How to Change Spectrum Roadrunner Email Password Manually?

Easy Solution - To Change Roadrunner "Spectrum" Email Password

Many Roadrunner email users often face issue while trying to change roadrunner email password. Hence below in this article we have discussed all the common issue which you might encounter while trying to change your password. Thereby we have also discussed the solutions for these issues. So without wasting any time let’s move on to our next section. 

change roadrunner email password

How to change Roadrunner email password ?

Follow the below mentioned steps to change your email password-

  • Firstly on your browser open your Roadrunner email login page which is

open your Roadrunner email login

  • Now click on ‘Forgot Email Password’ button.

click on forgot password

  • Thereafter click on ‘I know my email password and I want to change it’ button. This is to be used in case you remember your current password. 

I know my email password and I want to change it in roadrunner email

  • Now you will be redirected to Roadrunner self care page where you will need to log in by entering your username or email address and password.  

Roadrunner self care page

  • After successful login, click on ‘account settings’ and select ‘user accounts’. 
  • Now locate your email address from their and click on ‘change password’ option.

change password

  • Enter your old password and after that create your new password and re-enter that in the respective filed.

change password roadrunner email

  • Finally click on ‘save’ to complete your process. Now your password is changed and you can login your email account by using the new password. 

By following the above steps you will be able to change Roadrunner email password. However note that you will need to update your new email password in your mail applications (Outlook etc) and devices (Phone, Tablet etc) for your email to function normally.

While trying to change your password you may experience some issues which are described as below- 

  • You don’t remember your current roadrunner email password.
  • You are typing in wrong username or email id.
  • Your new password does not match in both boxes.
  • The new password does not follow password requirement guidelines.

We have tried to address these problem in the following section of this article.

change roadrunner email password

Forgot Spectrum Email Password-

Incase if you forgot Spectrum email password, you can recover it by following the below mentioned steps-

  • Firstly open the Spectrum webmail login page. 

spectrum email login

  • Now click on ‘Forgot Username or Password’ option located next to sign in option.
  • Next click on ‘I don’t know me email password’.

dont know email address

  • Now enter your email address and click on submit.
  • Enter your security question as asked on screen. Alternatively you may be asked to enter your modem Id number which can be found on the sticker of your Spectrum router.
  • Once the above information is entered correctly, you will be provided a temporary password. 
  • Finally you can login your account by using the given password. If you wish you can change the given password from account settings and enter your desired password. 

Forgot Spectrum Email Password and Username-

Incase of a forgotten username, do the following- 

  • Open ‘’ in your browser. 


  • Select from the bottom of the page- ‘click here to locate your email username’ option. 

click here to locate your email username' option

  • Now enter your 10 digit mobile phone number associated with your Roadrunner email account. 

enter your 10 digit mobile phone number

  • You will be sent a recovery code which you need to enter in the given field.
  • Now you will be asked a security question associated with your account. 
  • After successful answer to the security question you will be provided with a password which you can use for your Roadrunner email sign in.


In this article we have covered all the steps by which you can change Roadrunner email password. However if you are still not able to successfully change Spectrum email password, then contact their helpline from their official website. Alternatively you can reach us as well and we will be more than happy to help you out. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. 

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