How to Change Yahoo Email Password Manually
The fundamentals of yahoo mail

How to Change Yahoo Email Password Manually

Yahoo mail is one of the most popular email services in the world. Customers have availed their services for both personal and professional usage over the years. Just like any other email accounts, the Yahoo mail accounts also need their users to change their passwords from time to time. The reason may be personal, such as forgetting the password or a wholesome one, such as a recent security threat. The Better Business Bureau suggests that the password of the email accounts should be changed every month. We are listing the potential causes which demand the users to change Yahoo mail password from time to time.

Why do you need to change your Yahoo mail password?

  1. Disclosure of a security threat: The hackers are always praying on the internet to hit on the weak spots of the web pages and applications. The security of the email services gets upgraded regularly. But that can’t stop the hackers every time. The lingering threats of spyware and malware are also ever-present. In such scenarios of potential risks, the users may need to change the yahoo email password of their account as it will block the access to their personal information.
  2. Unauthorized access: The email services give a notification to the email account holder every time his account is accessed through a new device. If the user gets such a warning and he does not grant the access, then the password change of yahoo email account will help in mitigating the unauthorized access.
  3. The users share their login credentials to some other people to carry out tasks through email accounts. After the job is done, it is not safe to keep the same password as the person may access the account once again by using those credentials. In this case, also, the Yahoo mail user will need to change the Yahoo email password.
  4. Public use: If the email account was opened in a public computer, such as those of libraries and hotels, then also the change of password is advisable to the users. These computers are used by tons of people, which is a potential threat to your personal information.
  5. Lose of the device: If the device in which the email account was logged in is lost, then also you will need to change the password. If some other people find your device, then they will be able to see your emails. So, logging out from all the devices is recommended before changing the password.
  6. Keystroke logger: Keystroke logger is a surveillance software that monitors the keystrokes of the targeted device to steal essential passwords. This threat is mainly targeted on the official accounts than the personal ones. Hence, it is a good idea to keep changing the yahoo email passwords so that even the presence of a Keystroke logger can’t determine any pattern.

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