Different Ways to Contact Outlook Support Phone Number

Different Ways to Contact Outlook Support Phone Number

Why need to Contact Outlook Support Phone Number

The Outlook is the free email, and calendaring service of Microsoft that was created by the merger of Hotmail and Microsoft live in 2012. The service is almost similar to the Gmail of Google- free and secure. The choice of either Gmail or Outlook for proper usage is always debated. And to be honest, Outlook is the one that mostly comes on top. Any person can open their outlook account only by going to its home page and signing up by providing the relevant details. The Outlook support phone number system is loaded with options like people (for contacts), calendar, and Skydrive. With all the great features of the Outlook system, there come some technical glitches along with them. The users may find it difficult to sign in or junk mail overload or getting regular error messages, and so on. Microsoft has provided a few options for its outlook users to get an answer for any of their queries. Usually, people like to take the help of a human being rather than following an automated voice. So the importance of Outlook support phone number is paramount. But is it available for the users? What are the alternate ways by which an Outlook user can reach out to the customer service executives? In this article, we will answer these two questions regarding the Outlook support services.

What is the Outlook Support Phone Number USA to Reach the Tech experts?

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated phone number for Outlook email services. The situation is similar to the Gmail services provided by Google. Due to the sheer number of daily users, Microsoft cannot respond to every small query of the users. Even a tiny percentage of the number of users means millions of requests regularly. Instead, Microsoft has provided a collective telephone number for all its products, including Outlook. Different Microsoft support numbers are depending upon the geographical location of the user. For example, for the United States of America, the number is +1 (800) 642 7676, +1 (800) 892 5234 . Use this link to find the support number for your country:” Visit here and click the country under the main category. Before calling the tech experts of Microsoft, always keep your product name, product model, product key, and all other product-related information that may be useful during the call to outlook support number. Microsoft also gives you the option to ask the support system to call you back instantly or schedule a request as per your convenience. You will have to provide your mobile number and the time when you will be free to talk to the techies and explain your query.

To Resolve Outlook Unfixable Issues Dial Outlook Technical Support Number USA

There are four other convenient ways to reach out to the highly experienced experts of Outlook’s customer service: form submission, chat with a virtual assistant, Outlook help page, and Outlook help community. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Form submission

In this mode of communication, you will need to submit a form with the details of your query in it. You can find the way in this link: “support.microsoft.com/en-us/supportrequestform/d75c9d92-a918-3a46-52bd-565a528f1b64.” Open your browser and paste this link. On the form, you will need to choose your product (that will be Outlook in this case), type of issue that you are facing, affected email address, the details of the query, and then send it. The representatives of the Outlook support system will review and analyze your complain and send you the relevant solution. In forums mainly users create a discussion for a particular issue like to change outlook password in this discussion all the users comes up with issue and someone’s is replying with a solution.

Issues In Outlook Connect to Chat with a Virtual assistant

If you don’t have any option to call outlook support phone number usa then the chat option is the best one for you, this mode of communication can be used when the problem that the user is facing, is a general one. Notably, the user won’t get to talk with a real human being on this mode of communication. Use these steps to chat with the virtual assistant regarding your problem in Microsoft Outlook:

  • Open your browser and go to the link: “support.microsoft.com/en-us/contactus.” It will bring up a contact page for the Microsoft products.
  • The contact page that is mentioned above will have an option for “contact support” under the blue button of the “Open Get Help app.” Click on the “contact support” link. It will open up a different window with a chat interface with a virtual assistant.
  • Type the details of the problem that you are facing with Outlook. The virtual assistant will search for related answers in the vast database of solutions for Outlook problems and display them in front of you. Follow the steps that it provides to get rid of the problem otherwise you may call to outlook support number.

Outlook help page

If waiting time for outlook customer support phone number is too long then you may go ahead with outlook help page is another excellent option to look for answers before you venture with the customer support representatives. The help page has recorded all the conceivable technical glitches that may arise in Outlook along with their remedies. It gets updated as new types of problems keep occurring. Follow these simple steps to find the answer to your Outlook problem in the help page:

  • Open your browser and go to the link “partner.support.services.microsoft.com/en-us.” It will open up a page with the list of the products of Microsoft, such as Outlook, Microsoft Office, Skype, One drive, etc.
  • Click on Outlook icon on the page. It will bring a new page on your screen. It is the Outlook help center. It will have different options to choose from, for example, “manage email,” “Outlook on PC/ Windows,” “create and send an email,” and so on. Choose an option based on your query. For this example, let’s choose “learn more about Outlook on the web” under the “Outlook on the web” section.
  • It will open up a page with all the information related to the online Outlook system or Outlook on the web. The page will also provide videos to assist the user in understanding the different aspects of the mail correctly.
  • Follow the previous steps to find any information you want about the Outlook mail. You can also give feedback on the help page. On the last page of the search, go to the bottom of the page. There will be a question, “was this information helpful?” and two options “yes” or “no.” If you are satisfied with the page, then click on yes, or otherwise choose no, and it will bring some space to enter your suggestion to make the database better.

Outlook help community – Outlook Support Phone Number

Outlook help community is the official Outlook forum where the users can help each other to solve their problems. The tech experts from the customer service also participate in these discussions from time to time. You can also join in the conversations that are still active. The active discussions will have a green tick mark on the rightmost side of it. Use the following steps to go to the Outlook forum:

  • Open your browser and go to this link: “answers.microsoft.com/en-us.” The page that will open is the Outlook community page. It will display the range of products that Microsoft offers, such as Outlook, Skype, Office, Windows, etc. Click on the Outlook icon.
  • The next page will display all the topics or problems that have been discussed so far in the forum. Scroll through the page to find the discussion that provides an answer to your query. If you do not find the related topic, then press on the “Ask a question” option at the top of the page and follow the prompts to post your question finally or dial outlook support phone number.

As the Outlook email system is a free service, hence its customer service does not get much importance from Microsoft. The existing facility is enough to tackle the frequently occurring problems. But to be able to provide a solution for any problem, the support service of Outlook needs to be improved.

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