Now Everything Digitized? Is the Future Now?

Now Everything Digitized? Is the Future Now?

In Today World All is Being Digitized

The future we are going forward with is all digitised. Whether you are sitting on a couch and watching you favourite program or driving your car to the mart. The dream of having everything connect to each other is now in the working stage. AI was just a buzz word for the time being now it is implemented in our work place environment, education and even in Human resources department. Some says machines have still not incorporated our lives however; they are sweeping in our today’s world. World and its people are moving forward where technology advancement is taking place slower and deeper into our personal and professional life.

Let’s first discover the revolutionary changes in the world up till now and how it has drastically shape the world and our lives.

Slow moving world with a little touch of technology advancement

Life before was so much fun, if we talk about our previous history from our elders they probably give you a list of memories and entertainment. As life was a little slow people were social, things take shape with a passage of time. First, there was no tension of making calls or hearing phone ringing every minute or second. Yes, there were times where people rush to the phone booth to talk to the person available. The wireless head set were useful equipment is the previous era. Elders mesmerised the era of 20th century where a person who want to travel to one place to other need to first take help from the atlases to detect which where to go and guide about all the location of the city.

If you want to talk to someone or need to have an emergency call you might need a paper and pen. Yes, the paper and pen for writing letter to someone, then you need a stamp to stick to your letter and deliver it to your near post office. For example, students find difficult and request help with my assignment from some forceful sites as the Wi-Fi technology wasn’t there. So, students had to take internet card to use it for the time being.  And wait for the letter to deliver a week later or a month and so. The drawer we had were our small Google search engine and iCloud storage where we kept all our confidential files stored safely. The best part about no such problems of digitalised transformation of the world was people was humble, respectful everyone had time for each other. But now things are changed industrial revolution had change the mind set of people the living standard is getting modernised at time passes by.

Highlights; 1st to the 4th industrial revolution  

The first industrial revolution was initiated from the country Britain. The main focus of the industrial revolution was mechanization and streamlined with technology advancement. The industrial revolution revival was made possible through promotion new machine learning. The previous era people used to create product with their hands and that took them hours or days to create 1000 of production done quickly. The engineers and other scientist economist observe the slow production and not efficient and quality product produce by thousands of workers.

This made a shift to technology as compare to handmade products. The industrial change scared people as the fear to lose their jobs to machines. As gradually, the focus shift to mass production and manufacturing. Then the era of third revolution took place where the start of digitization has drop the jaws of critics.

When the world entered the 21st century the advancement increased and whole scenario of buying product to making of it changed drastically. The fourth industrial revolution has marked its place in our world. The artificial intelligence has created lot of other opportunity to make smart decisions. As the world is moving forward with intelligence and each every medium connected to each other IOT is the new buzz in the tech world.

Digital transformation-what will be the future like

Digitalisation will not be in our homes or marts and hospitals but overall areas. CEO’s are implementing the change in their strategies and missions, which guide them to the future possibilities of technology. In an era where technology can predict the behaviour, responses, track each data according to the customers need can break or flourish opportunities for the companies. The statistic shows technology spending has been doubled globally to 3 trillion. Talking about tech grasping one industry to other for example Uber biggest taxi company do not own any car just like that Goodwin who do not employee any author.

The technology has always been changing and shifting the people mind day after the day with printing press to the industrial revolution of mechanisation and steam line to the steam engines everything has been transform. There is no doubt as the technology is moving steadfast with each day has something new to look over and how in the pace these changes are occurring is truly unpredictable. The tech education is emerging very fast and students need help in law assignment writing for me, partnering with Google assistant who talk and guide students for best tips and strategies.

What if you just imagine everything would be digitalised & social? Well if you notice there is some point where we just imagine is happening in reality. You wouldn’t even think of you tv and you air conditioner to be connected with one device. But now it is real. You wouldn’t think your classroom would be full of technology where what you read in you text books would poop out of nowhere and circulate around the whole classroom. It is happening. Whatever you think of and dreamed of is being real gradually but it is.

Wrapping up 

Should we enter in the world where you just dreamed of! Why not expand our horizon with the digitalised transformation. Accept what world is bringing for us and embrace the change for your own good and understanding. According to the management assignment help, has made transformation possible through baby steps and create a tech friendly device which has helped them for the future good.

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