A detailed guide about AOL Services along with their AOL toll free number

A detailed guide about AOL Services along with their AOL toll free number

Find the right Information for AOL Toll free Number and its benefits

Hello to the fellow techies reading this! The present writeup has been planned in response to various queries we have received about the AOL toll-free number. The present writeup discusses in detail the most reliable medium to contact the AOL toll free number, list of reasons that lead users to resort to their helpline numbers, benefits of these helpline numbers. We also talk about the AOL desktop Gold and the most reliable medium to contact the AOL Desktop toll free number. So before talking about each of the mentioned topics, let’s devote a little time to understanding the AOL service. 

A little history behind the AOL service and the name

An American web portal and online service provider brand, AOL is basically an abbreviation of America Online based in New York City. Going back to its history, Aol was basically known as PlayNet which was an online service that hosted multiplayer games which then shortly shut down after lending its services to Qlink in the year 1985. A decade later Qlink too got shut down when an IBM PC client made it to the market focus on the non-gaming services launched under the name” America Online”.The service then went on to grow like a giant in the field of online service with approximately 3 million active users in the year 1995. It was this service that actually pioneered the advent of the internet in the mid-1990s and one of the best-recognized brands of the United States. Starting with the dial-up service in America, Aol later provided a web portal, email, instant messaging service along with a web browser. However, it was in the year 2015 that Verizon Communications acquired it for $4.4 billion.

The proceeding section talks about the most authentic ways to reach the AOL toll free helpline number and the reasons triggering the need for the same.

After getting a fair idea about the AOL service is all about, let us see the most reliable media to contact the AOL toll-free number and the Aol support services.

Best ways to Contact AOL Helpline Number to get your issues resolved!

This section is enough to guide you about the ways to reach AOL support services along with the AOL helpline number. Have a quick read!

  1. Get assistance via email: You can exchange your queries via email that will be handled by the AOL customer care representative and the issues are resolved within the span of 24 hours. So to avail the same service, click on the “Mail” present on the AOL official page.
  1. Receive live Aol support: This service is however available to only the paid AOL members. You can get in touch with the technicians and get your queries answered via face to face live chat. To avail the same service, click on the “Live Aol support” option present on their official page.
  1. AOL support via social media sites: Being available on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, a user can exchange messages with an experienced member services consultant and get their issues resolved to a certain extent.
  2. That’s how you can contact AOL toll free number:”1-877-200-8067” is the AOL helpline number that you can dial and directly talk to the experienced Aol technicians to get your issues rectified at the earliest.

The second section talks about the most common reasons that bring users to resort to the AOL toll free helpline number and their support services. Have a look!

Most common causes for which need the Aol helpline number and their support services.

  • Facing several issues while opening the mail.
  • Technical error while retrieving the messages.
  • Issue of deleted emails reappearing in the inbox.
  • Missing some of the saved important inbox messages.
  • Facing issues while sending the mails.
  • An issue while receiving the IMAP mail on the iPhone, while the webmail works just fine.
  • The issue at the time of receiving the attached images in the mail.

Benefits of AOL helpline numbers

Aol is well reputed for its quick response to the user’s queries. Users have benefitted from their helpline numbers and support options. They provide support via phone call, live chat, email, support via social media websites and the premium support for particular users. All these support media options provide the user with the right platform to explain his problem with the service and get the right solution. 

About AOL Desktop Gold and Toll Free Helpline Number

An AOL product, AOL Desktop Gold is a user-friendly desktop that provides a comfortable experience of mailing, browsing and searching that comes along with some premium features and automatic updates.AOL Desktop Gold’s information would be left incomplete if we do not talk about its amazing user-friendly features. Let’s have a quick look at them.

  • Provides premium security for its users: The two-step verification plus the added encryption feature ensures the safety of the user’s account. The personal information is sure to be safe and is at the least risk of being compromised at the hands of the hackers.
  • Comes with smart automatic updates: The AOL Desktop Gold’s smart automatic updates from old to the latest versions save a lot of user time and most efficiently manages the software’s space on the computer.
  • Easy to operate: The software’s easy to operate features make it a comfortable experience for the users.
  • Provides the facility of live support: Users are provided with the facility of 24*7 live support by the technicians offering support services such as installation, toolbar customization, desktop connectivity and many more.

The ways to contact the AOL Desktop Gold support services and the AOL Desktop Gold Helpline number is the same as stated in the above section. All the support media as assistance via email service, live support, support via social media platforms and their toll-free number have been talked in detail in the above section. 

I hope the present writeup about the AOL toll free number, support services along with the information about AOL Desktop Gold will come to your best help.

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