How to Get Rid of Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Red Screen

How to Get Rid of Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Red Screen

Troubleshooting of Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Red Screen

If you have been using the Mozilla Firefox browser for quite some time, then you might have faced a red screen with “Mozilla Firefox critical error red screen” written on it. The malicious looking website gives the impression that your system must have been infected by some virus or malware. The screen itself provides a phone number of the help desk to resolve the situation. But in reality, it is just a misleading “ad” site or spam. But if the browser automatically shows this page, then there is a possibility that the “adware” software has been installed in your system without your knowledge. The software is responsible for too many ad pop-ups during your internet surfing hours. It can even replace the original ads of a particular page with some ads, which are beneficial for the spammers. Its harmful effects do not stop there! The software is also capable of collecting your personal information from your system and sells it to third parties. But if you are facing this issue recently, then do not panic. We have listed several options to send this harmful software out of the system and keep your data safe and secured.

Methods to remove Mozilla Firefox critical error red screen

There are two ways to remove the Adware software and other related files from your mozilla firefox browser-

  • You can either do it manually by carrying out some tasks in your device, or
  • Let an antivirus or malware remover software to do the work for your firefox.

Manual Removal Techniques For Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Red Screen

Uninstall the suspicious apps from mozilla firefox browser 

The first thing that you can do to remove the software is to look for it in the installed apps list of your device.

  • On your desktop, click on the “My computer” or “This PC” icon.
  • Now, on the top left corner of the window, look for the “computer” option and click on it.
  • On the same window, just below the previous option, click on the “uninstall or change a program” option. It will bring up the list of software that is installed on your device.
  • Look for any program whose title looks suspicious and have been installed recently. Search for its identity in your browser. If you find nothing useful about the app, then removing it will help you against the problem.

Search the task manager

Close all the software in your system, including the browser. You can do it by pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE. Now follow these steps-

  • First, right-click on the taskbar at the bottom of your browser. It will bring up a menu.
  • Click on the “task manager” option on the menu. It will pop up a window on your screen.
  • Choose the “processes” section on the top left corner of the window. It will display all the processes that have been going on in your system.
  • Look for any suspicious activity that may be causing the Mozilla Firefox critical error red screen issue. One way to detect suspicious activity is to look for the memory usage of the processes. As you have already closed all the software, anything that is using a large chunk of memory should be checked appropriately up for authenticity.
  • If the process does not seem to be useful, then right-click on it and choose the “End task” option.
  • Now, repeat the previous method of uninstalling a program to remove any related software of that dangerous task.

mozilla firefox critical error red screen

Troubleshoot your Mozilla Firefox browser

Use the following steps to troubleshoot your Firefox browser red screen issue-

  • Open Firefox and click on the icon with three horizontal bars, on the top right corner of the window.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the “help” menu (it is the “question” mark icon on the bottom).
  • Choose the “troubleshooting information” from the new menu that will pop up on the right side of the window.
  • On the new page, click on the “Refresh Firefox” button. Now confirm the task to reset the browser, which will potentially remove the Adware software without deleting your bookmarks, favourites or passwords.

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Remove suspicious scheduled tasks From Mozilla Firefox

Use this option if the “Mozilla Firefox critical error red screen” is shown at particular times on your browser. In such a scenario, follow these steps-

  • Press the (windows sign + R) keys at the same time. It will open a pop-up window called “run.”
  • Now, type “taskschd.msc” in the provided space and hit the “ok” button. The “task scheduler” window will pop up.
  • On the left sidebar of the window, click on the “task scheduler library.”
  • In the middle portion of the window, if you click on a particular task and go to the “action” section, then it will show you the details of its start. In the details section, if you find something like “explorer.exe http://site.address” or “chrome.exe http://site.address,” then right-click on the task and click “delete.”

These are the four tasks that you can carry out manually on your system to remove the “Mozilla Firefox critical error red screen” issue. Now let’s see how you can get out of the situation by using antivirus or malware remover software.

Use of malware removers in Mozilla Firefox 

Malware remover software, such as Malwarebytes or Zemana anti-malware system will detect the Adware malware in your firefox browser along with other harmful files and remove them with the user’s permission. We will use the Malwarebytes software in this example to show you the steps. However, the steps are almost similar for any other malware remover.

  • Go to the “Malwarebytes” website and download the software.
  • When the download is completed, head over to the “downloads” folder on your device and click on the “mb3-setup-consumer” option.
  • The process will ask for your permission to make changes in your system. Hit the “ok” button. This is the initiation of the software installation process.
  • The “Malwarebytes setup wizard” window will show up at this point. It will guide you through the hustle free installation process. Click on the “agree and install” button on the bottom of the window.
  • The process will keep showing you some prompts. Press the “next” button to continue.
  • Click on the “finish” button at the end of the installation process.

Once the installation is done, open the malware software, in this case, Malwarebytes.

  • Click on the “scan now” button on the interface to start scanning your whole system. The process will take some time, depending on the used space of your device.
  • Once the scanning is done, the software will display the malware infections that it has detected in your system.
  • Click on the “quarantine selected” option to quarantine the harmful files.
  • In the last step, the malware will ask you to restart the device. Choose the “yes” option to and complete the removal process.

If the malware was not removed during the manual removing process, then the usage of malware remover should surely remove the same. But if due to some reason, the problem persists, then use the free HitmanPro (use the 30 days free trial) software that will take you out of the situation without fail. And to prevent the “Mozilla Firefox critical error red screen” problem from showing up in the future, add some adblocker extension in your browser.

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