Year’s Best: 4 Most Popular Mobile Games You Must Consider This 2020

Year’s Best: 4 Most Popular Mobile Games You Must Consider This 2020

Most Popular Mobile Games You Must Consider This 2020

With great visual graphics and a high rating from its experienced users, it is hard to resist those games available on our Google Play Store and Apple Store. The reviews you can read will tell how incredible the game is. There are thousands of addictive games we can install on our devices. Some of those are free, and some will require payment. 

Playing mobile games in this generation becomes a part of our daily errands. It does not just help you in relieving stress hormones, but it is also a great way of boosting our mental health as it requires your full focus. There are numerous games you should try, but to help you narrow down your list, here are some of the most popular mobile games in 2020. 

Call of Duty

Call of Duty’s fans are too delighted with its great graphics and smooth overall gameplay. With its over 50,000,000 downloads in Apple Store and Google Play Store, Call of Duty raises the standards of our gaming community. 

Each player is allowed to play two modes: the Battle Royale and the Multiplayer. Each of the modes has different game mechanics that should be followed to survive and win the game. The game gained public attention in 2019 and is recognized as one of the best mobile games in history. This 2020, the game becomes more upgraded. They have included various modes such as sniper against sniper battle and zombie actions. Try to visit its profile in your Google Play Store and be amazed at its thousands of positive reviews. All are written with praises. 

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

This is a mobile version of one of the most iconic PC games, Minecraft. Supporting both Android and iOS platforms, Minecraft: Pocket Edition can be played using your tablet or smartphone. Same with its PC version, you will have to pay an amount to get the trial version of Minecraft. But, rest assured that the penny you spend will not be wasted as it is one of the addictive games in 2020. 

Gamers are given two options: the creative mode and the survival mode. Each of them has different goals, and for sure, you are going to enjoy it. The most challenging mode is survival. Be sure to avoid zombies, spiders, and creepers. If they caught you, all of your resources would lose, and you will have to restart the whole challenge. 

PUBG Mobile

More than 100 countries in the entire world consider PUBG Mobile is regarded as the most popular mobile game. Lightspeed and Quantum Studio developed this mobile design of the PC version for a more convenient gaming experience. The whole map of PUBG Mobile is similar to the PC version. Thus, you will have no difficulties in understanding the game if you are accustomed to playing its PC form. 

PUBG Mobile allows mobile gamers to choose from their number of gaming options. The list is endless. There are countless modes that will surely give thousands of reasons to be addictive in this game. You will encounter war, mini zone, and sniper modes from arcade mode, which is available for Third Person Perspectives (TPP) and First Person Perspective (FPP) kind of servers. 

Stranger Things: The Game

This is based on the hit original Netflix series Stranger that will surely hook your attention. Stranger Things: The Game falls into the action-adventure genre that requires gamers to explore Hawkins’s town and solve puzzles and mysteries. 

This is a 16-bit art style game, and the whole storyline is based on the Stranger Things 3. Since its release in 2019 of August, the game received thousands of praises from gamers. The mechanics of the game requires you to complete different errands, which makes it more fascinating. You also have to encounter four different bosses. 


Try to open your Google Play Store or your Apple Store. Search any names mentioned above, read some reviews, and install it. For sure, you will always have a great day. You have hundreds of opportunities this year to level up your gaming experience, and you can always start with the best. Make your 2020 more extraordinary by considering this list. This list will give you the best shot whether you are too fond of casual or action-adventure types of games. 

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