Explanation About Why you need to Reset Change or Recover AOL Account Password

Complete Guide to Change AOL Password, Recover /Reset AOL Password Problems

Resert%2BRecover%2BChange%2BAOL%2BPassword Explanation About Why you need to Reset Change or Recover AOL Account Password

Learn About AOL Email and log in Problems For Which we need to Reset/ change AOL Password

AOL email is a web-based mail service, provided by AOL a division of Verizon communications, the AOL email service is sometimes referred to as AOL Instant Messenger. On March 16, 2017. Verizon had acquired the email in 2015.  They’re in house services are discontinued all customers migrated to AOL mail operate this mail account through third-party clients such as outlook and thunderbird or the Gmail account. It does not have a host server of its own.


You can download an email copy of the AOL inbox. Please send and receive emails, if you prefer a different interface. There are two different protocols you can choose so that the AOL mail can be configured properly. The servers are POP and IMAP.


The reason for Recover password for AOL is that it makes the email account more secure and it does not permit the hackers to access your AOL account the other reason for setting the password or AOL Password changing it again is that because you use multiple accounts you may not be able to remember the password each time.


It is very simple to forget the AOL password, it is essential to reset AOL Password so that as a user you do not get stuck outside the account and lose essential data.


There is absolutely no doubt that the AOL mail service offers fabulous email service, it also works smoothly on any device. But due to a few causes, the AOL mail account is not working. Or it has stopped working. AOL mail account won’t open in Firefox or the particular browser. AOL server is down. The email address of AOL is invalid and this gives an error.

Password incorrect error. AOL mail won’t load. AOL has a disabled account. Unable to connect the AOL email with gmail.com. SMTP, IMAP, and POP settings not working. AOL mail is slow, email suddenly is not arriving in AOL mail.


AOL mail won’t open in an old browser, this error occurs when the user is using an outdated version of the browser you can update the browser to resolve this issue in a streamlined way.  This will resolve the AOL mail not working issue.


AOL server is down, please confirm whether the internet connection is working properly or not, In case there is an issue with the internet connection, then the AOL email account will not work properly. If the AOL server is down it could be an issue related to the backend team. For resolving this the user can reach out to the experts from the service team through email or toll-free support


Invalid email address is a common error, when you are entering an incorrect email address you cannot log in to the AOL account. Please ensure your mail id is accurate. This will assist you to resolve the error of invalid email address accurately.


The password is an incorrect error, Password is necessary to access of the email. So please confirm your password before you access the email account. Please ensure the special characters and case sensitive error that arises. Once the password is accurate this will eradicate the password incorrect error. This will resolve the AOL mail not working error for AOL email address.


Forgot AOL Password and Reset /Recover AOL Password

  • Your AOL password gives you access to all AOL services that you use, it is always a fair idea to update your existing password of the AOL email account.
  • Make sure your passwords are set up in a unique way and they are strong enough so that these passwords are not easily hacked by cyber hackers or people who can harm your security.
  • The steps to change the password for the AOL mail account are given below.

How to Change AOL Password

  • Go to the AOL account security page, click the change password option, now enter a new password and then click on continue.
  • A forgotten password can be reset in the following way please go to the Sign-in helper page, enter the account recovery items listed, click on continue and follow the sign-in helper.

Forgotten Password for AOL Mail Account:

  • A forgotten password for the AOL mail account can be reset by using the following steps, Go to the sign-in page.
  • Enter the AOL email id/ username or password, Select sign in, now select the option I forgot my password, after entering your user name, select next, please enter the phone number associated with your account.
  • This phone number was entered when you created this account. Then select next, after this to verify your email id AOL requires you to enter a verification code.
  • Choose between two options either yes text me the verification code or call me with the verification code.
  • In case you don’t have access to the phone which was registered you can select the option called I don’t have access to this verification code.
  • Make a note of the verification code sent by the call. Enter the verification code now select verify. Enter the new password you would like to use click on save.
  •  Log in to your AOL email account with the new password. 

