How To Change Snapchat Username & Password Without Deleting Old Account

How To Change Snapchat Username & Password Without Deleting Old Account

Stanford University never fails to surprise us with new talents. It has yet once again come up with students who have successfully created a new startup. Snapchat was founded by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown and developed by Snap Inc. It is a multimedia messaging app which is being used all across the world. Snapchat was the first app which introduced stickers and provided a new era of social networking and has been in competition ever since with all the other social media apps. We have seen the app evolve since it was created.

Everymust Should know the Steps to Change Spnchat Username and Password

It first started with person to person picture share options but, now it has been expanded to 24 hours story feature and also a feature of “Discover”. Users can see and share stories for 24 hours which are sorted chronologically. Snapchat, however, has a number of items which cannot be changed. For example, the username which was set at the time of signing in cannot be changed. The reason for the same is that Snapchat has some security concerns and in order to safeguard the user’s privacy Snapchat does not allow changing username. But, we have your concerns sorted. You will find ways to change Snapchat username in Snapchat here in this article.

How to change Snapchat username?

The username which you created years back sounds boring now right? Fair enough! With all the increasing new trend and sparkling lives and creativity level, old is boring and mainstream. Snapchat, however, does not let you change Snapchat username as mentioned before. We know that it is bad news but, the change is we now have a temporary fix to Change Snapchat username. This would help you dodge the barrier.

Let me tell you the truth first. You CANNOT change Snapchat username technically. All you can do it make your name the centre of attraction. By the centre of attraction, we do not mean to help you completely get rid of it. People will be able to see your username, but only when they open up your profile. If you are okay with this fix, you may refer to detailed steps mentioned below, to give your Snapchat account, a brand new creative look.

  • Reach out to your profile first

Open the Snapchat application on your phone, and open your profile in it. If you need instructions for the same, the moment you open your app, you will find your bitmoji in the top left corner of your Snapchat screen. Click on the bitmoji.

  • Look out for the settings option in the top right corner now.

The moment you click on the bitmoji, you will be redirected to another page. The page you will be redirected to is your profile. In order to be sure it is your profile, you can check for a number of items.

If you are able to see your snap code, Snapchat score, as well as your Snapchat trophies, you are on the correct page. Now look to the right top corner of your Snapchat screen, you will find a gear which is your account settings option. You need to click on it to move onto the next step.

  • The next instance, you will find your account settings displayed on your screen. The headings will read ‘My Account’. The options in the screen will start from the Name option itself. If you find this option, you will notice that the username option you most wanted to change i.e. change Snapchat username is right below it.

To confirm you will not be able to change Snapchat username, you can try clicking on the option and changing it. No matter how much you try, you are going to be unsuccessful in changing it. As the only alternative to do with your username is, to share it via airdrop, message, Twitter and more. You will not gain any kind of access to an editing option in the username. So, you will now want to click open your Name.

  • Add a Name suitable as per your interest

When you gain access to the page which facilitates first Name and last Name editing, you will find two blank options for the same with the same sub-headings. Here comes the part you most waited for, you are now on the way to change the look of your account. Choose the name you wish other Snapchat users to know you with. You can provide any name and Snapchat will not hamper with you here.

There is also no mandatory rule for the last name. If you have a one-word catchy name you wish to set up, you can do that. Two words name is a fair option too. This is the name which will be set for all the other Snapchat users to locate and identify you with. After you are done with this procedure, your display name will be your feature name and not your username, in all the chats and stories.

  • Don’t forget to save it

You do not want all your work to go in vain so, make sure you save all the changes you made to your First and Last name. Click on the save button at the end.

Do you want to check out if the changes are applied? Click the back arrow in the top-left corner of your screen. You will now be again redirected to your profile. Here, you should now be able to see the changed display name in bold, just below your Snapchat code.

If this alternative or fix doesn’t work for you on how to change Snapchat username and you wish to target the username, there is no other option other than creating a new account. Creating a new account and starting fresh all the way from the top be the only to change Snapchat username. If you wish to continue with this procedure, you can refer to the steps which will help you create a new Snapchat account.

How to Change Snapchat Username & Password on iPhone?

If you want an easy escape of how to change Snapchat username and wish to just magically edit your username, we are sorry to disappoint you but, there is no such way. This option is, however, present in other social networking sites apart from Snapchat. The alternative here is that you may now create a new account with your desired username and password. We agree it is havoc to start over with a new account but, we are here to guide you and help you have a soothing experience. Here is a detailed procedure on how to change Snapchat username and password via a new account.

