How To Delete EHarmony Account & Profile Permanently?

How To Delete EHarmony Account & Profile Permanently?

Steps to Delete EHarmony Account & Profile Permanently

eHarmony is one of the dating sites where those people are single use this eHarmony website you can select the single person to date and most of the people cannot familiar with browser. So we are using the mobile app and check out their updates, if there is not interest to use this app then you can delete eHarmony account easily and simple. Below have some following steps to delete eHarmony account incorrect and safe way.

The eHarmony accounts provide an online dating service its help to connect people if not interested to continue and you want to delete your information in this account. To delete your eHarmony account, the first you have to close your account then you must delete your information for contacting eHarmony account directly using email or phone. Before meeting any persons you must know the following things about safety due to online dating.

1. You do not post any personal and financial information in the public websites you should give information about contact number, address and related to the job.

2. Before meeting they take your own time get to know them well.

3. Do not meet with any other person because you feel comfortable and trust them, when the first time you meet someone, you do not plan to meet on public place in case something go wrong on your mind.

4. You must inform the family member and know you are going to date with a new person, give some information about where you are going to date.

Why to Use eHarmony Account

You are single within the last couple of the years, the eHarmony account with the help you to find the correct person of your life partner easy to use anywhere in the world through online and you can choose right partner.

  • Faster and efficient to find your partner

  • Easy to find

  • Potential matches

  • More choice

  • You faceless amount of reaction

  • Safety

  • Save more time

How to Delete Your eHarmony Account Information

If you decide to delete eHarmony account, before you should delete your account information this will helps your account inaccessible and cannot find your profile. Your safe purpose you can delete important information before close account, not recommend complete deletion of your account information. You will not able to communicate with any other people and cannot show your profile account; you should re-upload your account information such as

  • re-upload your profile picture

  • rewrite content about you

  • retake the questionnaire

Have any idea about using your account in the future and you must cancel your account or else you can delete your information.

You must read the information about deleting my account then send an email to eHarmony website, the body of the text you should mention your account details and wait for response your account information must be removed from the eHarmony website within five to ten days. Through mail you unable to contact eHarmony site have another choice to contact the toll-free number and tell the customer care services to delete your account, deletion request takes 10 business days they will remove all your information.

How to Permanent Delete eHarmony Account From Mobile

Using phone it is very difficult takes to delete eHarmony account, but not allowing you to delete your account at the same time subscription of cancel. The account deleting process you do not have to pay for an eHarmony website and first thing you want to cancel your eHarmony subscription, below have some following instruction to cancel the eHarmony subscription.

1. Go to the eHarmony account and turn off your subscription

2. Login to your account

3. Click on the profile and select account settings from the drop-down menu, select the billing.

4. Click on the subscription status and that will show you some information about last subscription and payment, simply click on the cancel my subscription option at the bottom of the page.

But if you paid for your account subscription from iTunes accessing on your mobile device, you have different step to cancel the subscription. Go to eHarmony website, you must manage your account subscription by using your mobile device.

1. In your mobile device tap the setting.

2. In the setting, go to the app storage tap on eHarmony App.

3. Give your eHarmony ID and select on the view ID from the pop-up options.

4. In the account settings click on the subscription option, you can view your subscription and you can manage it.

5. Click on the eHarmony and scroll down to the bottom of the page, tap on cancel subscription then wait for confirmation to cancel your account subscription.

Once you canceled automatically renewal form your eHarmony account subscription and you can pay it all off, you must wait for your account subscription expires then you can delete eHarmony account using the similar way of account cancel the subscription.

  • Login your account
  • Home screen click on your profile then select account settings
  • In setting page click on the billing
  • Subscription status page you will see the right corner close account option and click on it, next page click on the close my account.
  • Next page will show the confirmation message that your eHarmony account has been closed and click to log out.

How To delete eHarmony Account From Computer

1. Login to your eHarmony account using correct username and password, if you cannot remember your login account details click the forgot password and eHarmony account will send the email for resetting your password then you can log in your account.

2. Go to the top right side of the screen and hit on the navigation bar in your profile then show a drop-down list menu with various options.

3. In the profile menu select the account setting then it moves on the general account setting page.

4. The account setting page they show various options, you click on the billing icon right side of the page and all your personal information are located in billing folder.

5. Click on the blue hyperlink and read the complete information about the closed account, the bottom of the page you must click the close account button.

6. You click the close your account button, will be popup new window on your screen and show some warning message recording to communication after then you click on the yes, close my account.

7. Before close your account you must delete all your information and closing your account with help unsearchable your profile, but future you can able to retrieve your profile details.

What are the Reasons to Delete eHarmony Account?

The eHarmony online dating website can be extremely fun when you are meeting new persons and possible to find your life partner, some people are using time pass there are many personal reasons to delete eHarmony account online dating app.

1. EHarmony dates it happens to buy their profile picture

In social media online dating app you must carefully update your picture that can show a wrong representation of a person. Most of the people using update the photoshop picture and also apply the filter on your skin tone by using the app.

2. People are wasting hours of time

The probably spending more time to online dating for search profiles, reading and chatting with the matches profile or else they did not match any profile that person fell spending waste of time using the websites or app.

3. Using an online dating app to drain your battery

Most of the people not using a computer all are using the phone anywhere anytime with their comfort, using this app draining your phone battery and will constantly running the background apps give more notifications and also consume more data.

4. The other profile pictures can take a screenshot by creeps

The fake account people are trying to take a screenshot on the profile picture for miss use but online dating app before deleting your account you must delete your information and profile picture that helps you to prevent. Your profile picture and personal information that person using to search for any other social media to contact.

5. False profiles in online dating

The online dating app is easily accessed anywhere and anytime with your comfort, anyone can use this account to date using most of the people give fake information, most of the online dating app not required an original proof of information. Some people are given false information such as personal interest, physical attribute, relationship status, and job, etc…

6. It is not safe for giving personal information

If you go to dating before choose to potential mate in person for safety, never give your personal information on the first date such as financial, address and job and before going date you must inform your friends or family  where you go, for your safety purpose.

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