Reset Password for AOL Mail account:

  • You can also opt for resetting the existing password the steps for the same are given below.
  •  Go to AOL mail sign-in page, enter AOL username select sign in.
  •  choose the option I forgot my password.
  • Enter your user name and select next, enter the phone number or the recovery email to reset the AOL password, which you entered when you created the account answer the security question.
  • A verification code is sent off the phone number or the recovery mail, once the verification code is received you can verify the account by the code.
  • Now enter the new password click save. Your password for the AOL mail account is reset successfully. Once the AOL password is changed successfully after you have reset the password login to your account so that you can test the password.

How to develop secure passwords for AOL:

  • Please avoid using anything very obvious and easy to hack such as 123456 or my name basically avoid very basic and common terms.
  • The lengthier the password the more secure it is. Do not use letters and numbers in an obvious pattern that is easy to recognize by hackers.
  • Do not use the same password which you used for another site to make each password unique and easy to remember for you but hard to crack for another person known or unknown to you?
  • Do not build passwords on personal details such as birthdates, addresses, and phone numbers. Change and update passwords regularly, use a nonsense phrase as a password.
  • Do not use personal information as it is easy to guess the password, use a password manager do not rely on only your memory for a secure password.
  • Passwords help you safeguard your information from people known or unknown to you, Passwords should always consist of unique words and phrases which you remember easily but do not reveal to the external world. They should never be able to guess your password.
  • The technical support team can be contacted if the user fails to set the password correctly or faces a login issue due to the mismatch of security questions.   

Creation of an AOL mail account:

  • The first step to create an AOL mail account you need to visit the official website or login page of AOL mail. Then at the bottom of the page fill up the signup page with your personal information as guided in the filled up form. AOL is an email service provided by AOL which is a division of Verizon communication.


  • The AOL email login is an email service that provides a personalized experience for connecting with friends and family members. The official website of AOL which is https://help.aol.com. Aims to provide support in 3 major categories first is to create a new AOL mail account, manage user name and password, questions related to AOL mail.


  • To create a new email address please follow the below steps go to the main AOL login page. Click Login/Join in the upper right-hand corner, click sign up at the bottom of the screen. Now enter and submit the required information.


  • To manage user name and password for AOL mail login please follow the below steps. Please note that your AOL password gives you access to each and every AOL service that you use. It is always a good idea to ensure that your password is updated regularly and is unique from other passwords.


  • Steps to change the AOL password are as below: Go to the AOL account security page, click on the change password for aol email option, enter a new password and click on continue.


  • Steps to recover the password is also given below for your reference. Go to the sign-in helper page, enter the account recovery items listed, click continue, then follow instructions given in the sign-in helper page. These instructions are a helpful tool for resetting the AOL mail login password.


  • Get help with other AOL tools and mail questions is an online knowledge tank for accessing this service you need to upgrade to the AOL paid membership plan. Once your account is upgraded this information will be visible to you.


  • AOL Email address can be created without a phone number too. The steps for completing this procedure involves the following steps. Go to AOL sign-in page, click on forgot password, on the password verification window click on the option of registered email id, type the letters and numbers from the image in the word image box, click on next.
  • On your recovery email address, please check your email id and now click on the reset link and follow the on-screen instructions once you follow these instructions and submit the new password your password will be changed successfully without a phone number with the AOL mail login.

Reactivate AOL mail account:

  • Visit my account page on AOL.com, now click on my services, click on my services, click on my services, click manage next to plan you’d like to cancel,  if prompted please verify your account, click cancel, At bottom of the page click on cancel my billing, please select a reason for canceling the AOL mail account. Click on cancel my billing and confirm.
  • To reactivate the AOL account, make sure you have a valid credit or debit card file. Go to your account setting page, once you are logged in, under the account options enable the account button. Confirm your account and re-enable your account.
  • For further assistance please contact the customer service executive for AOL mail login settings.
  • Please reboot or restart your computer, if you have not shut down your computer in a while we recommend that you troubleshoot by restarting your computer. Please use a different browser, check your display name, clean your browser cache files, and disable pop up blocking software. Ensure you disable the firewall setting.
  • The AOL email login issue can be solved in a simple way you can solve the issue by resetting the password. If you have forgotten the password please reset the password by answering the security question well. Change your password in general account settings, enter the old password and confirm a new password.
  • Resetting the AOL password resolves your issues to a great extent.

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