Fix Your Outlook Not Responding and Not Working Problem

Fix Your Outlook Not Responding and Not Working Problem

How to Check Outlook not Responding or not Working on any device and Resolve this error

Did you get an error in outlook that it is not responding? This is a common error when the screen freezes and the message on the screen reflect processing. This means the outlook application is stuck and will not respond until and unless it finishes the processing of emails.

Outlook application can be started in safe mode when you find that the outlook screen responds processing. If you close the application and then open it again normally your problem will be fixed by using the below steps.

  • Close the Outlook application
  • Launch the Outlook application in safe mode.
  • In windows 10 select outlook.exe/safe mode, press enter.
  • In windows 7, choose a start and search programs and files box type outlook safe and then press enter.
  • In windows 8 the apps menu choose run type outlook safe and then choose ok.
  • The best way to fix the freezing screen issue is to close the outlook application manually and then open it again.

Outlook not Working on Wifi

Outlook does not work on wifi is a common issue it does not connect to the exchange from home. Let’s understand, why is it so? One of the key reasons why outlook not working on wifi is that at home the user fails to establish a secure connection with the VPN. Once the VPN is not established your official emails will not be downloaded on the system seamlessly. Many times you may face another issue that the outlook works fine on wifi without the use of VPN.

Please follow the below steps to connect Outlook with Wifi

  • Click the file tab
  • Click account settings
  • Select exchange account and click on change
  • Click more settings and then click on connection tab
  • Under the option connect outlook anywhere, select connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP checkbox.
  • To specify a proxy server click on exchange proxy settings.
  • Type the Url provided by your exchange administrator.
  • If your exchange administrator says secure connection by SSL. It means that connect to the outlook exchange by SSL checkbox only.
  • Ensure you complete the basic proxy authentication.

Outlook not working on Mac:

Outlook application may face an error on mac you may not be able to connect outlook via mac. You may find it difficult to send and receive emails via outlook. For enabling the outlook not working on Mac you should use the following helpful tips to ensure that the outlook not working on Mac issue gets resolved.

  • Please ensure the computer is connected to the internet and your network.
  • Use a local web browser to check whether you can access internet sites or not.
  • To check the network settings on Mac, please connect with the Mac OS help, to find relevant steps for your query.
  • Please verify the outlook is online.
  • Please ensure the outlook application is online.
  • Please ensure the work offline mode is not checked for being offline.
  • The firewall blocks the internet service protocol, which connects to your emails to the outgoing mail server.
  • On tools click on accounts,
  • In the left pane of the account box select accounts.
  • In the outgoing box server name and address.
  • Your credentials of the account setting are incorrect.
  • On tools menu, click on accounts
  • In the left pane of the account box select account
  • Make sure you have entered the correct email id and password.
  • You may have to reconfigure your outlook mail account settings for it to work fine.
  • Your mail server must be available to be able to run the outlook application on mac.
  • Contact your system administrator for the same.

Outlook not working on windows 10

Microsoft outlook is one of the most widely used email clients by the users. Many times users make a valid complaint of the outlook not working in windows 10. The following steps will allow you to fix the outlook issues in a quick and easy manner.

  • Start Outlook in safe mode and disable add-ins
  • Create a new profile
  • Repair your Outlook data file
  • Make sure Outlook is not running in compatibility mode
  • Use Microsoft support and recovery assistant
  • Change the DPI settings
  • Log out of ICloud
  • Use a new email message option.
  • Use a separate password for outlook
  • If you are trying to use an older version of outlook
  • Try sending an email outlook.
  • Try to send any file with outlook
  • Remove VPN software.   

Outlook setup for windows 10 can be done in the following way.

  • Open the mail app, by clicking windows, start menu and choose mail.
  • If you have opened the outlook app for the first time you will see a welcome page.
  • Select add account
  • Choose the type of account you want to add.
  • Enter the required email that you want to send.
  • Click on sign in and click done.

You may face an error that outlook does not respond in window 10, the following methods will allow you to fix this issue. Please restore the outlook recovery software. As advised by IT experts you need to create relevant email backups of the important email files. User profile or outlook email when it becomes damaged or corrupted provides an error of outlook not responding.

You can restore the outlook files with few simple clicks.

  • Select the outlook email partition where you have saved the PST files and click on the scan.
  • You can use a filter and scan the lost files.
  • Search with .pst to search the pst files.
  • Select all the PST files and then click on recover to recover all the files at once.
  • To retrieve your email to outlook you can follow the below steps.
  • Import from another program or file.
  • Open the Outlook data file.
  • In the navigation pane, drag-drop the emails, contacts and other email folders to outlook.
  • If you have fear of losing the data you need to resolve the outlook problem directly.
  • You can start the outlook 2016 in safe mode in the following way
  • Close outlook
  • Launch in safe mode
  • Windows 10, click on safe mode.
  • Click start- search- outlook, and then hit enter.

Outlook not responding in Outlook 365:

Outlook application is the most widely used application it takes a lot of effort to schedule your work appointments, well with outlook you can complete this tedious process very easily. Outlook 365 does not work or is not responding properly. The best way to resolve this issue is to ensure you close the outlook application and launch it again in safe mode.

Once you launch it in the safe mode please ensure you close the application for outlook and open it again. Secondly please dismiss all reminders from the This will also resolve the issue of outlook 365 not responding. Make sure outlook is not working on a long process which means too many emails are not downloading at one go. This will cause outlook 365 to hang or freeze the screen.

Please install the latest windows and office updates so that the outlook 365 works very smoothly.

Please repair your office programs, please quit the application, in the control panel choose programs and features, in a list of office programs, right-click the Microsoft office 2016, and select Microsoft office 2016. This helps to repair the data files and errors. Creating a new user profile in outlook and updating the user information also helps to restore the outlook profile.

