying a smartphone. But the question is which mobile to buy?. There are a number of options from which you can buy a suitable phone and most importantly it depends on the budget of a person. If they are willing to spend more they can get a better quality mobile phone whereas if they want to spend less than they can buy one accordingly.

Age factor and purpose to buy mobiles are the other two factors influencing your choice of mobile. If a person’s memory usage of the mobile is more then he/she must choose the phones with good memory management and if a person is interested in taking photographs than he/she must buy a phone with an enhanced camera and good battery backup. Therefore, in order to choose a mobile phone from a variety of options, find out the answer to the question – why you want to buy a mobile phone? If you want to buy it for clicking some amazing pictures and are confused about whether you should buy a smartphone with a pop-up camera or not, then this article will help you. A list of pros and cons are mentioned and with its help, you can come up to a decision to buy it or not.

Advantages of a Pop-Up Camera

  • Large Screen Display – If the mobile has a pop-up camera, the space covered by a camera in the front screen will be freed thereby providing a large screen display. This large screen provides a better and enhanced view, boosts gaming experience, the composition of images increases, better video call or face time experience, etc.
  • Better View – Large screen mobile phones have a better view and screen display. Usually, large scrren has good apect ratio. Aspect ratio is the screen’s ratio of width to height. A good aspect ratio will have good pixel quality.


  • Bezel-less – Bezel is a ring that holds the covering of an object in place. In large screens, there are fewer bezels which thereby provides an enhanced or improved interaction of the user with the mobile phone. It also doesn’t require a notch screen. If you don’t know the difference between them checkout – Pop-up Vs Notch Vs Bezel-less screen display.
  • Cool – It gives a cool impression and looks amazing while playing videos or watching a movie on full screen.

Disadvantages of Pop-Up Camera

  • Prone to damage – Being a pop-up camera it is more prone to damage as it is above the edges of the phone and easily get damaged. It can even break if it falls accidentally.
  • Mobile Case Issue – If you are a type of person who likes to keep his/her mobile in case, then finding a mobile case for a pop-up camera might be difficult.
  • Consumes Battery – The sliding of mobile pop-up camera consumes battery power. So, if you are sliding it more often, you’ll need to charge it more often.
  • Mechanical problem – Sliding or pop-up camera can get damaged after some time as hardware is more prone to get impaired. Also, movable hardware can get damaged or stop working due to its mechanical work.
  • Collect dust or dirt – When a camera moves up there is a hollow space below and dust particles can accumulate there when the camera will down these particles can get crashed. Due to this, the sliding function can stop working and also, the dust particle can cause scratches on the camera.
  • Waterproof – As it has a sliding function it cannot be made water-resistant and if it accidentally comes in contact with water than it can get damaged easily.

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Now, if you are confused about whether or not you should buy a smartphone with a pop-up camera, then you can take a look at its benefits and limition. It will assist you to take a decision. If a student is interested in photography club, then he/she can buy a camera-based mobile phone. Also, he/she must complete their assignments on time to score higher grades. They may take write my essay help for timely completion of assignments. Most of the people look for a good camera if they are interested to buy a smartphone, the pop-up camera comes with good picture clarity and provides high definition images. So, it totally depends on you and your choices.

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