How Does the Latest Salesforce Feature Help to Win Deals with Effective Collaboration

How Does the Latest Salesforce Feature Help to Win Deals with Effective Collaboration

Get Salesforce Feature Help to Win Deals with Effective Collaboration

With the latest features of Salesforce, you may not lose any more deals in terms of contact management, marketing tools, collaboration, and more. Whatever the size of your company is, everyone in your team may be sharing a single goal of being the top performer in the line of business. In this article, we will explore the major Salesforce features, which will enable users with provisions to prove themselves as the best performers.

Contact Management Software

With Sales CMS, one can get a complete overview of the customers, including their activity history, crucial contacts, close communications with the customers, and also enable the internal discussions. You could also access the most critical customer information through this platform, including the key contacts, past communications, and more. Salesforce makes it much easier and quicker to access these. You may get a complete map of all the customers to form actionable insights about how your brand engages with them and the deals they are involved in.

Getting social data for a deeper view

Contact management is not just limited to the primary contact details of the customers, but you can use a customized feed of the social content of your customers to get a deeper insight as to what they are discussing about your products or services versus their actual needs. With this analysis, you can uncover highly valuable insights about the customers’ problems and the apt solutions for those to be offered at the right time.

Companywide collaboration with people

Making contact management online and getting the data stored on the cloud will enable more effective organization-wide collaboration. The social collaboration tools of Salesforce are designed to share more actionable insights along with proper documents and contacts. You may also get access to all the valuable account data on the go to keep your deals rolling anytime from anywhere. Salesforce mobile app will help the users to gain social profile information from all the accounts and provide a deeper insight in order not to miss any important sales opportunities.

Opportunity Management

As discussed above, you can manage all the sales deals using Salesforce alongside staying connected to real people and relevant information as you need to close every single sale, anytime anywhere. With access to this comprehensive data, you can aptly focus on what is most important and also get those highlighted on your dashboard. One could view the most critical details in the activity timeline of the customers. So, it becomes easier for the salespeople to understand who you are competing with and at what stage your deal is. Knowing all these make your moves easier to win the deals. Along with this, you could track all the associated activities in real-time and get updates as to when to initiate action. Sending mails and notifications is just a click away.

Streamlining sales process should be able to map the sales management to the business processes, and not the other way around. On Salesforce, you can customize the app to reflect the actual sales and various stages of forecasting so that you can get an overview of the productivity, process, consistency, and quality of your sales.

Creation of quick quotes

On Salesforce, you can easily track which products come as a part of the deal, including the quantity, pricing, quoted price, discounts, and product code, etc. Just by setting up the quantity and revenue schedules, you can mirror the payment terms and delivery. By using the built-in quoting features of Salesforce, one can instantly generate a quote by using the most relevant customer data and generate a word or PDF in the standard template and send it through email to the customers in just one click.

Getting more leads

On Salesforce, you can successfully build your lead machine in order to expedite conversion rates and increase revenue. With lead management software, you can showcase the impact of all your marketing activities to the sales pipeline and then re-invest your time on to the most prospective leads.

Convert leads to opportunities

By understanding the best potential leads, Salesforce will also help users to track the most accurate information about these leads. Salesforce rich activity timeline will allow the users to get access to up-to-date information to understand the most relevant information and the best practices. You can easily see the source of the marketing leads and also gain relevant insights to act upon. As we have seen above, it is also easy to prepare and track the mails from the CRM platform itself. The business admins can also set up automatic lead scoring as well as routing to ensure that the leads aren’t leaked through the cracks.

Track the campaigns on various channels

You can become an effective lead tracker to identifying the opportunities to closing it. You can easily track and manage the marketing campaigns across the channels, including social media and other platforms. Doing this will help you gain take much smarter decisions about how, when, and where to invest. Doing this will help you to understand the real impact of the marketing activities on your sales pipeline.

Along with the above, there are many other quick benefits, too, while being on the Salesforce Cloud platform as below.

  • With CRM-connected analytics, you can easily sport the trends by fetching data from various sources into Salesforce.
  • You can easily plan the next step on administration by using the built-in CRM actions, which are connected to the business processes.
  • Salesforce also helps to customize and extend the analytics to better match your business needs.
  • It is also possible to deploy the analytical functions quickly with the help of customizable templates.
  • There are also third-party apps and custom-made dashboards to help get the exact information and tailor fit the analytics for your business.

With this, you can instantly easy to practice answers through data-driven insights into the most complex business questions. By learning what had happened and why it happened, it becomes easier for the operations team to custom weave timely strategies for growth.

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