How to Make Money Playing Video Games in 6 Ways

How to Make Money Playing Video Games in 6 Ways

Easy way to make money using playing the video games

Making money by playing video games. I bet you’ve come to my blog to get an answer to the question:

Can we really make money playing video games? If yes, then how?

My answer to this question is a ‘Yes’ but you need to keep three things in mind:

  1. You’re not going to make a fortune after playing video games.
  2. It’s not as fun and exciting as you think. 
  3. You should be able to distinguish between the real opportunities and the scams out there.

If you are fine with these things, then continue seeing dreams of making money through gaming jobs. In this blog, I will tell you six ways of getting monetary benefits from video games. Let’s begin.

Become a Video Game Reviewer

If you have an interest in both blogging and playing many video games, you can consider this option. Apart from blogging, you can also review games on YouTube, eBay, and Amazon.

Become a Beta Tester

If you don’t like to write but just want to play games, then beta testing is a good option.

Beta testing of every game is done before it hits the general market. Companies want real users to test their games before launching them for general users. 

Patience is key to succeeding in such gaming jobs online. You may not be excited to play some of the games as they may have serious glitches. Thus, you should be able to identify flaws in the game or improve it before it’s launched in the market.

Offer Customer Support

If you’re a veteran gamer who has played dozens of different video games, try helping other gamers through your skills. You can work on the helpdesk of companies that sell video games.

But how will you find such employment? Contact the manufacturers or distributors of video games either through phone or mail or both. Look for work-at-home positions if available. Gaming is a huge industry and the companies definitely need someone to attend their helpdesks.

“Farming” Gold

Not all video games allow you to use this technique, but there are a few that do. RuneScape and Counter-Strike are two of them.

Create a character and raise his or her skills in the game. Some players will pay you money to get a high-level character so that they don’t have to do all the hard work. In RuneScape, the higher the levels, the more quests you can complete.

Video Game Tournaments

Video games are not viewed as a means to pass time anymore. They have their own communities and are quite active and competitive. This competitiveness can be portrayed in tournaments, and you can win prizes. This is not a steady income but if you can engage in ongoing tournaments consistently then the prizes are very good.

Call of Duty is a good example. Thousands of people play this game but some play it for an additional source of income. As a player, you can get involved with teams, meet up online and either play together.

In Call of Duty, you can find several different gameplay modes, including online multiplayer as well as zombies. Some of the newer versions allow for multiplayer campaigns. Whether you work with a team or by yourself, you can go into the playoffs and move on to the championships. If you manage to enter the finals, these tournaments are similar to the regular sporting events. Winning tournaments can result in cash payouts. The amount of these payouts will vary.

Become a Twitch Streamer

Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers and the things we love. It’s a subsidiary of Amazon where you can earn money through the support of your subscribers. Most of the streams are related to video games like Fortnite or something that is played online like Chess. 

If your subscriber count is high, you can get sponsorships and giveaway opportunities. You can also post your Twitch videos to Youtube as an additional revenue source.

A Final Word

I hope you now have clarity on how to get paid to play games. Whatever path you follow, make sure to read the reviews of the games you are about to play. Banjig is a good site that provides trusted reviews. By doing so, you will never fall into the trap of fraudsters. Good luck! 

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