Step 1: Open your Snapchat application on the phone. I hope you are familiar with the logo of the same.

Step 2: You need to access your profile now. For the same, click on the top right bitmoji icon or you can swipe anywhere all over your screen, for an instant, access to your account.

Step 3: The next step after you open your account is to search for the setting icon. The icon of settings, if you aren’t familiar with, is at the top right corner of your account page. Press it to gain access to all the options present in settings.

Step 4: After you are at the settings options swipe all the way down to the end of all the options. Search for the option which reads “Log out”. If you aren’t familiar then it is probably the last options in settings. Click on the logout option to jump out of your account.

Step 5: After you are logged out of your account, you need to sign up again but, this time make sure you use a different email address as that of the previous account. Fill in all the blank rows which need your information to sign up. You can change your email later on though.

Step 6: Access your profile again but swiping down.

Step 7: You need to add friends. So click on add friends’ option.

Step 8: Add friends from your contact to start with. Click on the option for the same which reads, add from contacts.

Step 9: Now, you have to click on continue and wait. All your friends from your contacts will be added in your new Snapchat account.

Step 10: If Snapchat prompts you to allow access to your contacts, click okay.

Step 11: Now, your address book will load. In order to identify who among your friends are using Snapchat and who aren’t, search for the username. People, who have a username instead of number flashing in front of you, are using Snapchat. Add the ones you wish to among all of them.

Step 12: If you do not remember all the friends you had added, back in your old account. You can simply log back into your old account and note down all the names chronologically. After you have noted the names down, log out of your old account and log into your new account again and, add all the people whose name you noted down.

Step 13: In order to add new friends, swipe down on your account again and tap on add friends and add friends by user name.

Step 14: All the others whom you might have left out, can be added manually as per your interest.


How to change Snapchat username and password on the computer?

The procedure for how to change Snapchat username is the same as with a mobile device. The change here is: You need to open Google Chrome or any other browser and open the site Search for all the same option as mentioned above.


How to change Snapchat email ?

Email is basically the primary medium which helps you log into your Snapchat account and is also the sole medium which would help you recover your password in case you ever lost it. You enter your email address and password to log into your Snapchat account. Up to this moment, we have discussed how to change Snapchat username but now, in this article, I’ll help you with the steps through which you can change your email.

Step 1: The first step is to open the app Snapchat. I guess you are familiar with it. If not, look for a yellow logo with a ghost on it. You need to log into your account now. If you are not logged into the app automatically, then you need to enter your username and password to open up your account.

Step 2: The next step is to open your account page which has the display of your name in bold with your Snapchat code. To go into the page you can simply press the top-left icon in the screen or for an alternative, you can swipe across the screen anywhere and you will be directed into your account page.

Step 3: If you are able to see your Snapchat code as well as your name in bold, you have made it to the account page. You need to go to the setting for the next step. The setting is the top right corner icon on your screen. If you are not familiar with the settings logo, simply click on the icon you see at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 4: The moment you open the setting option of your account, you can see a list of categories to select from. You have to select the fifth category. The name will read email.

Step 5: You will now be directed to the page which will show your email address in greater size. As soon as you spot your email address display in the middle of the screen, click open it.

Step 6: Upon tapping on it, Snapchat will let you edit it. Erase your old email ID and enter the new one you wish to replace it with. It is compulsory to note that you have to provide an alternative email address and that email option cannot be left blank. Also, Snapchat doesn’t share your email address with anyone if you are concerned with your email address privacy.

Step 7: The next step is simple. Snapchat will ask you if you are good to go to the next step. Click on continue for the same.

Step 8: For security check and in order to know that no one is trying to hack your account, Snapchat will ask you for the password of your Snapchat account. Type the same in the blank field.

Step 9: Snapchat will again ask you with a continue option and, you need to click on it.

Step 10: Snapchat will now send 2 emails. One will be sent to your old email address and the second will be sent to the new email address to verify it. Check your new email address for the mail from Snapchat. Open it and go through the instructions provided there. Snapchat provides detailed information so going through it will be easy for you and you can verify your new email address.

Snapchat will now use your new id to send you any kind of information and, your password (in case you forget it) can now be recovered from your new mail id.

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