9 – Things to Know Before You Buy an Android TV Box

9 – Things to Know Before You Buy an Android TV Box

What is the Important things to buy before Buy an Android TV Box

Like mobile phones, Android TVs are constantly evolving. The last Android TV box of recent years is this year’s joke. The basic rule is to check the product specifications. A lot of information can look like piles of numbers and silly words, but you have to switch to jargon to find what you need to know is RAM and buy as much as you can. 2GB is ideal if you want to watch movies for free. The next thing to have is as much disk space as you can afford. This could be labeled as a hard disk or internal storage and 8GB is the magic number for almost no problem experience. The rest of the information contains only stuffing and will have very little impact on the buyer. Below are a few things you always need to remember before buying an Android TV box along with top products reviews and buyers guides online. This will also help you to choose the product that meets your needs and requirements easily.

False promises and high expectations

A search on Google for the live broadcast of Sky Sports, free movies online or a fully-loaded Android TV box will bring out the best of the worst sellers. Sky Sports streaming on Android can be reached, but cannot be depended. This is a great alternative if you have a limited budget, but you are fed up with salespeople trying to hook you up with the range of free sports. These flows can be intermittent and sometimes difficult to look at. No salesperson can guarantee you a perfect Sky Sports stream and if they can, it will usually last only a short time.

Do not buy fully charged Android TV cases

Fully-loaded sellers make illegal sales and the authorities eliminate them. These are Android TV boxes that the seller says “Plug and Play”, what they did is install Kodi and build a very basic version that, in 9 out of 10 cases, will occupy more than 80% of your Hard disk. What do you think will happen to your warranty if the seller disappears or reinvests itself? So, you have some options here, buy an intact box and install yourself your Android streaming apps. This will save you a lot of time and money if you use our apps or apps that we have created for our customers. The other option is to buy from a seller with a custom Kodi update application previously installed. We have worked with many vendors of Android TV enclosures to create an application that will update Kodi from cloud storage in a lawful manner. With these vendors, you get a hassle-free experience without the job of continuous sourcing links and you know they will not disappear from the e-bay or Amazon market.

Buy from a seller in the country in which you live

You will get an unreal price if you buy in China, but with 30% of the electrical products having some kind of failure in the first 12 months, will you really spend £ 30.00 to return an Android TV box for which you do not? It makes a lot more sense to stay in your country and pay a little more for peace of mind.

On a budget? Get an Amazon Fire TV stick

While merchants are already selling them TWICE the RRP titled “Amazon Fire TV Stick Jailbreak”. Where does this term broken prison come from and Apple products that only allow you to install apps verified by Apple? Wherever it comes from, it does not apply to this product. Android as an operating system was designed to allow third-party applications and the Amazon Fire TV key is no different. So always be skeptical about whoever will tell you that he can give you a broken Amazon Fire TV stick, just join your local Argos or buy one from Amazon for $ 50.00 and use this guide and this app to get your own” and read more about cancel amazon prime membership here.

Do you plan to use Kodi on your Android TV box?

Why do not you, it can be great and most people have bought for this reason. If you need a hobby, that’s great, but if you just want a Netflix experience, then Kodi or at least Kodi alone may not be right for you. In the Kodi world, things change, things stop working all the time, new fantastic things appear, then fail, like that. It’s up to you to search the Internet and social media groups for the best thing that can make your life worth living. Do not jump with both feet and NEVER use Kodi Assistant addons if you use Kodi on Android. Here’s why their users make them far too big for Android devices and charge them to the brink of total destruction. Worse, they force you to shut down or turn off your device so they can work. Do not do it. Android TVs cannot handle it and, over time, your baby will fail and you will stay with this expensive paperweight unless you need an expensive paperweight.

Get a 12-month guarantee

If you need to use it, use it. Do not stay with a box that, in less than a year, has failed to take possession of it, no matter what the seller is trying to tell you. If they sell it, they have to honor that. For more consumer safety, buy on Amazon, pay with PayPal (make sure the item you buy matches the description of the item on your PayPal receipt) or credit card to use. Never pay in cash. You buy a product designed to work around subscription payments on television; you have a foothold in black market trading with many shady sellers, so take some steps to protect yourself. If your Android TV box vendor is legitimate,

Do not take the bait wirelessly

You do not need it and if you do, you can get a better price by purchasing your wireless remote control individually or simply by connecting a normal USB wired mouse to the USB port of the Android TV box. It works much better with the only restriction on the length of the mouse cable.

Keep your Android TV Box the same as Android

Never use Kodi maintenance tools, use Android TV Box settings to service your device. Much more efficient and safer. Select Settings> More Settings> Applications> Clear Cache or Clear Data (for a new start) or Force Shutdown (if Kodi hangs – and it will).

Buffering is not worth it

The two main reasons for getting buffered in Kodi are someone on your website uploads files to YouTube, Dropbox, etc. You connect to a busy server or a poor server, stop what you are looking at, and choose a different provider from the list of sources. That’s about all you can do. If you have an Internet connection greater than 2 MB / s, you’re tired of it, testing my Internet speed checkers will not change much.

Here, Android TVs are great devices that will bring you a little joy and save you a lot of money. Follow the 9 steps and congratulate your suppliers and developers.

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