Unable to open or download Yahoo mail attachments

Yahoo Mail Attachments Downloading Problem Quick Help to Resolve It Now

Can’t open attachments in Yahoo mail

Follow these mention steps to help you, easy opening of the Yahoo mail attached files- Yahoo Mail Attachments Downloading

  • Get your browser updated!: As the first troubleshooting step, check for your browsers’ version. If your web browser is not updated, it wouldn’t be able to open the Yahoo mail attachments. So Get it updated to the latest version.
  • Install Adobe Reader program: You may find difficulty in opening the PDF file attachments, to troubleshoot the same download and install the free Adobe Reader program.
  • Uninstall the anti-virus programs: If even after performing the above steps you aren’t able to open the attachments, then try disabling the firewall protection and anti-virus programs that are installed in your system. The anti-virus software can be the reason for the inability to open the mail attachments.
  • Try a system restart: Try restarting your computer system afresh. Many mail attachments related issues get generally resolved with the help of a restart. A restart helps to clear any internet connectivity mail attachment issue.
  • Disable the browser addons and plugins: If your issue is still not resolved, try disabling any browser addons and plugins as these become the reason that hinders the opening of the mail attachments. Thereafter restart your browser afresh and try reopening the mail attachments.

Unable to download attachments from Yahoo mail in Google Chrome?

Below Troubleshooting Fixes will help in downloading the Yahoo mail attached files.

  • Try downloading on another browser and enable the compatibility mode: Try opening the Yahoo mail attachment on another Internet Explorer in the compatibility mode. To enable the compatibility mode, open the “Tools” option in your browser, click on “Select Compatibility View” and finally select “Display all websites in Compatibility View”.
  • Restart the browser and disable any extensions: As the first troubleshooting step towards the issue, restart the browser and also disable any added extensions if any as they prevent downloading of the attachments.
  • Uninstall the anti-virus programs: Try disabling the firewall protection and anti-virus programs that are installed in your system. The anti-virus software can be the reason for the inability to download the mail attachments.
  • Check the version of the browser in use: Check for the version of your present browser.
    An outdated or non supportive browser does not let the files to be downloaded and
    shuts up the entire process.
  • Make use of Yahoo Email Backup Software: If none of the above steps helped you in downloading the mail attachments, then you can go for “Yahoo Email Backup Software”, a tool that will aid you in downloading the attachments in Yahoo mail along with the emails.

In case any of your mail issues do not get resolved with the help of the above troubleshooting steps, you can always resort to Yahoo’s professional assistance through the authentic mediums mentioned below.

  • The options of Live agent, Mail Restore and Sign-in helper: These options are easily available on Yahoo’s official page. You can resort to them to get your queries resolved in no time.
  • Contact the technicians via phone: If you wish to directly contact the technicians for your query, you can dial their contact number provided on the official website’s bottom-most part of the screen.
  • The Contact Us sub-option to seek help: You can contact a Yahoo specialist, seek help in the Yahoo community or also see product related help articles to get your queries answered: These are the sub-options you will see in the Contact Us subsection. As per your requirement, you can get your mail-related resolved through these media too.

I hope all your issues faced while opening and downloading Yahoo mail attachments are answered in this writeup. 

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