Why does Canon printer Go offline?

Why does Canon printer Go offline?

Easy To Understand Canon Printer Offline With Troubleshooting Guide

What will you do if Canon Printer Goes Offline here the note about this problem including solutions?

Things to Do when Canon Printer Show Offline:

  • Please double click on the printer, then go to the printer menu and select cancel all documents.
  • There is a possibility there is a stuck print job, this would cause the canon printer to go offline.
  • Try once again to set the printer back online, please try and print a test page.
  • Please toggle, the printer off and then turn it back online.
  • Click the start menu, go to devices and printer.
  • Now right-click the printer icon
  • Now please select what is printing in the drop-down menu
  • In the next screen click the printer tab.
  • Use Canon printer offline will have a checkmark which has to be removed so that the Canon printer can get online.
  • Please close the window and now use a printer online.
  • Your Canon printer shows an offline status.
  • Please right-click on the Printer Spooler.
  • Right-click on printer spooler again and choose the properties tab.
  • Restart your PC, try to print the file and see if your printer works.
  • Click hardware and sound- then click devices and printers.
  • You can reinstall the canon printer driver software.
  • Please check your printer connectivity.
  • Please check your printer and wireless connection.
  • Check the USB port is seated well in the USB port.
  • Ensure your printer is connected well to Windows 10 and Windows 8.
  • Check your printers wifi connectivity
  •  Ensure your wifi router is connected to the modem.
  • Wireless printers have a higher tendency of connectivity issues.
  • However wired printers are less prone to network issues than wireless printers.

How to Canon printer switches from Offline to Online:

Canon printer offline- If you are using a network printer, wireless or wired then restart your router once,Open devices and printers, and now select printer status

  • Check and cancel pending printing jobs.
  • Restart the Canon printer and PC this will resolve your issue.
  • Toggle the printer off, then turn back on, please cross check if a printer is jammed.
  • Restart your computer if it does not work, please reinstall the printer driver.
  • Now click the arrow to the right of the shutdown button
  • Check whether wifi is turned on or off.
  • Install HP printer driver
  • Select devices and printers from a download option.
  • Now press the printer model you have chosen.
  • Connect a printer to the computer with the help of wifi.
  • It is very simple to make the Canon printer online
  • Open the start menu.
  • Now click devices and printers
  • Press double click on your printer’s icon the one you want to change from offline to online.
  • Next, you have to change the printer option from offline to online.
  • If you face an error that the Canon printer is not responding, Restart your device, to follow this step please start your computer, or switch on your computer.
  • Refresh the internet connection
  • Click the start menu, control panel, devices and printers
  • Right-click the Canon icon, now select printer properties
  • Now click on apply settings
  • If the canon printer does not respond, click the printer troubleshooter
  • Check the printer spooler service, the printer spooler service needs to be started so that you can print.
  • Turn on the network discovery, this is an important network setting.

Canon Printer Goes offline in Windows 10:

There are several reasons why a canon printer offline in windows 10. Power and cables attached to the canon printer are not securely connected. Network issues can be there if it is a wireless printer in Canon, the wired ones generally do not give an issue that easily.

The windows setting which gives a printer the system accessibility may have an issue. There is a possibility of a hardware issue in the printer itself. For rectifying the network issue please ensure the IP address of the computer and printer match with each other.

If the Canon printer goes offline in windows 10 or canon printer offline, use the following steps to resolve the issue.

  • Right-click the Windows start button, then click on the device manager.
  • Select your printer from the list.
  • Right-click and select the update driver software.
  • Select the automatic and manual, depending on whether you have a driver on your system or not.
  • Allow the driver to be installed and reset properly.
  • Reinstalling the same driver may also work if the windows cannot find a newer version.
  • Please download the official printer driver.
  • You can download an executable file for windows 10 driver now again this file will assist you to install and print the same.
  • If Canon printer goes offline, due to windows settings you can follow the below process to rectify the error.
  • Navigate your control panel please select Devices and Printers.
  • Right-click your printer and select the ports tab, please ensure the correct port is selected.
  • If you are using a USB port it’s important that the correct USB port is selected.
  • If you are using a network the network port should be selected.
  • The canon printer and the wifi should be connected to the same network to assist you to print.
  • Right-click the printer and see what is printing.
  • Select the printer but ensure there is no tick in the option of use printer offline. If this has been selected, please uncheck in case there is a tick.
  • Go back to the control panel, then select the network and sharing center.
  • Select advanced sharing settings.
  • Check network settings, and file and printer sharing both are enabled.
  • The canon printer can also go offline if there is a hardware issue.
  • If you have a networked printer please try it by resetting the wifi setting or through the USB cable.
  • If by replacing a port or changing a USB cable it fixes the issue, you know what all to change and fix.
  •  If there is an issue with the printer there is a clear chance either the printer driver is faulty, or power cable is not working fine due to which the printer goes offline and then comes online.
  • This method will allow you to fix a Canon printer in Windows 10.

