Why Firefox is not working & how to fix this problem?

Firefox not Working

Why Firefox browser not Working

Troubleshooting Guide for Firefox not Working on Windows and MAC

To troubleshoot the problems relating to Firefox displays uncertain behavior while dealing with the websites. Sometimes when the security-related software gets installed based on the internet. It can make certain changes in the system. These changes include changes in the firewall settings, security-related options in settings due to the loading of various antivirus applications. The overall changes in the internal working of the system will have a certain impact on the working of browsers and that gives a common error such as firefox not working on windows 10 or firefox not working on mac. Even the changes taken place in the system prevents Firefox from connecting and using the internet.


Solution for Firefox, not Working Problem –How to make Firefox work with internet


  • Reboot your computer.

It is the most common solution which can test the entire system on its own, rectify the problem and get started. Most probably, you will find your system is working fine and the Firefox browser is working normally.

  • Clear Cache & Cookies

It is also recommended that the history of the browser should be cleared completely.

The options to clear history, cache and cookies are :

  • Open browser Firefox
  • Select the Library button on the top corner
  • Click on History option
  • Choose Recent History Clear
  • Go to Time Range to clear
  • Select the option Everything
  • Choose Cache and Cookies
  • Click on Clear Now
  • Restart Firefox but use the safe mode

The option Firefox safe mode is a very useful option in rectifying any major or minor issue relating to the working of Firefox. You can disable all the enabled extensions, select the default theme. Also, make use of default settings and the basic control options.

  • Go to Firefox browser
  • Select the menu button and choose Help
  • Select the option Restart with adds-on disabled.

The browser Firefox will close the advanced options and start in safe mode.

Also, you can Start Firefox by holding the Shift key, it will enable Firefox to start in the safe mode

Test the browser for the earlier problems that you had faced. In case if you feel the browser works fine or if the browser Firefox still shows persistence behavior by having an issue then you can try the next given suggestion or go to next step 4.

  • Reinstall  the browser Firefox

Most often the issues relating to Firefox can be due to the problems in one of the program files of the browser which can be occurred while installing the browser. Once you remove Firefox completely and reinstall it completely then you may overcome the previously occurred problem and it can help the browser in working efficiently.

The reinstallation of the browser clears the internal settings and the overall of setup of the software placed on the system but it will never remove user profile and the user-selected options such as bookmarks, passwords, etc.


To reinstall Firefox, follow the following steps to fix Firefox not working problem

  • Download the latest and the most recent version of Mozilla Firefox and save it.
  • Exit Firefox
  • Uninstall Firefox from the computer
  • Delete Firefox folder from the compute (C:/Program Files? Mozilla Firefox)
  • Reinstall Firefox on the system

Restart Firefox and check to see if the problems have been removed. In case, if you are still facing similar problems with Firefox then go to the next step i.e Step 5

  • Refresh Firefox

Refreshing Firefox can help in resolving many major or minor problems relating Firefox browser

It will change the state of Firefox to the default state but without making any changes in the user-related information, such as bookmarks, passwords and any other essential changes that the user has made.

Firefox will remove and reset the other options such as earlier configurations, customization options, extensions, and even preference configurations.

To refresh the Firefox, follow the steps given below

  • Find out the button Refresh Firefox, if you view the option.

This button can be available in the configuration window. The refresh option is very useful in checking Firefox settings and also the user’s personal information which is stored in the Profile folder.  The Refresh folder helps in re-creating user profile by saving the valid data given by the user.

All the Add-ons which are part of Extensions and also the themes will be removed completely. Any changes made in the add-ons will be saved in another folder will remain as part of saved data and will not be removed.

  • Useful option: restore Firefox

Restore option also makes sure that information relating to users in terms of a list of bookmarks, history of the browser,  selected tab options, Cookies, auto-fill information on the web and also personal information of the user.

Restore Firefox also helps in removing the structure of settings of themes and extensions, the permission of the website, preferences that are modified, additional search engines.


Advanced options can help Firefox to start working properly if facing not working problem

In order to set Firefox from connecting to the internet, there is a number of steps needed to take and which can make sure that Firefox will not only get connected to the internet but it starts working perfectly.

  1. Internet security applications should be the latest and most recent version. The older versions of internet security apps sometimes don’t support or recognize the various newly introduced components or applications.
  2. Also, remove Firefox completely by uninstalling it from the computer. Even remove it from the list of trusted programs first. Reinstall Firefox on the computer. This option will help the system to identify the various options and the internal settings better and it can help Firefox to work in a better and more flexible manner.


Firefox add-ons and extensions problems

Most of the users have reported certain problems while working with Mozilla Firefox. One of the most common problems that people face is relating to web extensions and add-ons.  The users couldn’t able to run work with web-extensions and the add-ons successfully.

Since when Mozilla has introduced the latest update of Firefox which can support desktops as well as the android system, many users started facing problems relating to themes, add-ons, web extensions, search engines and even with language settings.  Even the issue relating to certification has become a major one and which most of the users come across.  Most of the issues which are minor in nature but can become major once start occurring frequently.  Mozilla has suggested to the users not to remove or block any of the add-ons or should not re-install them while dealing with the issues that they are facing. 

Mozilla has suggested that instead of removing the add-ons, they can just disable the add-ons temporarily and it help them to work in a better way. Of course, disabling is not the solution to the problem that they are facing but it will help them to avoid unwanted confusion. 

Useful option: studies system 

The options such as the studies system can be useful. According to Mozilla, the option studies system helps in understanding the issue that they are facing and how to avoid it temporarily. But the studies system will only be available for the add-ons which are running in the system,. For those who have to disable the add-ons, they have to first install the adds-on which are disabled and then enable it to make use of the option studies system. 

The following steps will help the user to install the disabled add-ons  

  • Go to Firefox browser
  • Select Firefox Options/Preferences >>Privacy & Security
  • Allow Firefox to install add-ons
  • And run studies option 

According to Mozilla, once the option Studies system is selected then it approximately takes 6 hours to get activated. For the users who wanted to test, if the temporary fix is already available, they can make use of the following option in the location bar: ‘about: studies’. 

When the studies option gets activated after 6 hours of time, then it may show some of the options relating to the problems that the user is facing. The hotfix will be displaced along with the type of the bug and the bug number. 

But these options are available only for the desktop version and not for mobile users.  

Conclusion : 

The options specified above are highly recommended for the users who always face situations where it says firefox not working. The operating systems also sometimes face problems relating to browsers. The operating systems with fragile firewall settings and the various security options always restrict Firefox to work smoothly, Most of the users complain about errors such as firefox not working on windows 10  and firefox not working on the mac which is a minor issue but needed to resolve on time.  Even after trying the various solutions offered and still you have issues such as firefox not working after the update will be resolved definitely by refreshing Firefox for sure.

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