Many times simply updating the outlook application helps in the outlook application working well and smoothly.

Reasons why the outlook not responding error occurs:

  • You have not installed the latest updates
  • The outlook is in use by another process.
  • The outlook is loading external content such as images in an email message. 
  • A previously installed add-in is interfering with the outlook program.
  • Your mailboxes are too large in number.
  • Outlook data files have become corrupted and damaged.
  • You installed antivirus software which is an outdated version.
  • This outlook conflicts with the antivirus.
  • Your user profile has become corrupted.
  • Another program conflicts with outlook.

Solutions for the above issues.

  • Install the latest updates
  • Make sure outlook is not used by another program
  • Check for the problems caused by external content
  • Investigate possible add-in issues
  • Check whether the app data folder is redirected to a new location
  • Repair Outlook data files
  • Repair outlook programs
  • Check whether the antivirus software has been updated or it interferes with the outlook.
  • Create a user profile in outlook.
  • Create a Windows user profile
  •  Build a startup which is selective for advance users
  • Create a Windows user profile in advance users segment.

Microsoft is definitely the most widely used application, and it is also the most versatile email client. Like any other program, the outlook tools are available. However like any software outlook also has bugs and problems.

As a user, these problems can be frustrating, when the outlook process gets stuck. One common problem is often the outlook not responding error crops up very easily. Outlook experiences a processing window and hangs mostly during a crucial time. When you click anywhere on the window the entire screen becomes translucent. The outlook is not responding. The message appears on the title bar of the application window. This is common across all applications.

  • Quit all outlook related applications using the task manager
  • Identify and remove problematic outlook add-ins.
  • Please ensure your antivirus program is closed or turned off.
  • Reduce the size of the Outlook data file.
  • Repair and update your outlook application.

Microsoft Outlook not responding error basically enables users to find the cause of the problem that occurs in the outlook application. The user must focus on removing corrupted files from outlook to safeguard your email data at all times without any issue.

When outlook moves a large number of messages at once, there is a chance that outlook hangs, if you want to check please check in the status bar beneath the outlook application. Allow the outlook process to finish this will help you restart the outlook process.

Please note outlook works best when it is up to date. The IT experts at Microsoft help outlook to work better they recommend that you can update outlook in the following way.

  • Update the outlook system, install the outlook updates.
  • The outlook updates help remove the office bug and enhance the performance for the outlook.
  • Quit any of the running applications
  • In control panel choose Program and features
  • In the list of installed programs, right-click Microsoft office 2016 and 2013, and then choose Change.
  • You can focus on repairing outlook data files to resolve the not responding error in your outlook mail.
  • Create a new user profile.
  • You add a new user profile in outlook.
  • Or you can update the existing one.
  • Under the show profiles option please select the relevant profile.
  • Please click on your older profile and delete the profile from the system.

Outlook not responding while sending emails

The main function of outlook is to send and receive emails. However, the user may face an error while sending and receiving emails. What could be this possible error? First of all, we recommend please empty your sent folder in the following way. Open the sent folder, delete all the items in the sent folder. Quit Outlook, restart outlook, and try to send an email to check whether the problem still grows.

If Microsoft Outlook is not sending emails please focus on changing the setting. However, it could be something more a bit more complicated. Please go through simple troubleshooting steps for the outlook on all versions to date. These versions can be enabled to send emails by following some troubleshooting steps.

First and foremost please make an attempt to resend the mail. Please follow the below steps to complete the process of resending the mail. Right-click on the email which is present in the outbox. Open the draft folder and click on send. Check to see if the email is in the sent mailbox. This allows you to know the email is sent to the desired recipient.

Please double-check the recipient’s email id to ensure the email id is correct. Ensure while you are sending emails via outlook your internet connection is securely connected. Now click the send receive tab of the ribbon. Click on the work offline tab. Please ensure the message is reflecting in outlook which shows the outlook is connected to the server. Click the send receive folders all folders in the send receive group. Check to see if the message is in the outbox still. Outlook limits the size of the attachments carefully look at the attachments. You can increase the size of the outlook limit. Please sync your account password by the following method.

If you have recently changed your email account, please update the same email in your outlook account as well. Click the file, now click on account settings, Choose an email account and click on change. Enter your updated password in the box. Click on next closed and finish. Press F9 to try and send the email.

Please repair outlook this will also resolve the issue of sending the emails. Under apps and features select the option of online repair, this allows you to connect to outlook application, this helps you to send the emails to the recipient at the right time.

Please ensure the outlook application is always connected to the server and the outlook exchange. You can resize the outlook mail attachment limit. This limit allows you to send attachments. Please ensure that the attachments are not in a very bulky in nature as your outlook mail may bounce. Please delete the unwanted emails. This enhances the performance of the outlook application.

You can use the below steps to increase the sending limit of the email. Go to the Microsoft account security page. Please click the update info tab. Verify your email id with the phone number, Use an alternate email id for security verification code. Once you get a code on the text message, please follow the on-screen instructions to update your security settings.

You set the outlook mail on the email reply, outlook enables you to set auto-replies so that you can respond to your clients in a quick and easy manner. The method of setting an auto-reply depends on the version of outlook you are using. Start outlook, Select the file tab, select Info in the left pane, Select the account settings, then select the account settings from the drop-down menu. The window will open select the email reply-to address, this is in the primary window of the email tab. Select change, In the reply-to address, text box, please type the email address that will receive your sent mail. Click next and click close.

You can set automatic replies on outlook to ensure that whoever sends you an email knows that they would get a delayed response and you are either in a meeting or out for a vacation for a few days with your family. The reply to address allows the users to reply to emails in an instant manner. Outlook also allows you to send mails to email groups.

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