How to Change Facebook Password & It’s Essential Operations.
facebook password reset & change

How to Change Facebook Password & It’s Essential Operations.

Human race thrives and exists on effective social interpersonal relationships . None can happily survive in isolation. Even businesses prosper if the brand owner forms a good network with his clients.The social media applications perform exactly the same function. It has now eased the path to establish a good rapport between the individuals and business with their potential clients. Be it instagram, twitter,google plus or facebook all have opened a world of possibilities for a healthy interpersonal relationship and successful business. In this article we will be talking of facebook , a social media giant catering to to its billions of users. Facebook  , a social media application developed in 2004 as a hobby project by the now former Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg with his roommates went on to become a social giant liked by the users all over the globe. On this platform you may easily bump into your kindergarten friend, your fondly remembered primary school teacher or your present office colleague.Due to its usability all over the globe , people now have access to the products and citizens of the other part of the globe. Unlike the traditional marketing of the business products , now brands like to advertise their products or services on this platform, which has definitely revolutionized the wa business worked. Through the multiple features on the application , the potential customers are able to get to terms with the advertised brands and get their queries answered timely , read the reviews which makes their understanding of the product/ service answered.Now customers need not go to a remote place for the information about the product or services. They need to avail, it is just a click away.

In order to avail the exciting benefits of this social application , one should be adept with its functioning like changing and resetting the facebook password, changing facebook password without the use of an old password and much more link how to change facebook password, facebook password reset code, facebook forgot password code. In the following paragraphs, we have provided the essential information that one requires while operating facebook. Scroll down and educate yourself about them to change facebook password without old password.

Change your facebook password comfortably through your mobile if you’re already logged in

Nowadays due to the paucity of time or maybe non-availability of personal computers with the users at home to leisurely sit and access Facebook, users now commonly access it through their mobile phones. This section is written to especially inform our readers about the simple yet essential procedure of how to change facebook password on your mobile phones. Follow the below steps :

1. For the easy access to the application make sure you have downloaded the “facebook application” on your mobile.

2. Now click and open the application from your phone’s menu.

3. Click on the top right corner of the FB page signified by drop down option and select “Settings”.

4. Click “Security and Login”.

  1. Just next to the “Change password” option select “edit” and proceed.

6. As a next step, you will be asked to fill in the current password and the new password of your choice.

  1. After filling in the boxes, click “save” and you just succeeded in changing your password.


Trouble changing the admin password on Facebook? Follow these simple steps.

5-300x167 How to Change Facebook Password & It’s Essential Operations.

If you are an admin of the page you can change the password of the page following the below-mentioned steps:

1.On top of your business page click “settings”.

2. Click on “security and login”.

3. Click on “edit” just next to “change password” option.

4. Now as asked on the screen enter your current password and desired new password.

5. Click “”Save changes and you are done!

How to Changing of business facebook password

6-300x150 How to Change Facebook Password & It’s Essential Operations.

As briefly discussed earlier in the article , business professionals now reach out to social networking applications as facebook to advertise their services and products to reach out to their wide potential customers which involves less marketing investment and much greater benefits . So one feels it essential to create their exclusive business page on facebook without facebook forgot password code. Once creating the facebook business page if you wish to change the existing password , follow these simple steps.

1.Open the business page you created and click on the top right corner of the page.

2.Select “settings” and thereby click on “security and login”. “edit” just next to “change password” option.

4.Now as asked on the screen enter your current password and desired new password.

5.Click “”Save changes and you are done !

Using FB Lite ? Learn how to change password on this application

If you are in a remote area which is not well equipped with proper signals and consistently suffers from low speed connection then browsing the net can be much of a hassle. In such a situation Facebook Lite will come to your rescue! It is an android application designed for low speed connection and low spec phones. It is uses very few resources and works well in an area with a slow or unstable network. Follow the below mentioned steps and learn about the simple procedure of changing your FB Lite password like change facebook password without old password.

1.In order to start with the procedure make sure you have downloaded the FB Lite application on your phone .

2.Click on FB Lite option from your phone’s menu page and once after logging into your fb page, click on the top right corner of the page and select “settings”.

3.Now as the next set of option appears click on “account settings”

4.Click on “security and login”.

5.Thereafter click on “change password” and type your current and new password as would be asked.

6.Lastly, click on “save changes”.

Forgot your Facebook password? Be at ease we are at your rescue.

Facebook is one such portal in which we have collection of very personal information as contacts,pictures,links,messages and suddenly losing the access to it could be really exasperating.But not fret! Facebook has three ways to reset your forgotten password that is through email, recovery email and phone number  that it asks you the minute you formed your Facebook account.Now that information comes to your rescue. Follow the steps for the three ways to retrieve your lost access to the application.

Method 1 : Through default email

1.Open the facebook application and click on “forgot password” specified under the login option.

2.The page would then show you password retrieval options , choose the default email option, wherein you can use the same password that you use for your current email id .

3.Through a pop up box facebook would ask for permission to access your mail id . Continue the procedure and finish it. Stay logged in to your email id to finish the procedure successfully.

Method 2 : Through recovery email

1.Open the facebook application and click on “forgot password” specified under the login option.

2.Click on “forgot password “ under the login option

  1. From the options of resetting the password select “email me a link to reset my password” and continue.

4.Through Facebook user will receive  6 digit reset code in the recovery email id .

5.On the following page enter that reset code and click “change password”.

6.Enter the new password and confirm.

Method 3 : Through phone number

1.Open the facebook application and click on “forgot password” specified under the login option.

2.Click on “forgot password “ under the login option .

3.Select the third option on the following page that mentions “Get a code from my smartphone” and continue.

4.User will receive a security reset code on the mentioned phone number

5.Enter the security code as asked on the following page and click “change password”.

6.Enter the new password and confirm.

Resetting Facebook password

7-300x162 How to Change Facebook Password & It’s Essential Operations.

In order to reset your passcode of the application follow these steps:

1.On the Facebook page visit “forgot password”.

  1. Enter either the username or email address on the account.

3.Click on “submit”.

4.Check your email for the password reset mail.

5.Click the URL given in the email and enter new password.

How to Changing the Facebook password without the use of old password.

In case you have forgotten your old password for the application , do not worry you can set a new one and without needing the old facebook password for change facebook password. As explained step by step in the above section you can set a new password with the help of the fields you filled in while creating your facebook account i.e your contact number , current email id or a recovery email id . Through any of these ways you can set a new password and enjoy networking!

Once educated about the basic operations of the application working on it becomes enjoyable and productive. Use this social app to your utmost advantage and steer clear from any harm done through the application. Being informed about its pros and cons would prevent you from becoming a scapegoat to any uneven things practiced on it. Any wrong information put on the fb page can go a long way in creating chaos amongst the users , so be pretty sure of what you put up on the page . There have been many cases of private pictures of users being used in a disrespectful manner , so be sure to be informed about the various settings that the application provides .So be a smart user and reap the benefits of this modern day technology.

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