How to Block Emails on AOL Quick Learning Guide

Getting Unwanted Spam Email on AOL Learn how to Block Them

How to Block Email Address on AOL and Block Unwanted email on AOL Account

AOL Mail is trusted and reliable email service used by millions of users across world. User can access their AOL mail from windows, Mac, android devices. This article provides the different solutions for how to block unwanted emails on aol and the how to fix the AOL not working problem on Mac operating system.

All the AOL mail users are facing the problem of messy inbox with lots of promotional, irrelevant mails in their inbox. It is difficult to manage the inbox sometimes. User can filter the mails and make different folders to manage the inbox. AOL mail allows user mark the irrelevant mail as a spam. Typically an AOL mail filters all the spam mails before it comes into user’s inbox. But sometimes some irrelevant mail may occur in user’s inbox.

Numerous times the important mails of the user remain unread due to lots of spam mails. These spam mails took large of space and it is difficult to manage sometimes. With the AOL mail user can block particular emails on AOL so that user will not receive any further mail from that contact.


The users who receive multiple spam mails in their AOL account can get the perfect solutions by referring this article.


How to block email addresses or domain name on AOL Mail:

  1. Open AOL mail on the compatible web browser and go to the login page of AOL mail.
  2. Enter the AOL mail id and password and sign in to your account.
  3. Go to the ‘options’.
  4. Click on the ‘settings’ from the drop down menu.
  5. Open the ‘Spam setting’ located on the left side from navigation bar.
  6. Click on the ‘sender filter’ option from right side of the screen.
  7. Go to the ‘Block mail from addresses I specify’ link on the screen.
  8. Enter the email address which user wants to block.
  9. Click on the + icon to add that mail address in the block list.
  10.  Click on the ‘save setting’ button to complete the process of block email address in AOL mail.


How to block unwanted emails on aol

The AOL desktop gold 10.1 users can also follow the same process to block an email address in AOL mail. But if you are using the AOL desktop gold which is having older version then AOL desktop gold 10.1 then here are details steps by following which user will know how to block unwanted emails on aol.

  1. Open AOL desktop gold.
  2. Login to AOL mail account by entering user credentials (Username and password).
  3. Type ‘Mail controls’ in the search box while is on the top side of screen and hit enter button from keyboard.
  4. Click on the link ‘block email address I specify’.
  5. Type the email address or the domain names in the text which user want to add in the block list. User can make use to comma (,) to separate the mail address in text box.
  6. Click on the save button to save setting. It will prompt message ‘your changes are saved’.
  7. Click on ok to complete the process.

These blocked emails are don’t come in the spam folder of the AOL mail so it is easy for user to manage inbox as only relevant mails are contained in the AOL mail inbox. Several times a user wants to block an email address form receiving mails for some time period. In such can unlock sender mail address using following way.

  1. Visit the AOL mail homepage from the web browser.
  2. Enter the AOL mail username and password to sign in into account.
  3. Click on the setting button from the right corner of the screen.
  4. Go to the spam setting option under the setting.
  5. In the spam setting user can observe the list of email address and domain names which user blocks.
  6. Select the email address user wants to unblock from the list.
  7. Click on the ‘X’ icon to remove email address or domain name from the locked list.
  8. Some users need to click on delete button of keyboard for unblocking the email address or domain name from the blocked list of AOL mail.
  9. Click on save button to complete the process.

Now user will able to get mails from the unblocked sender mail ids or domain names. In this way user can temporary added some sender in the blocked list and again unblocked it for receiving mail from the same sender.

Some links or the images from the mails often lead to the virus and malwares attacks to the users system. Clicking on the links or downloading images can make the user’s system vulnerable. Instead of the blocking the email address, user can block the images and links from the mail to protect the system from the malwares attacks.  Here are the steps which explains how to block images and links from the AOL mails

  1. Open web browser and visit to AOL mail login page.
  2. Sign in to AOL mail account.
  3. Go to options then click on the Mail setting.


  1. Click on the general tab under the mail setting option.
  2. Go to reading sections.
  3. Click on the check boxes named as ‘hide images in mails from unknown senders’ and ‘disable links in the mails from unknown senders’.
  4. Click on save settings button to complete the process.

In this way user can block images or links from the unknown senders in the AOL mail and protect the system from the attacks of spyware or malwares or viruses. Apart from the above several users reported that AOL mails are not working on Mac operating system. Here are different solutions for the AOL mail not working on MAC.


Solutions for AOL not working on Mac:

User can access the AOL mail either from the inbuilt apple mail application or the by using the web browser on Mac. User can use following steps to access the AOL mail from the apple mail application.

  1. Open Mail application.
  2. Click on the ‘add account’ option.
  3. User can observe various mail service providers like Gmail, yahoo, I cloud, Microsoft exchange and AOL on the screen.
  4. Click on the radio button of name AOL mail and click on the continue button.
  5. Enter the details like AOL username or email address and password on the respected fields.
  6. Click on sign in button.
  7. It will provide the terms and conditions (it basically contains permission of accessing the user’s information like contacts, mail and calendar which AOL wants.); user should read all and accept the same by clicking on the ‘I agree’ button.
  8. Select the different applications in which you want use AOL account with and click on the done button.

It will open AOL inbox on the screen. In this way user can access AOL mail through the apple mail application Mac. With the correct configuration user can reduce the chances of AOL not working error on the Mac operation system.


Here are some tips which help users to solve the AOL not working on Mac operating system problem.

  1. Check the internet connection. Multiple times users are unable access their AOL mail due to slow internet connection problem.
  2. Restart the system. A person often works on their system for the long hours which causes overheating of the system. In such cases user can turn off their Mac system and turn it on again after 10 minutes. User can simply restart the system.
  3. Clear the cookies and cache memory on the browser.
  4. The users which are unable login in AOL mail can delete the history related to the AOL mail and try to login into AOL mail again.
  5. User should regularly update the web browser they are using for accessing AOL mail.
  6. Switch to another web browser and try to accessing the AOL mail.
  7. Scant the system for viruses and malwares. User should use the powerful antivirus for protecting their system from viruses and malwares.
  8. If user is having the expired antivirus present in the program then user should quickly renew it or uninstall it. It is recommended by the experts to renew the expired antivirus program.
  9. Check the firewall and antivirus program setting. There are chances than windows firewall restricting users to access the AOL mail site.
  10.   User should reset network and internet connection of the web browser.
  11. If user is accessing the AOL through the Mail application then user should uninstalled the current application and install the latest version of the same application for accessing the windows mail.
  12. Run auto disk cleanup on Mac operating system.
  13. Increase the RAM size.
  14.  Check for Mac update.

All these solutions will definitely help user to solve their all the issues related to AOL mail not working on Mac and how to block email address on AOL. For any further assistance or the questions user can contact official customer support team by using the contact details on their website.


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