Get Started For Canon IJ Setup To Print Quickly From Canon Printer

Get Started For Canon IJ Setup To Print Quickly From Canon Printer

Canon is one of the famous brands among providing technologies, and Canon is renowned because of its services, and they give the best quality printers all over the world. People like the canon printer because of the efficiency of the printers and it helps the users for energy and decrease the workload for the users and they made the printers according to the use of users according to the needs of the users that is the reason they are the best in the world for providing the services . But sometimes there is an error that occurs during Canon IJ Setup, and they can not be solved by normal user so that they need the help of the expert. Canon IJ Setup stands for Canon Inkjet Printer Setup and normally it is the first step when a user buy a new canon inkjet printer and looking for setup then the user have to open the web browser and go through with In this article, we will discuss on IJ Start Canon Setup how we can connect wireless canon printer to the laptop.

These are the typical steps to connect your Canon Printer with laptop Wirelessly:-


As we know that Canon is the top most brand in the printers services because it provides the best quality images with the cost-efficient manner, and it has higher resolutions. When a user wants to connect his canon printer, then he has to follow these steps.

Canon IJ Setup Steps to Connect your Canon Printer with a Laptop:-

canon ij setup
  1. A user must be sure that he has following all the given instructions for Canon IJ Printer Setup that are mentioned in an instruction book that is given with the canon printer. There is proper power is provided to the printer, and the ink is installed correctly in the printer. Check the ethernet connection then to plug the printer into the router, and the router also requires the Ethernet cable.
  2. The next step is to check your Canon printer driver and software installed on your laptop. If the user receives any CD with canon printer then use it for Canon IJ setup , then the user can install it with the CD then the user install the software  with it
  3. Now connect your canon printer with the internet connection, and after joining it a user just required the checkout the printer LCD panel to select the wireless network and after that, put the password on it.
  4. After these steps, the user has to follow all the instructions that are mentioned on the screen. Then after that, there is the option of your printer model to appear on the screen.
  5. If the user is not able to use IJ.Start.Canon Setup procedure then connect laptop with the Canon printer, then the user can go to the official website of and then click on the support button then after that click on the manuals button in the drop-down menu and then click on the printer and then find the model printer that is mentioned on the mentioned.
  6. For Canon IJ Setup the user should check that the Canon printer is on the same network as in your laptop because the wireless printer will only get the command when the printer and the computer are connected with the same printer model number that the user is using.
To Setup your canon ij printer you have to visit for wireless printer setup and here you can find your relevant driver for your printer and install it.

Canon IJ Setup Steps to Connect the Wireless Canon Printer with Windows:-

canon ij setup
  1. The first and initial step is to connect the Canon printer with windows is that the user has to click on the start button and the windows logo key.


  1. The next step is the open the settings and then click on the devices, and then after that click on the printer and devices button the new screen will pop up, and from here the process begins.


  1. Now choose your printer option, and that is shown on the screen and choose your printer model that is mentioned on your printer. There are many printer names mentioned over it. So choose carefully and select the Canon printer. If it is already connected, then you can go for Canon IJ Setup next step.


  1. Now click on your printer name and after that, your windows will automatically access your printer, and thus after that user can connect with your printer. When the user will see that it has failed and not able to connect, then the user can follow the next step.


  1. Now try to install the Canon printer with the help of a USB cable and if the user does not see that his printer in the add window then the user should again install the printer by connecting it with USB cable with these following steps;- First thing that a user has to do is attach your printer with your laptop with your USB cable and then just wait for a moment until the notification windows of installation appear and after that just follow the Canon IJ Setup instructions that are looking on the screen.

Canon IJ Setup Steps to Connect the Canon Printer to the Mac:-

canon ij setup

We know that Mac is different from the windows and there is a difficulty that the user has to face while connecting the Canon printer with Mac so get stsarted for IJ Start canon Setup.


  1. The first thing is that the Open the Apple Menu.


  1. After that, click on the system preferences and after that, click on the printers and scanners. Now the user will see the many options.


  1. Then click on the add button, and then the pop-up window will appear, and if the pop-up windows look and your printer are already connected, then the printer will be shown on your screen.


  1. Now click on your printer name that is shown over there then that name will be shown on the drop-down menu. After doing this printer to begin the setup and when you see it has done, then your printer name will be shown on the left side of the window, and it will show that it has connected. If these three steps do not work then on the next level, I will explain the whole concept in this.


  1. First, the user has to update the printer directly than try to attach it with your Mac with the help of USB cable and then wait for the printer to respond and the installation and after that follow the on-screen canon ij setup instructions that are showing on the screen.


In this article, we read about the Canon Printer Setup and its services. We discuss how a user can easily connect the canon printer with the windows, Mac and also with a USB cable or wirelessly. We explained each step in a detailed manner for IJ Start Canon Setup, and after that, if the user does not understand, then the user can call on the official Canon technical support number.

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