Canon Printer Goes Offline in Mac:

Please check the physical connection, of the printer. All cables should be securely connected, ensure that the Canon printer cables, should not be loose otherwise the again canon printer offline will go again.

Please reset the printing system, please tap on the Apple Menu, and then choose system preferences. Then please move to the hardware section. Please click on Print and Scan. In the next step, you have to press a click on the printer list along with the control, now from the menu please press a click on reset printing system.

  • Confirm that your Canon printer is securely attached to your Mac, either through wireless connection or the Ethernet connection.
  • Next tap on Apple Menu>System Preferences> Print and Scan.
  • Now choose the + sign and add the Canon printer to the Mac device.
  • Choose your printer from the list, now click on add, Operating system X will automatically download. Now install the latest software for the Canon printer.
  • If these steps do not work you can contact the canon printer customer service directly and ask for technical help as and when required.
  • Please check all the cables are securely connected and there are no loose ends left. The canon printer must receive proper power supply to work securely.
  • Please check the printer tray for a paper jam, please confirm your printer has enough paper, and all the papers need to be aligned properly.
  • If the printer cartridge reflects low ink in nature, this means the cartridges need to be replaced with new cartridges.
  • In the next step tap the Apple menu and click on the software update, this is an option to install all updates.
  • After this please tap the Apple Menu, Now choose the restart option from the drop-down menu.
  • Now Tap on system preferences, now choose print and scan option, Now press double click on your printer list a yellow light will flash, the printer name will appear next to the printer. Then please tap on the resume button.
  • Press control + P for the chosen document, please choose your canon printer from the list.
  • If still, your Canon printer is not printing anything, you need to reset the printer settings, to change the printer settings please tap the Apple menu and select the system preferences.
  • Now choose print and scan then press the Ctrl key, simultaneously in a printer list press the right-click option.
  • In the next step, reset the printing system, tap on the + sign button, Now please wait for a few moments, to download and install the Canon printer on Mac.
  • Please note your Canon printer will not print until and unless the Canon Printer is Air print enabled. If your printer is not connected to MAC, with a cable, please connect the cable to MAC. Please turn off your printer. Choose Apple menu, system preferences, then click printer and scanners.
  • You may not be able to see the printer from your device.
  • You might get a message that no printer is to be found.
  • You get a message software for your device is not available.
  • Your Canon printer may have some other issue related to the printer or its software which may not be compatible with the Mac device.
  • In case your printer is Air print enabled please follow the following steps, restart your printer, then restart the wifi router.
  • Please ensure the printer is close to the wifi router.
  • Move your printer closer to the wifi router.
  • Update your printer and wi-fi router with the latest firmware from the manufacturer.
  • Update the software from your Mac device and IOS device.
  • Resetting the Printer system will allow you to print, in case the Canon printer has a fault you can contact the customer support team to assist you further.

Canon Customer Support Help to fix Canon Printer is offline issue:

There is ample written material available online in the form of videos and articles which allow the user to read or view the step by step guidance, this will assist in fixing the Canon printer is offline issue in an orderly and streamlined fashion. Canon customer support team is available on call, and through live chat support, you can also post queries online and seek assistance.

Canon printers have multiple videos available on Youtube.com, so that the self-help videos can provide regular assistance to the people in a clear manner. Canon printers have a touch screen display which has digital assistance for a user to setup the canon printer.

A customer care representative can provide online assistance from end to end over a phone call for the user so that the issue can be resolved the canon printer offline problem. If the user cannot resolve a query over a call then he or she can raise a service request.

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