Move4U: Best Logistics Management tool for Movers by Movers

Move4U: Best Logistics Management tool for Movers by Movers

Move4U is a company that has its roots in logistics. Over the years, a lot of companies are already involved in the Logistic Management department. Most of them provide services in offline mode. Move4U is the first company that wanted to make the whole process online. They started with a simple roadmap of online applications, which has now become an ultimate choice for many logistics companies throughout the globe. The company has made the whole moving process efficient and seamless as well as cost-effective with its easy to use the software.

Move4U has turned out to be revolutionary software in the logistics department. With its wide range of services, you as a client company can now make better use of technology. You can seamlessly manage your company’s workflow and plan the moving tasks efficiently. The software understands that its clients are different from each other and they have their specific needs. Move4U makes sure that it provides specialized services to you and this has become the key to its success.

Why is Move4U the Best Logistic Management software for Movers?

With Move4U, you can go digital, and being in the packers and movers industry, you can upgrade yourself from the traditional analog version to a modern and digitalized one. As an owner of the company, you can take control and even manage the whole operating system with ease. Starting from the entire moving process to managing the leads for claim settlement, everything can be accomplished in a single platform. Now, coming to the question of why is Move4U the best software for movers? Here are some features and services of the software which might help you to get an answer to that.

●    Move Dashboard

With the Move Dashboard feature of the software, you can get a complete view of your current business performance. The feature makes it possible for you to generate detailed reports just with a single button. You can even assign new tasks to the packing crew from the system.

●    Quotes Form

With Move4U’s Lead Form feature, you can gather all the necessary information of your clients and generate quotes for them accordingly. You only need to embed the lead form provided by the software on your company website and then all the moving requests from your clients will get automatically collected in the Move Dashboard and MailBox. Your clients can also mention their preferred moving date and you can start the moving process accordingly. To get started, the clients only need to accept the terms and conditions of your website and click on the “Send Request” option. After this, the removal process can be initiated by you.

Quotes Form

●    Self-Survey Form

The Survey-Form is a comprehensive moving survey tool from Move4U. It is available in multiple languages and helps your clients to self-survey their own inventory on your website. With the self-survey form, your clients can easily update their contact details, select items and quantify the objects that are to be moved. There is an auto service feature that makes the whole process faster. They can also write about any additional moving service that they need, which helps you to cater to their needs in a more personalized manner. As soon as the form is submitted by the customer, you can start your follow up on the whole process.

Self-Survey Form

●    Self-Survey App

The survey-app is an intuitive photo-based approach by Move4u. With it, your clients can show you their inventory and you can provide them with quotes and follow-up service in return. It is perfectly compatible with any device and also features a fully customizable user interface. This keeps your company identity fully intact and authentic as well. All the information submitted by the clients is directly loaded in the Move Dashboard from where you can start monitoring it.

Self-Survey App

●    Pre-Move Survey

Pre-Move Survey, also known as Survey-pro work, is an easy-to-use and automated pre-move survey tool of Move4U. The tool is designed to function in no Wi-Fi zones and it can even translate the survey information in multiple languages. With this tool, your company employees can quickly complete a pre-move survey at the client’s home. The customer’s details are uploaded into the tool directly from the Move Dashboard. There are pre-planned multiple standardized survey lists for you to choose from. The Pre-Move Survey tool makes it possible for you to send branded survey summary PDF files to your clients in any language that they prefer. This helps to create better relationships between you and your client.

●    Digital Inventory

To facilitate a more seamless process in packing and moving the inventories in a digitalized manner, Move4U has designed the Crew-pro application. With the Crew-Pro form, your packing and moving team can complete their tasks more quickly and efficiently. The tool comes loaded with some pre-installed features, which facilitate quick completion of duties by the organization. They are also able to work at the no Wi-Fi zones and can even translate the information into multiple languages with the tool. Crew Pro is the ultimate solution to your task management issues, as it allows you to assign loading and unloading tasks to your crew at the origin address and even at the destination. The tool supports a wide range of label code types for scanning and has an in-built Bingo-Sheet feature, which has simplified the inventory tracking process. Crew-pro supports a photo-based tracking inventory list that helps in future claim handling and auditing procedure.

Digital Inventory

●    Claim Handling

The Claim App feature of the software helps your company to settle down claims quickly and easily. It helps you to deal with accidental damages of items or missing inventories reported by your clients. The application is available in more than one language and even comes with your brand’s logo, thus presenting a professional image to your client. It features a user-friendly UI so that your clients can easily file their claims. For your benefit, it comes with an overview of the supported claims in the Move Dashboard, so that you can efficiently manage all the claim related settlements and eliminate the wrongful ones.

Claim Handling

Final Words

Move4u has turned out to be a revolutionary game-changing logistics management software. Its Move Dashboard helps your clients to efficiently manage their business. The software has created a successful collaboration between the moving industry and the tech industry. It provides a standardized portal for both users and customers to get their daily operations streamlined in a swift and tireless procedure. The software has inbuilt applications that make the packing and moving process more accurate and less time-consuming. The software allows its client companies to retain their authenticity with its customizable tools and features. All the data related to packing and moving are also entirely secured with the software. If you deal in logistic management, then Move4U is the best software for you.

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