10 Quick Steps To Run A Contest On WordPress Websites

10 Quick Steps To Run A Contest On WordPress Websites

Advance Steps To Run A Contest On WordPress Websites

Running a website has become immensely competitive as every category is flooded with numerous interfaces. The audiences are spoilt for choices and it has become necessary to have a plan for sustaining visitors’ engagement with your website. An effective tactic to engage people and boost traffic is running giveaway contests. Here we are discussing how you can run a contest on WordPress websites without writing any code. This attraction of winning a prize draws visitors towards the interface. Even people who had not used your website so far are encouraged to try their hand at bagging the freebie. Moreover, a contest arouses the natural competitive instinct in most human beings and they take a shot at the challenge.

Before learning about the process of creating a giveaway on your interface, it will be pertinent to identify the nature of the contest the prize you will award to winners. It is not necessary that you need to select something which is expensive. Try to pick an item which is pertinent to your category and will be found valuable by your audience. For instance, a subscription to a digital marketing tool will be perfect if you cater to marketers. Now, let’s see how you can add and run a competition on your WordPress interface.

1. Install And Activate A Giveaway Plugin

Plugins make it easy to add new functionality to a website built with the CMS. We will also run our contest with the help of a giveaway plugin. The solution that we have chosen is called RafflePress. It is available in free as well as paid versions. We have chosen the premium variant which has numerous handy features. You will learn about some of them during the course of this tutorial. Visit the plugin developer’s website to purchase the tool. Access your admin dashboard and visit Plugins > Add New. Click the Upload Plugin button to install the tool. Once you activate the plugin, you will find that the RafflePress option is added to the menu. Click on it and you will be asked to provide your license key. You can access this code from your RafflePress account on its website. Enter the code and hit the Verify License tab.

2. Select A Template For Your Campaign

RafflePress makes it easy for you to create the design of your campaign. You will not need to hire a custom WordPress development professional to create your contest’s layout. Select Add New under the RafflePress option in the control panel. On the screen which opens, provide a name for your campaign in the Giveaway Name section. Then choose a readymade template for your competition. Here, we are choosing the Classic Giveaway layout.

3. Include Details Of The Prize

Once you choose a template, the tool’s giveaway builder will be launched. You will first need to set a prize for your campaign. In the Giveaway Prize Details section on top of the screen, click on the pencil icon. Provide a name for the prize along with a brief description. You can also include an image of the product. In case, you want to offer more than one prize, then you can include other items by clicking the Add Another Prize tab.

4. Add Actions To Your Campaign

In order to run a contest on WordPress through RafflePress, you will need to add some actions which people can use to enter the competition. Click on Actions in the toolbar on the left-hand side. Here you will see a list of actions that can be included with the giveaway. As soon as you choose an action, it will become visible under your prize on the right-hand side. You can also configure some settings for your chosen action. For instance, in the image given below, you can see that the settings allow you to define the number of entries a person earns and whether the action is mandatory or not. There is also the option to include your Facebook page URL which you want people to visit.

Users can add as many actions as they want by repeating the process explained here.

5. Modify The Look Of Your Campaign

Switch to the Design tab on the control panel. Here you can define a layout for your campaign along with fonts and the color of the button. There is also the option to include an image in the background or to change its color. You can preview all the changes in real-time on the right-hand side.

6. Configure General Settings

Move to the Settings tab and then select the General option. Here you can restrict the number of submissions that can be made from an IP address.  You can also choose to display the winners of the contest.

7. Add Some Rules For Your Contest

Click the Giveaway Rules link and then press the Generate Rules tab. A form will appear where you can include sponsor details. The plugin will generate all the rules based on your input.

8. Activate E-mail Verification In The Campaign

Click on Email Verification and toggle the button against the “Contestant Must Confirm Their Email” option to Yes. Now only people who verify their e-mail IDs will be allowed to participate.

9. Enable Analytics Tracking And Social Login

The plugin lets users track the success of their campaigns by adding the Google Analytics Code. You can do this by clicking the Success Tracking option. Next, select the Success Redirect option. Here you can define the page to which successful participants will be redirected to. Finally, through the Social Logins option, you can allow visitors to access the contest through their Facebook accounts.

Save all the changes before you move to the final step.

10. Add The Contest To A Page

Open the page where you want to add the contest in your editor. Press the add new block “+” icon and add the RafflePress block. Now, click the arrow icon of the dropdown menu and select the freshly-created campaign. Your giveaway will now be visible on your chosen page.

This powerful plugin allows you to effortlessly add a giveaway campaign to your WordPress interface. In case, you are looking for custom solutions, then you can hire a WordPress development company to do the job.

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