How to Change Yahoo Email Password Manually

How to Change Yahoo Email Password Manually

The Fundamentals of Yahoo Email

Communication has been a pivotal part of human history , be it Paleolithic age, Neolithic age or today’s era.The need for communication has been felt throughout. In the earliest of human age , humans used to convey and share messages through symbolic drawings and signs and now we have just ample sources of communication as telephones, mobiles , social media or electronic mails. You can disseminate information among a huge audience in a single click.An effective and timely communication is the root to successful business and interpersonal relationships.But before the advent of the social media platforms , electronic mail was the exclusive source to communicate important messages among the diverse group of society.

A Brief Background of the Yahoo Email service

Electronic mails could be possible owing to the evolution of electronic media which came after the Industrial revolution of the 90’s which heralded the use of electronic media as electricity and telegraph services. The platform for the functioning of the electronic mails, Internet originated in the 1950s with the development of electrical computers.The very concept of internet began as a project by US military to fund for a research network,ARPANET in the year 1969 with the usership of just few computer scientists. From then on, the concept of internet has spread globally with a usership flowing to the billions of users. It has taken the concept of communication to yet another level,easing the personal and professional front.In the year 1972 , Ray Tomlinson invented email.He is the one to be credited for the use of @symbol to transfer messages from one system to many depending upon the user.

Electronic mail is a medium through which you can exchange ideas , important information ,memories on just a single click. No matter how far is your target audience you can reach them with just no additional amount to be paid.It is a channel put to use globally.For future records all the data is is recorded and stored in files to be viewed later.Businesses and offices use it to inform the staff regarding a new change in marketing technique,to stay in touch with business partners,customers and suppliers.Schools and colleges use it for assigning assignments , wide declaration about any changes in the curriculum , reaching out to parents regarding any information related to their wards. Electronic mail has also assisted in strengthening interpersonal relationships across many levels and ages. There are various email service providers as Gmail, zoho mail,hotmail,, yahoo mail, icloud mail to name a few. But in this article we would be discussing about yahoo mail in particular.

Yahoo Mail! Is the creation of parent American company Yahoo ! founded by Stanford university alumni , Jerry Yang and David Filo on 8 October 1997 which was then owned by Verizon Communication in 2017. This internet service provides access to other websites, enables online functions and wide variety of information online. Yahoo mail users benefits from this email service , as it allows a lot of storage for your information . users can save emails for as long as you want for future reference. Yahoo chat and Yahoo messenger lets you catch up with your friends and colleagues, yahoo calendar aids you in keeping record of your deadlines and reminds you of that. The notepad feature helps you to put your notes in a safe and organized way. It comes with a virus detector through which all your mails get detected by Norton antivirus for users,s system safety .Yahoo mail offers varied options to change or better the look of the mail to be sent.

Inquisitive about some Technical Background of your Yahoo Email Settings? Read on .

To make the functioning on the mail much more easier and accessible for its users , Yahoo mail supports both the existing email protocols i.e IMAP ( Internet message access protocol) and POP (Post office protocol)  forms. POP was created in 1984 and IMAP IN 1986. Both protocols have different users and advantages over the other depending upon the user’s need. However if you are on a lookout for a modern version of protocol between the two and are concerned about the backup of your emails on the server then IMAP is the choice for you.However in order to enable the access of your mail through IMAP you need to follow a simple procedure.

To allow your mail to be accessed through IMAP you need to fill the below details correctly in your setup

Incoming server :


Username :user’s yahoo mail address

Password: user’s yahoo mail password

IMAP enables the user to access the mails stored on a remote server , through it multiple users can manage and work on the same file. All the changes a user makes in the file is visible when accessed through any server , be it you office or home , but the requisite is a stable and secured internet connection.

Just as a single coin has two of its sides similarly , technological advancement has brought the share of its benefits along the negative effects for its user. Benefits up to certain extent were discussed in the earlier part of the article while negative effects include cyber criminal activities . Cyber crimes initiates when a hacker gets into the private space of your account without your knowledge and does harm using your personal information to your disadvantage.It is therefore much advisable to change your password once in a while to keep it out of the reach of any cyber crimes. In the section below we will deal with the procedure to change the yahoo mail password through your desktop as well as mobile phones.Read on !

Keep Your Accounts Secure – Change Yahoo mail Password. Through Desktop

Accessing your mail through desktop? Follow the below steps to change yahoo mail password through the desktop.

  1. Open your web browser and open the yahoo mail page in it.
  2. In the login page enter your email address and password and click “Next”.
  3. Once entered in your mail page click on your username on the right hand side.
  4. Among the options in the drop down menu click on “Account info.” link.
  5. Select “Account security” on the left column.
  6. On the next page click “Change password” link.
  7. Now create new password and enter in the first field and type the exact once again in the second box.
  8. Click on “Show password” to view your password.
  9. Click “continue” to save changes and you are done with the entire procedure.

All the information online is easily accessible through our mobile phones as well which enables the user to surf online and respond and receive mails wherever they are , even if not in reach of a desktop computer device. It saves the user a lot of time and increases the overall efficiency of the work as well . Learn how to change passwords of your mail using your mobile phones.

Change Yahoo Password Through Mobile ( Android/iPhone)

The procedure to change yahoo mail password would remain the same for both Android phones and Iphone if you do it through the Yahoo application , like mentioned below .

  1. Open your Yahoo mail using Yahoo application and thereafter fill in your login details and open it.
  2. On the left corner of your mail page click “Manage Accounts”.
  3. Under your username click on “Account info.”.
  4. Then between the two given options under the Account settings click on “Security Settings”.
  5. For security reasons ,on the next page you would be asked to either enter your current password or draw security pattern . Enter the password and tap on Change Password.
  6. On this page you will come across two choices as Get rid of your password or Use your phone to sign in and get rid of password.Choose I would rather change my password.
  7. Enter a new password in the two boxes you would be asked to and tap Continue.

Yahoo! The parent company kicked off its functions in 1997 and became a huge success .It was considered an  independently operated pioneers of web. It tasted the sweet fruit of success with until 2002 when it was hit hard by the new competitors in the market Google and facebook . Both managed the grab attention of the users and gradually attracted huge amount of online traffic owing to their innovative and user friendly features. Yahoo lost its “independent” status in 2017 when due to  immense loss incurred , it was taken over Verizon Communications. However the company has managed to stand strong amidst these disturbances. Yahoo Mail has added various interesting user friendly features (as talked of in the earlier part of our article) to retain its users and attract the potential ones.

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