Emulators and Me: 5 Reasons Why You Should Use One

Emulators and Me: 5 Reasons Why You Should Use One

Emulators are programs that allow a computer system to act like another entirely different computer system. Although emulators are mainly for gaming, some emulators will enable the use of other apps aside from games. A lot of people nowadays know the importance of having emulators, especially in the world of gaming.

Best 5 Reasons Why You Should Use One in Emulators and Me

The world is moving at a faster pace; the need for tech to go with that pace is a must. Strictly speaking, emulators don’t exclusively run on PC. You can also use them on laptops, tabs, and even smartphones. With that said, here are some more reasons why you should use an emulator: 

Playing New Games

If you ask people what they use to play games, they’ll probably say a console or a pc. Let’s face it: when it comes to coverage, console and pc games always get highlighted. Most of the time, game releases on smartphones rarely get the attention it needs. Although there’s a lot of fun games on a console or pc, there are also awesome games on mobile.

For those who want to experience the fun in mobile games but don’t want to use their smartphones, then emulators are the best way to do it. With the best android emulators available on pc, you can enjoy mobile games such as Call of Duty Mobile, World of Dragon Nest, and Black Desert Mobile.

Better Graphics

When you play games or use an app on a mobile device, you’re limited to your phone’s resolution and screen size. Using it on a larger screen such as a computer monitor or widescreen tv can significantly improve how you see things in that app or game. 

Don’t worry about pixelations. Most emulators have built-in features that automatically make everything look good according to the resolution set. What’s more, is that you can use custom resolutions just like you would when playing a pc or console game. You can even use your PC’s GPU or graphics processing unit to improve your emulated games.

Longer Sessions

Whether you’re gaming or not, your usage rate of apps will most likely be limited due to your phone’s battery life. Running an app or game on high settings will drain your battery fast. Couple it with several background apps running, your smartphone is literally bleeding away precious battery life. 

By using emulators on a pc, you can have more sessions with games or apps. You won’t have to worry about getting battery problems. Using an emulator also enables your battery to have a longer life, reserving it for the times you most need your smartphone.

Running Several Apps at Once

Due to a smartphone’s limited capability, running three or more apps can become taxing. As mentioned earlier, your battery might drain faster, and your smartphone’s processor needs to work harder. 

When a processor works harder, it uses up more energy. The result is that internal temperatures rise, and some delicate components inside your smartphone can get damaged. Overheating is the reason why a lot of people don’t like running too many apps at once.

Running an emulator on a pc allows you to open several apps, given your pc can handle the computing power needed. Most of the time, emulators can run several apps, and even several games accounts at once.

Great for Low-End Device Owners

As mentioned above, some games or apps can require higher specs from smartphones to run efficiently. Even if people have high-end phones, they won’t use it to play games on it. Using an emulator is an excellent way for people to enjoy games and apps that are exclusively mobile on a pc or other device. 


Emulators are a great way to experience new apps and games that you might not find on a pc or console. Imagine getting to play an old game like pokemon red or blue on your mobile phone. How about seeing more detailed graphics when playing Call of Duty mobile? These are just some of the best reasons why you should use an emulator.

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