How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership Permanently?

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership Permanently?

Best Proceudre to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership Permanently

From the packet switched computer networks in the late 1960s, the internet became available for public use in 1991 and from then on it has been evolving and getting more and more imbibed in our daily routines. From being a means to defense network that could be productive at the time of nuclear war to a tool to read, share and disseminate information via mail, the internet has become has now become an essential part of our daily lives. In today’s digitally advanced world internet has not only enabled effective interpersonal relationships, smooth functioning of business but also is one of the most transacted shopping platforms. This concept of online shopping is referred to as e-commerce. This concept has enabled customers to directly buy products and services from a seller through online using a web browser as a medium. There are many prominent online shopping platforms as eBay, Myntra, Jabong, Amazon to name a few. In this article, we will be discussing  Amazon, one of the most loved and the largest internet company by revenue in the world. It started off as originally bookselling company which has now expanded to almost anything and everything. On this site, a customer may shop something as basic as stationery to big and expensive items as furniture or big home theatres. It has also many customer friendly services on offers such as cash on delivery, heavy discounts, return policy, Amazon cart all of which makes it a big hit! Talking of services, Amazon offers “Amazon Fresh “, “Amazon Web Services”, “ Amazon Drive”, “Amazon Prime” to name just a few of them.

Amazon Prime an Amazon feature is a paid subscription service founded on 2nd February  2005. The idea behind it is to provide users benefit from the services that are otherwise not available or takes an extra cost for a typical Amazon customer. This service is now catering to over 100 million users. The benefits of the Prime include two days super fast shipping with flexible delivery options(Prime Delivery) ,multiple series and movies(Prime Video) , downloading and reading online books for free(Prime Reading) , access to latest and an access to latest music (Prime Music), exclusive shopping deals and selection and much more. Is not this an exciting package?  The company’s Amazon Prime membership cost is 129rs for a month and 999rs if you choose a yearly subscription. If you are a first time Amazon prime user the company provides the option of 30 days free trial after the expiry of which they start charging you using the payment details that you provide before availing the service. As a smart and informed customer, one should be aware of the procedure of both availing and discontinuing the service as and when they require. By comparing the prices online if the users feel that they could get the same product and service at better rates from another online portal they definitely like to exercise their privilege to end their membership and get their refund back at any point of time. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned the detailed procedure of canceling Amazon Prime subscription both the paid one and the unpaid. Below is the proper guide for you to end your membership following some simple steps. So scroll down and educate yourself on the same. Providing amazon prime membership cancel contact number in comments section.

Steps For Canceling Amazon Prime Membership

If you are an existing Amazon Prime customer and you wish to discontinue the services, follow the steps below and learn how to cancel amazon prime membership as and when you wish to.

Log in to your Amazon account

  1. On the right top section of the next page click on “ Account and lists” just below your name and select “prime membership” option.
  2. On the next page look for “End Membership” on the left corner at the bottom of the page and click it.
  3. It will now ask you whether you sure about your Amazon membership cancellation by providing three option as “continue to cancel”, “remind me later “ and “keep my membership “. Click on “continue to cancel”.
  4. On the next screen among the given options click on “end membership”.
  5. On the very next screen, they would show you a message confirming the cancellation of your Amazon Prime membership and that your refund would be processed with the then 3 to 5 business days.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership

In order to experience the various features Amazon has on offer in its Prime edition, many users generally prefer to take a free trial. If some section of the users do not find Prime viable, they look for   their free trial As generally believed that if you cancel your membership before the stated time (say 30 days) Amazon would stop your free trial access , it is just a myth ,as a user you would be allowed to enjoy your free trial for the mentioned time . Follow the below steps and cancel your Amazon Prime free trial membership before you start & search amazon prime membership cancel contact number & unknowingly pay for it.

  1. Log into your Amazon account.
  2. At the Top right corner on the next page press the “Account and lists” which is under your name & thenchoose “prime membership” option.
  3. On the left corner of this page, you will see the exact date from which you would be charged under the title “Next Payment”. On the same column, at the bottom click on “Do not continue my free trial “.
  4. On the next screen click among the three options of “remind me later”, “keep my membership” and “End my benefits” click on “End my benefits”.
  5. On the next page click on “End membership”.
  6. On this screen, you will see Amazon free trial membership cancellation confirmation informing you the exact date when your free trial would end and that your card would not be charged thereafter. Now you are done with the cancellation of your  Amazon free trial offer.

Be an informed user and educate yourself about the various customer friendly features on the many online shopping portals out there. Not all products and services on one site are value for money, so do compare all and opt the best for yourself.  and this article is for those also who are looking for amazon prime membership phone number to cancel then try this manual to cancel.

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