How to Monetize Your Facebook Video with Facebook Ad Breaks

How to Monetize Your Facebook Video with Facebook Ad Breaks

Smart way to Monetize Your Facebook Video with Facebook Ad Breaks

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms, and it’s needless to say that all of us started our social media journey with Facebook. Given the increased and humping user base on Facebook, many businesses have made their public profile on Facebook with an aim to increase the sales funnel. This is the main reason people have been monetizing Facebook videos as a new way to earn side money. But the question arises that how are they monetizing the Facebook videos? We would have to say Facebook Ad Breaks. However, some fewer people know how to use the ad breaks by Facebook for monetizing Facebook videos.

In this article, we have shaped up everything you need to know about Facebook Ad Breaks and how to use them efficiently and effectively to yield the highest level of productivity. Have a look!

What Are Ad Breaks on Facebook?

These ad breaks are specially devised for Facebook users who need to monetize their YouTube videos. The ad breaks are defined as the short ads which can be added to the original video content in a natural way. Buy Facebook Page Likes, The ads can be inserted on pre-roll, mid-roll, and the image ad basis. This feature is new as it was launched a year ago, and there are very few people who are adopting this approach. However, the businesses that have implemented the ad breaks in their videos, they are earning four to five figures of checks.

However, not all the pages are eligible for that, and you will need to check the eligibility through the “Join Ad Breaks” page. Once you go to this page, you will be able to see if you are eligible for the ad breaks. However, if by any case your Facebook page isn’t eligible for the ad breaks, you will need to meet the following requirements which will lead you to video monetization inclusive of

  • There are four factors; community standards, engagement, copyright enforcement, and authenticity which are the part of Facebook Partner Monetization Policy and you need to comply with it
  • Your country needs to be eligible for using the ad breaks in the video content, and some pages have also been gifted with the retrieval of the prohibition
  • The Facebook page needs to be public, and the number of likes needs to a minimum of 10,000
  • It would help if you had reached the milestones on Facebook such watch minutes of the videos and user engagement
  • The page owner needs to be at least eighteen years old

Submit the Approval

The ad breaks on Facebook can be managed and applied through the Creator Studio, and you will need to choose the eligible page for submitting it for monetization. Once you do, click on the monetization tab and read the terms and conditions before accepting them. Then, choose the form of receiving the payment and set the detail about the payment account. If you have published the ads in the last 30 days, the automatic placement ads can be enabled. If you have met all the detail precisely, you can easily get the approval in a matter of a few days.

Control the Appearance of Ad Breaks

Once you get the approval, you will have the liberty to place the ads in the videos as you will. While you are adding the details about the monetization, you can set up the details as you will have the two different options;

  • Insert the ads automatically in the pause sections of the video content
  • You can also add the ads manually, and if you allow adjusting the ad breaks by ten seconds, the user experience on Facebook will be optimized

Create Optimized Facebook Videos

Once you enable the automatic insertion of the ad breaks, Facebook will automatically review the videos to check if they are optimized according to the ad break requirements. However, the best thing is that even in the review phase, the page owners will be able to earn a bit of money (it will be limited though!) But there is a condition that your video needs to be of high velocity; high velocity depicts if the video is able to reach the 25 views in a matter of ten minutes.

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