A User-Friendly Guide about Att Net email settings

A User-Friendly Guide about Att Net email settings

Get Updated Email Server Settings for ATT Net Email With Detailed Instruction

A warm welcome to all our readers on my USA Tech Blog page. The present writeup has been designed keeping in mind the various queries we have been receiving regarding ATT email. Here the sections of the write-up talk about the detailed email settings required for ATT email. The later section of the write-up talks about the ATT.net email server setting process for Outlook. So without much ado let’s begin with the discussion!

Basic ATT email settings

Now coming to the last section of our writeup, let us get into the detailed procedure involving the ATT email server settings including both IMAP and SMTP.So let’s get started!

Learn to manually setup the ATT mail using both IMAP and SMTP settings

  • As the first step, open the Applications in your phone and select the “Mail” icon. Thereafter choose “Manual Setup” after entering the email address and password.
  • Choose “IMAP” from the options asking about the type of account.
  • Enter the following IMAP settings and click “Next”.
  1. IMAP server:”imap.mail.att.net”
  2. Security type: None
  3. Imap port: 993
  4. Secure: Port=993 and Security type: SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates)
  5. Insecure: Port=143 and security type: None (Accept all certificates)
  • Now enter the mentioned outgoing SMTP settings and thereafter select” Next”.
  1. Outgoing (SMTP) secure=Port 465
  2. security type:SSL/TLS(Accept all certificates)
  3. Outgoing (SMTP roaming server) Secure=Port 587 and security type: SSL/TLS(Accept all certificates)
  4. Outgoing (SMTP)= Port 25 and Security type=None(accept all certificates)
  5. Outgoing (SMTP roaming server) Insecure=Port 587  and Security   type=None(accept all certificates)
  • Now to finish off the entire procedure, select “Done” and you are good to use your ATT email account.

Learn to manually setup the Att email using both IMAP and SMTP settings on your iPhone.

  • From the home screen of your iPhone, choose the “Settings” icon and select” Mail”.
  • From the “Mail “window, select the” Accounts” option.
  • Now select” Add Account”.
  • From the “Add account” window, click on the “Other” option present in the bottom-most part of the screen.
  • Select” Add mail account”.
  • Fill in the details asking your name, email, and password and thereafter click “Next”.
  • Click on the Now scroll down to Incoming mail server and fill in all the required details, do the same for the Outgoing mail server and hit on “Next”.Ensure that the username is the full email address. Username and password remain the same for both Incoming and Outgoing mail servers.

           Incoming mail server host name:imap.mail.att.net

          Outgoing mail server host name:smtp.mail.att.net

  • Now in this step, you might receive a message asking you to verify the incoming and outgoing mail servers, click “Continue” or alternatively tap on “Details” and then tap on “Trust”.
  • Save the changes made above and choose the new account you had just created in the above steps.
  • From the Account window, choose the SMTP server.
  • Check the SMTP settings as mentioned below and hit the “Done” button.
  1. ATT.NET outgoing mail server host name:smtp.mail.att.net
  2. Username: Full ATT.Net email address.
  3. Password: Your email password
  4. SSL: On. You can always turn it off and use the correct Port number as mentioned below.

Outgoing(SMTP)Secure Port:465 for Security type:SSL/TLS(Accept all certificates)

Outgoing(SMTP roaming server) Secure Port:587 Security type:SSL/TLS(Accept all certificates)

Outgoing(SMTP)-Port 25  Security type: None (Accept all certificates)

         Authentication – Password

         Server port- 465

  • After performing the above-mentioned steps, you are now good to Use ATT POP3 Email Server Settings Steps below

ATT POP3 Email Server Settings :

  • Firstly Use AT&T ATT POP3 incoming mail server: inbound.att.net (port 995)
  • ATT POP3 SMTP outgoing mail server: outbound.att.net (port 465, requires authentication)
  • Then Follow this ATT IMAP incoming mail server: imap.mail.att.net (port 993, secure connection)
  • AT&T ATT IMAP SMTP outgoing mail server: smtp.mail.att.net (port 465 or 587, secure connection)
  • Last option to choose ATT News server: none available

These Att Email settings will be useful when you are wondering how to set up email on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices

Now coming to the second section, here we will talk about ATT email server settings for Outlook.

Att email Server Settings for Outlook mail

The below-given information provides full information regarding the Att server settings for Outlook mail.

Incoming server:”eas.outlook.com”



Outgoing SMTP server configuration:”smtp-mail.outlook.com”

Incoming Port:”993 for IMAP  and 995 for POP”

Outgoing port number:587

That’s how you can setup Att mail on Outlook email

  • Begin by opening Microsoft Outlook. User needs to click on “File” present on the top of the Menu bar if you are using Outlook 2010 or an advanced version. Thereafter the user is required to choose “Info” or “Account settings” and click on the “Outlook setting” of the ATT mail.
  • In case you are using Outlook 2007, click on “Tools” on the top menu bar. Thereafter click on the “Account settings” from the given list.
  • Here click on the email tab and hit the “New” button. Thereafter click on the radio button present right next to the “Microsoft Exchange, POP 3, IMAP or HTTP “ and hit the “Next” button.
  • Check the box next to the “Manually configure server settings or additional server types “ and hit the “Next” button. Choose “Internet email” and click on the “Next” option.
  • Here click on “Server information” to make changes in the configuration of the Att email address in the “User Information” field. Here choose “POP” from the provided drop-down list and type “pop.att.yahoo.com” in the “Incoming mail server “ field.
  • Enter “smtp.att.yahoo.com” in the Outgoing mail server space and enter your username and password in the “Login information fields”.Thereafter verify your password and click on the “More Settings” option
  • Here in this step, select the “Outgoing Server” tab. Thereafter check “My Outgoing server (SMTP ) requiring authentication and click on the radio button next to “Use the same configuration as an incoming mail server”.
  • As a continuation to the previous step choose the “Advanced” option that is an SSL link in the “The server requires an encrypted connection link(SSL)” option.
  • Lastly, make sure the field number automatically gets changed to “995”.

That’s How You Can Contact the ATT customer support!

In case of any further queries regarding your Att mail, the user should feel free to contact the ATT customer support. Below given are the most reliable ways to reach Att customer support.

  • Call on customer service number: The first way to reach out to ATT customer service to resolve any of your mail issues is by calling on their customer service representative.
  • Online chat:  Users can also talk to the professional technicians via online chat given on their official page.
  • Send an email: User can also mail their queries and seek a response on “[email protected]

Conclusion – I hope the entire writeup will aid the user in the information on basic att net email settings, att email server settings for Outlook along with the detailed procedure to setup att email settings on Outlook and the right way to contact the att customer support.

Keep reading this space for more such settings related to writeups!

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