How to Change Username on Facebook Business Page & Profile?

How to Change Username on Facebook Business Page & Profile?

Change Facebook Username on its Business Page

Our world would be incomplete without technology. Technology in many forms has now invaded every nook and cranny of our daily life. Daily functioning of our life without it would be unthinkable, as along with being a form of convenience it has also become a source of lucrative business in some form for all of us. We have end number of examples of the various social networking applications to talk of such as twitter, linkedin,instagram,myspace,orkut ,facebook and many more.

All these applications has their separate and unique features sing which we all are able to socialize with friends, family , reach out to potential clients or service providers thus also leading to making business more convenient and resourceful in the long run. Here in this article we are concerned about “facebook” a social networking application founded on February 2004 by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg along with his fellow mates which has garnered to billion users worldwide. Now when we talk of business through such applications, Mark Zuckerberg is earning in some really fascinating figures. Facebook with its user friendly options , accessibility through all sorts of devices be it ipad, PC or Android phones , appropriate security services and many more user friendly features make it much likeable among its billion of users.

Steps to Change Facebook Account Username

When you create your facebook account , your username is automatically generated by the Facebook application. These are the few simple steps through which you can easily change your username if you don’t like the existing one.

  1. Once you open your facebook account on the right most corner of the screen you would see the option of an inverted arrow , press it and choose “settings” option.
  2. Now you would be taken to the “general account settings” page bring the arrow on the username and click on the “edit” option right beside it.
  3. Now type your desired username .
  4. Once your typed username is available , double check the spelling .
  5. Finally as the last step click on “create username” and you are done with this easy process.

Now in the course of changing your facebook username you may face certain obstacles . Thus proper knowledge of these conditions would lead you hassle free changing of username . Thus understanding these custom user guidelines is just as important as getting to terms with the process of changing username. These guidelines are that you cannot have have multiple username for your page , facebook allows only alphanumeric characters for username, punctuations as and capitalization are not allowed as part of username, your username should be at least 5 characters long and cannot contain extension or generic term . Lastly if you are seeking to change username for a group or a business you must be the admin of that particular page.

Steps to Change Username on Facebook Page

The second function to be discussed is the method to change your facebook page name . Our activities on the page is done under our page name thus we may want to alter our page name or our business page name at a certain point of time in accordance to our changed personal or professional stature in life . To do so , below are few simple steps . Follow them and you are good to go :

  1. First of all you need to be an authentic user of the page to change it’s name , thereafter on the left side of the page click “about”.
  2. Click the option “edit” which is just next to your page name
  3. Now enter a new page name that you desire and click “continue” to proceed.
  4. Review your request and click on “request change”.

Unable to Find Edit Option on the page follow below mention steps:

  1. In such a case you might not have a page roll that allows to change the page name , click “settings” on the top of the page and click on the “page rolls” in the left column . Then you would be able to see your role in there.
  2. Another admin must have changed your common business or group page.
  3. Or there may be limits on your page

Point to be noted “Not allowed to change regional page name” when falls below global category page

Today we have end number of applications on our phones just a click away and similarly Many of the users due to their busy office routines or unavailability of personal computers do not log in facebook through their personal computers and frequently use the facebook application through their phones .To use that you need to download the facebook application from the play store of your mobile set . Below are the steps for the android mobile users to change the facebook page name using the facebook application. Follow the below simple steps for a better understanding of the procedure ;

Change Username Using Android Facebook Application (FB):

  1. On your phone make sure that you have downloaded the facebook application names as “FB”.
  2. From the menu screen go to the facebook application option and enter your log in details.
  3. On the facebook home page tap on the more option which is represented by three horizontal lines at the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Once you have done that under the “Help and Settings “ section select “Account settings “ and proceed.
  5. Select general from the settings option.
  6. Select the “Name” option from the very next window
  7. On next window that appears fill in the first name , middle name and last name fields.
  8. Now to save the changed page name setting you would be asked to fill in your password and finally enter the save button to see your changed facebook page name.

This article is planned to help our readers with the easy usage of some of facebook features such as changing the username, changing one’s name on the facebook page and the third and last being changing page’s name through facebook FB application.

Now that you are well acquainted with some important operations of this widely used social application , understanding its judicious and rational use is also of utmost importance . This networking service is widely used by all whether an old or a young teen. But it can prove to be either a boon or a bane for an individual , group or a business entity if not utilized in rational manner . Talking of an individual user , it is a great source of enhancing socio personal relationships. On this platform you tend to find many like minded people sharing interests as you , thus paving way to formation of various similar interest groups which leads to creativity and positive social environment . For business entity it offers useful features as varied business groups, fan pages , paid advertisement on the page through which one can effectively market their business in front of their target customers . However many negative happenings also take place on the site , such as spreading of fake news , hate speech , surreptitiously stealing one’s private information. In the past criminal cases such as morphing of one’s picture from facebook and using it in an indecent manner has also been repeatedly reported .
The bottom line is that a user would face both pros and cons of the application , thus mindful and constructive use would go a long way in adding to the joy of using this site.

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